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Yard work!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 10:30 pm

My yard has seven different fenced sections. There is the little yard by the kitchen door where the grape arbor is located. The dog has a house in the shade of the arbor. She can sit on top of the house and look over the garden and bark at anything moving in the alley. The gate is shut at night to keep her away from the alley. Skunks and javalina use the alley at night and we would like to keep her away from both. The garden area is fenced and is about 28 by 40 feet. Part of it is terraced and part is flat. The big yard is along side of the garden and little yard. This is the dog's play area. There is a small wash going through it to drain water from the next door yard which is higher than our yard. The wash goes through the garden too. The big yard slopes down to the alley. The back of the shed yard is not fenced on the alley side. As we just had the big hill of dirt flattened, it will get a fence as soon as it dries out so I can "contour" the dirt that is left. The work yard, includes the lower driveway, has the big shed, the wood sheds, the garden shed and a little storage trailer. I have a garden bench for potting, etc. Brian put a shelter over it. Portable, so it can be stored during the winter. There is a terraced flower bed next to the house where my herbs currently reside. There is the section where the herb garden will be. It has roses and trees on all sides. Two of the trees are very small but will grow eventually to the size of those already there. The front yard has two parts. One part faces the road and slopes down to the drive one way and has a stone wall down to the lower front yard. In the lower front yard is our gravel patio. This is where we will put the waterfall in the spring. We found a pond tub for five dollars at a yard sale. My son says it is big enough for fish. I'm not sure about fish because the neighborhood has many stray cats. Brian thinks water plants would be nice. I guess I will have to research those now. I dug a new flower bed by the front fence. I think I will plant those vines that I got from a lady in Scotland along that fence. There are small areas within these big areas too. Now, I need to figure if I need to thin the Peter Pan lilies. There are many of them but only a few bloom in late spring. They were already there when we moved here so I'm not sure.

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Bird bath

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Oct 30, 2005 10:11 pm

I bought a bird bath to put in the herb garden. It's only white plastic, but it holds water. Now, the dog won't have to share. She doesn't chase the birds away but she comes inside to drink after they use her bowl. Pretty soon, I will have everything but herbs in the herb garden. I need to look and see if I can transplant some things this fall or if I have to wait for spring. I have thyme, oregano, sage and lavender that I could move. But, I could also wait for spring. The trumpet vine is getting ready to bloom again. It was blooming when I planted it. No picture, I'm afraid. But soon maybe.

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Welcome to My Blog!

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Fri Oct 28, 2005 9:13 pm

Hello! My name is Dooley. I live in Arizona. I do a lot of gardening. Not everything grows but I still enjoy doing it.

Yesterday and today, I planted 175 bulbs. I put 80 of them along the flagstone path in my new herb garden. I planted 50 daffidals, 75 grape hyacinths and 55 tulips total. The only herb in my herb garden is rosemary and I think it may have died. I'm waiting to see if any new leaves come on it. I have some pictures but right now I have no way to put them on the computer. Hopefully a new computer will arrive for Christmas and then I can post pictures. I have been taking pictures.

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