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Don't believe everything you read

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2005 3:24 am

Don't believe everything you read. Yesterday, I said that I was going to work in the yard today if it was nice. Well, it was nice but I didn't make it to the yard. I went to the library and got another book. I hadn't intended to get a book. It was just there when we went so Brian could get another book. I still had three books to finish. Now, I still have three books to finish. I did finish the new Andrew Greeley book. I'm trying to finish the Frank McCourt book. I have a thriller and a mystery that I haven't started yet. I could finish a book in one day if life didn't get in the way. Maybe I will get into the yard tomorrow in the morning. I work at the library in the afternoon.
Dan came over this afternoon. He was going to help me make Recovery Disks for the computer. He also installed Adobe Photoshop? on the computer. He said it would be easier for me to use than the one that came with the camera. I downloaded the update for Firefox and somehow managed to get it right.
Dan's refrigerator quit last night. He called this morning when he got to work. The landlord had one stored in our big shed so I called him and said if he came after work, we could move it to his house. He came right away. His superior said it would be okay if he left if he was back by the time the library opened. so, we moved it this morning and he plugged it in so it would be cold when he came home for lunch. After he got off from work at five pm we went and helped him move the old one to his garage.
Then, he came over to work on the computer. He's a good son and I'm glad he comes over to see what I've been up too. I still have to finish the Recovery Disks. He did one to show me how and there are nine more to do. I think I can start it and read my book while it is working. I can change disks when it is time and maybe finish the book.
But, not today.

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One thing leads to another.

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 5:18 am

Did you ever have one of those days when one thing leads to another? This morning at breakfast, I told Brian I wanted a greenhouse for my birthday. Just one of those with heavy plastic would do. So, he got up, got his measuring tape and went out to see where we could fit one. He decided that it would have to go where the canopy was located. The one that covered the area where the potting bench is located. so, he moved the canopy frame. We moved it to the backyard. It does not have the cover on it right now. We moved the glider swing under it. We were sitting on the glider with Chance. I decided to get my rake and clean up the yard. It had dead grass and leaves in it. It was a nice day to be outside. Then, I noticed that the little wash we installed in the spring to drain the yard when it rained was filled with debris and dead grass too. So, I went inside and got gloves and clippers and started to clean it out. First thing, I had a blister on my thumb. Brian said I was supposed to wear two gloves. I was finding it easier to use the clippers without that glove. So, with a bandaid and the glove on I was going to finish the wash. Well, a branch on the walnut tree kept getting in Brian's way and he wanted the clippers to cut it off. Of course, they weren't big enough to cut the branch so I went and got the loppers and used them. Brian was pulling the branches down so I could cut off the ones that were in the way. He pulled too hard. The big branch came down too. Well, before you knew it, we had trimmed the whole tree since he had to get the ladder to cut that branch off. Then, we decided to have a coke before we went back to work. We tried sitting on the glider swing to drink it. But wouldn't you know the bees decided it was a nice day to be out too and wouldn't leave us alone. I think it was the coke they were after. We had to retreat inside.
I went back outside to finish clearing the small wash. It is only about 20 feet long but it took me most of the afternoon. It is lined with rocks and big rocks along it. I had to move most of them to get at the pesky dead grass. Some of it was already starting to grow. Also, under the rocks were all sorts of pesky bugs and spiders. Even Earwigs!! I did them in for sure. The rest I left alone. So the day ended on a good note. I hope it is still nice outside tomorrow as there is more to be done. I've neglected the outside as it's been cold and I've had Christmas to occupy my time. Brian says he will start my greenhouse as soon as he finishes the exercise room. I've been neglecting my exercise too. I'm starting a journal with the New Year. I find if I write things down I can't neglect them. So everyday I will have to write if I exercised or not and if I ate the wrong things. Then, I can lose a few pounds that I should not have. Tomorrow's another day. I guess I should go and find my bed. Brian's already given up on this day and is snoring away. But, don't tell him I said that.

