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Run, Oreo, Run!

Category: Vacations | Posted: Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:58 am

My name is Oreo. I live with a nice lady named Glenda. She feeds me and makes me go outside every day. She calls it exercise. I'd just as soon stay on this nice sofa and snooze.
This week Glenda had guests. They were grandkids. She called them Trey and Logan. I called them something else. They wanted to play with me. I like to play. I chase after my toys. Trey can throw them okay. Logan doesn't throw them. He chews them. Did you ever have to chase a toy that has been chewed on by a drooling kid?
Trey and Logan wanted to give me hugs. I like hugs. Trey can pat my head and give me a hug. Logan nearly pounds me into the floor. Trey can give me a hug. Logan squeezes the breath out of me. He holds on so tight and pulls my fur. That hurts a lot. Glenda wouldn't let me bite him. She says he's only a baby.
I tried to hide but that baby has sharp eyes. Glenda says, "Run, Oreo, run."
Glenda had two more people who were guests. They were not grandkids. They helped Glenda say, "Run, Oreo, run."
They helped protect me from that demon baby and his big brother. They knew I just wanted to snooze on the sofa. I'm getting too old to run from babies.
I hide behind the end table and Logan still finds me.
I'll be sleeping and dreaming and I'll hear "Run, Oreo, Run." I move really fast when I have to. I run under dr's chair. He will protect me. Dooley helps rescue me. She picks Logan up and carries him off to another place.
Trey helps Logan sneak up on me sometimes. Big brothers help little brothers a lot. I have to run to dr and Glenda for help.
One day Logan and Trey went riding in the car with their mom. That was a relief. I had a nice restful day on the sofa. But, it ended with someone shouting, "Run, Oreo, Run!"
dr and dooley gave me a hug and a pat on the head and said, "Goodbye." They are going home to see Chance.
Now I only have Glenda to say, "Run, Oreo, Run." I hope she isn't too busy. I heard her say that Trey and Logan will gon home on Friday. I hope that's soon. In the meantime, I'll listen for Glenda to say, "Run, Oreo, Run!" and try to find another good place to hide. When Glenda says it's time to go outside I'll try to remember to tell her that I don't need exercise. I've run too many times from that demon baby. Exercise is all well and good but I'm exhausted. I need a nice peaceful nap on the sofa.
I hope those grandkids go home home soon. Oreo.

Run, Oreo, Run! dooley

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Long days, short nights!

Category: Vacations | Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:05 am

After arriving late in Dallas on Friday, we arrived at Glenda's around 10:30 pm. This made supper very late and around two am we finally decided it was bed time. But, 8 am found us up and outside touring Glenda's yard. Breakfast was very late and we all went to dinner at Ryan's Steak House and did some sightseeing afterwards. It wasn't deliberate sightseeing, it was mostly a case of not knowing where we were going and ending up going around in circles until we could find Heather and Jubabe and Kevin. But, find them we did and we did a little shopping at the toy store for Trey and Logan and then headed for home. This time it was Heather who ended up going in circles and she knew where she was going. Anyway, back at Glenda's the talk around the table continued and it was again about 2 am when we headed for bed. Anyway, Sunday night it was earlier, for dr and I anyway. We got into bed about 1:30 am. Glenda and Heather were up a bit longer getting the house to rights and getting kids settled down. Kids, go to bed early? No way! Monday night we were all tired and in bed by midnight. Tuesday night, dr and I headed to bed early as we had to be up early on Wednesday. Well, we headed to bed early but it was near 11:30 pm. Glenda, Heather and Kevin were up later. Trey wasn't feeling well and was in bed early. Glenda said Logan wasn't well on Wednesday so he went to bed early, too. I think it was a very long week for everyone. Sleeping on the train, especially traveling coach, is a chancy thing as it starts and stops and people come and go and there are some chatterboxes who never know when to give up and let everyone else get some sleep. But, Wednesday night on the train, I zonked out. I missed the stop in Austin and San Antonio and woke up in Del Rio. But, I didn't sleep the rest of the trip so was so tired when we started up the hill from our friends house in Goodyear. We made it fine though. I checked in on the Stew and called Glenda and played with Chance. I finally gave up and went to bed. We slept about four hours and then went to the store and had lunch and put gas in the truck, went to the post office, stopped and talked to Dan and now are about to have a sandwich and maybe call an early night. But, who knows!


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