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Seed Catalogs

Category: Choices | Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 11:43 pm

More choices! Today, in the mail, I received the first of many seed catalogs. With this one, I received a gift certificate. So, do I order vegetables, flowers, or herbs. Do I order seeds or plants? Do I order garden supplies?
Well, I won't order garden supplies. I have most of the things I need because I have been gardening a few years, at least. I mean tools, pots, etc. Potting soil and additives, etc are too heavy and best bought locally.
So, will I order vegetables, flowers or herbs? Will I order seeds or plants?
I think, without looking at the catalog that I will order herbs and vegetables. I will order seeds. The local nurseries have plants in abundance and Arizona has plant restrictions. You cannot order just any plant and have it delivered in Arizona. They used to check plants at the borders. I don't think they do that now, but it's been awhile since I tried taking any plants across. I did order some lavender last year and received it but it had been inspected by an agriculture inspector before being shipped. The bulbs that I ordered had all been inspected too. It's partly because of the weather here. Everything grows like weeds. Until a few years ago you could not plant morning glories here. They were classified as noxious weeds. So, I will order seeds. I will start with herbs since I am going to try to make a herb garden. I will have to choose carefully because the space is not too big. But, I have a larger garden area where the overflow can go. After I have ordered herb seeds, then maybe I will find some vegetables that I would like to order. I will see if there are ones that are not available in local markets or nurseries. I expect I will receive more catalogs, without gift certificats of course. The gift certificate was a Christmas gift from my oldest son. He is an avid gardener. He used to have 35 acres of grapes and apple trees in New York. Now, he has an average size lot with house. He gardens in a lot of large tubs, etc. He has a degree in vidiculture and works for a major winery in Napa Valley. He makes his own wine and has won awards. When he first moved back to California he lived in an apartment and his balcony looked like a jungle.
Now that I have a good computer, I can also look at plant nursery catalogs online. Brian says he will pay postage. I guess that means I have to pay for the seeds. Well, I can always use my credit card. Guess who pays that?
I do have things to occupy my time now. No long winter nights for me.
For my birthday next week, I think I will request the parts I need to build a small greenhouse. The heavy vinyl type will do. I think I can do that for a reasonable price. Especially if I can get someone or two people to donate parts.
Best get to looking at that catalog. I don't want grass growing under my feet.

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I'm done! Maybe

Category: Holidays | Posted: Fri Dec 23, 2005 4:43 am

Yesterday, we went to Prescott and did grocery shopping. Of course, we just don't know when to stop so we did a lot of other things too. We had lunch at the Chinese Buffet. That is always good. We left home at 9:30 am and got home at 4:45 pm. Long day.
This morning we got up at 6:30 am and went to Phoenix to have breakfast with our friends. It was an hour and twenty minutes to the diner where we were meeting them. They only had to drive for forty minutes. I was amazed. We arrived only five minutes after them. We sat and talked and drank tea or coffee for awhile after breakfast. They finally had to leave because Al had to play accordian for a Christmas Party in the afternoon. He had to go home and pack all his equipment into the van.
We went and bought fish for Christmas Eve. Then, we went to my sister's house to tell them Merry Christmas. They aren't feeling very Christmasy because her husband is having a heart valve replaced on Jan. 9th. I took her a rice steamer, cooker etc. She wants to try steaming his food to make it softer and easier for him to eat. She was a little surprised because although we had talked about it, I hadn't told her I was buying one for her. Then, she was upset because she hadn't bought me anything. I had to convince her that it wasn't a Christmas present, just something she needed right now and I could get it for her.
They haven't put up a Christmas tree. They don't think they will put one up, but her daughter came and said she and the girls would come over after work and do it for her.
We came home after that. We didn't feel like shopping anymore. We have it done anyway. We really didn't need to do shopping. We just wanted to connect with friends and family before Sunday. Our son Dan will come for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
I gave eight tins of cookies and still have a few left. I have one more tin that I could give away if I would. I just have to decide if I have enough Christmas spirit. I'm not too happy with the person, but Christmas is a time to be generous so maybe I should do it anyway. Should you give a gift of cookies to someone because it is Christmas and maybe the right thing to do? Should you skip it because it isn't given with Christmas spirit and love? I can't decide if it would make me feel better or worse. Maybe the answer is that it would make them feel good.

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Category: Choices | Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:43 am

Do you ever wonder why people do the thing they do? Brian & I got out of a perfectly warm bed this morning to go to the flea market in Prescott Valley. It was 17 F. Prescott Valley is 2,400 ft higher in altitude so was only 14 F. We froze our fingers getting our tables set up. My nose may never be the same. It was either freezing or running and sometimes both. I had to sneeze and of course, I covered my mouth with my hand. Then, I had to go to the washroom and wash them. The warm water felt good but I had to be sure to dry them good so I wouldn't have icicles when I went back outside.
Brian and I dressed for the cold. Insulated underwear, top and bottom. Thick socks and boots. Jeans and sweatshirts. Winter jackets and knitted hats. Gloves for part of the time too. But, the people who came through were dressed much differently. True, there were some who were dressed for the cold but many more were dressed for summer. They hurried past shivering from the cold.
Why do people stomp their feet? Does it make them any warmer? Why do people blow on their hands? Why don't people like to wear hats? Does wearing a jacket or coat or a cold day make you a sissy? Do they like being cold?
What irks me is people going past dragging small children dresses in dresses or short pants with no coat. If they are not cold, the children must not be cold either? They were shivering and noses were red and running. Don't parents realize that small children need warm coats?
Well, I made my choices and dresses warmly. I used to embaress my boys by making them wear boots and hats with their warm coats when they went out in winter. I suspect that they took them off when they were around the corner. But, I don't remember going out dressed for summer in the winter when I was young. My parents were like me. You dressed for winter.
Guess I'll get off the platform now. See you later!

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Category: vehicles | Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 9:53 pm

Today, we got up at 6 am so we could take our truck to the dealer up in Prescott. We had to be there at 7:30. It always takes time to get going in the morning. I had to feed the dog. She needs extra in the winter because she sleeps out. Not outside this year though she has a doghouse. She sleeps in the laundry room. It's about 20 degrees warmer than outside and about 20 degrees cooler than inside at night. She goes in and out during the day. Anyway, it was still very dark out when we left and still dark out when we got up there. We were a bit early because there wasn't as much traffic as I thought there would be. Though I made the first available appointment of the day we were still there until 9 am. Then, we went to breakfast.
When the mechanic brought the truck back to explain the service, he said everything was good. In fact, the parts didn't look used much. I should try driving a little rougher and using the brakes more. He was joking about it. Brian thinks I took them too seriously because when we went to the gas station I ran over the curb. I cut too close when I turned. I guess all that wood we hauled didn't hurt the truck. I'd like to say that it has no scratches or dents but if I do, then next time we go out it will get some scratches or dents. So, I didn't say it. We had our Neon three years and when we traded it for the truck it had no scratches or dents. It only had 15,000 miles on it. It's because we are retired and don't drive as much as we used to drive. When our son worked in Phoenix he was putting 150 miles a day on his truck. He's happy to live close enough to his work now that he can walk or ride his bike. It seems like everything is further apart out here. In Wisconsin where we lived before moving here things seemed to be closer. It was more populated. The government owns more land in Arizona than the citizens. There is only one main road north and south in Arizona. There are a few ways to get around but they are longer and slower. The interstate goes from Flagstaff to Phoenix and from Phoenix to Tucson. There are two that go across from East to West. One through Flagstaff and one through Tucson. Being a mountainous state makes road building difficult and takes times. It's more expensive too because it involves blasting. Oh, well! I got off the subject again. I do that a lot if I don't watch it.

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Category: Holidays | Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2005 2:13 am

Today, we went shopping. I think one more time and all will be done. We came home early today which is fine with me. I mailed Christmas cards this morning but I still have half a dozen that needed letters. Now, I only have four left and I did three. Amazing how things seem to multiply when you aren't looking. I got one in the mail that I hadn't counted on. I had not the new address, but now I do so I have to do one for this person. I mailed the only package I'm going to mail. The others are getting gift cards. But, Brian's mom doesn't understand gift cards. She is in her 90's and mostly homebound. So, she gets a box.Dan lives close so he gets presents. The other two sons and families live off and I don't know anymore what to buy them so they get gift cards. I don't like gift cards except for the grandchildren. They get bookstore gift cards. They are all avid readers as were my children. I have the new computer so my list was short. Brian will not make a list so I have to guess. Sometimes I guess right and sometimes not. If not, he can just choose his own next year. Now, I have to go back and finish those cards so I can mail them tomorrow.

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Beautiful days!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2005 5:05 am

We had two beautiful days so outside I went. I raked some more leaves. I used some of them to cover some bulbs that were starting to come up. I think it is a bit too early yet. I put artificial green garland in a scalloped pattern along the front fence and also lights that follow the scalloped pattern of the garland. Brian hung a huge star on the front of the house. My Christmas decorating is now done. Today, I watered the little trees that we planted in the fall and some of the bushes that haven't lost their leaves. The book said they needed water every month through the winter and more when it starts to get warm again. It was up to lower 60's after some only 40's days. I know 40 is warm for some places, but 40 is cold here. It's been in the 20's at night. It didn't rain today but the weather forecast is for rain tomorrow night. They keep moving it back a day. Our son says he is using his wood faster than he thought so maybe tomorrow we will go with him and haul another load for him before it rains. I was only going to make cookies. The ones that I have already baked have a habit of disappearing. I have sugar cookie dough chilling so I can still make them tomorrow. I want to make biscotti too. I have been looking online for recipes. I have seen ones that I won't make but I found some that I want to try. I bought lemons last week so I want to make lemon bars too. I also want to make gingerbread people. I have to find my little people cookie cutters. I don't remember seeing them in the box. I have to finish the cards. It's mostly done. So, onward and upward to the holiday. Have a merry one.

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Another choice

Category: Choices | Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2005 2:31 am

I had another choice to make today. I could stay home and make cookies and work around the house all day and maybe finish raking those pesky leaves or I could go shopping and have lunch out. I chose to go out. Brian said I do too much. He thinks that maybe once a week we should get away from the house and do something different. We visited some thrift shops that support charities and we did buy a few things. We just missed some really nice heavy wooden benches that we could have used in the yard. I was a little disappointed but what can you do.? We were looking for a 3or 4 quart saucepan. I broke mine last week. I'm going to look on the internet pretty soon.
A new dollar store opened in Mayer today. It's a big deal, I guess. We can shop for some things without going to Prescott. We drove past but the parking lot was full and we didn't need anything so we didn't stop. We'll go another time. It's time to relax by the fire and do some more Christmas cards.

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Everyday things!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Thu Dec 08, 2005 2:49 am

Everyday things need to be done everyday. Right! I'm not good at doing things everyday. Some days I don't feel like doing everyday things. So, they will wait another day. Sometimes they will wait two days. Then they begin to pile up and the pile begins to slip and slide and you have the basis for an avalanche. I hate avalanches. So, two days is about right for putting off everyday things that need to be done everyday. There are some everyday things that cannot be put off for two days or even one day. Dishes!! I have never been fond of doing the dishes. But, putting off washing dishes makes them hard to wash and sometimes smelly. So, dishes should not be put off. Raking leaves is something that can be put off. Sometimes more than the two days. The wind blows them around and stacks them up against the fence. That makes them easier to rake. They are all in one place. I put them off for several days. More like two weeks. But, now they are in the compost. well, most of them are in the compost. Some of them are covering the bulbs to keep them cool for the winter. I thought they would be keeping them warm but the book says it keeps the ground cool not warm. It keeps the warm out. Okay for bulbs I guess. Warm in is for me. We have a nice fire and I'm going to go wash the dishes then sit in front of the fire and work on my Christmas cards. Two down and about thirty-five to go.

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