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Celebrating today!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:46 pm

It's New Year's Eve. It's gray and gloomy and raining. We don't ever go out on New Year's Eve. It's something we never started doing.
We were sitting here this afternoon and I said to dr, "Let's go to the Chinese Buffet in Huntsville and celebrate New Year's Eve and my birthday. We'll just combine the two and get out of the gray for awhile.
So, we jumped in the truck (well, it wasn't a very fast jump or very high) and drove down to Huntsville. I don't do freeway so we went the state highway and it was nearly empty so had a nice leisurely drive.
I think other people must have had the same idea because it was doing a great business with lots of older people and couples with younger children. We had a good meal, a nice drive and arrived back home before it got dark. Now, I think I can go and read for awhile, write my good night on facebook and be in bed at my usual time.
Looking back over this year I think that some things could have been better. The summer was hot and dry and my garden didn't fare well through it. The grasshoppers ate my fall garden except for the lettuce. They apparently do not like lettuce.
I planted a few more cold weather things on Christmas. There was no electricity in the house so it was no chore being outside during the day. It was a bit windy though so maybe the seeds will come up in the yard instead of the garden beds. I'll be watching for other things that I can plant during the coming weeks.
They fixed our road. It's a great difference between then and now. No more creekbed. They graded it so the water runs down the sides instead of across it and they put gravel and traffic bond on it so there are no more ruts going up and down it. Thanks, you good guys!
Our health has improved. It isn't great but for our age it's par for the course. Arthritis, etc. Things to tend to wear a bit after you pass 70. But, we are blessed to have made it pass 70 so we try not to complain too much other than the occasional "ouch" when we get up too fast or turn too quickly.
We have a good friend named Chance who keeps us entertained. She is 10 years old now so she also has a few aches and pains but deals well with them. She has a "blankie" than she gets covered with when she goes to bed. She doesn't move as fast but she does keep kitty cats and goats away from our fence lines.
Well, everyone have a good New Year's Eve and a good New Year! Say a blessing for all the joys of this past year.


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Cold and snowy?

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 3:49 am

It's cold and snowy somewhere but not here. Wannabe had some snow but she said the wind blew it away. It was windy here the last couple of days but today it was pretty nice. It was 64 degrees and sunny. It should be nice for the weekend and then it says rain on Christmas Eve and Christmas. Still, it's not snow and that makes me happy.
I spent the first couple of weeks in December making cookies. I do this every year. When I had three growing boys at home, they didn't last long but now that it's just dr and I they just set there looking at me so I have to eat them. Being a diabetic I surely don't need cookies. So, I give them to anyone who even faintly looks like they need a cookie. I didn't make as many as usual this year. I took cookies to the Writer's Guild party. When people were collecting their bowls and plates as they were leaving they tried to give me back the leftovers. I told them, "sorry, I'm not taking home leftovers." So they divided them among themselves. I made two buckets of cookies for the lady next door. She has six grandchildren that she wanted to help decorate cookies. I told her I would make the cookies as their Christmas present and she could help them decorate them. I made cut out sugar cookies and cut out gingerbread cookies. They decorated them last weekend. Today, I was outside and one of the little boys came to the fence carrying a small poinsettia and handed it to me and told me, "Thank you for the cookies." I ask if they were all frosted and he said yes. I asked if they were all eaten. He said no. I asked which he liked best, the white ones or the brown ones. He said he liked the brown ones. I told him they were my favorite, too. Of course, I eat mine without frosting. I remember making gingerbread boys and frosting and decorating for each of the boys to take to their school parties just before Christmas. I made about 35 for each boy. Good thing I liked baking. I was working then, too. We hadn't done Christmas shopping until this week. I made shopping bags, aprons and such for presents but hadn't really gone shopping. Wednesday we left early and spent the whole day in Bryan/College Station, just walking around looking at things. We were tired and hadn't actually bought anything but groceries. Yesterday we were tired but went into town and bought a couple of things for each other and ended up giving them to each other when we got home. Today, we ran a few errands and went and did some looking in Huntsville and did buy some things that we can wrap. Since we were both shopping together we will know what is in the packages but after 51 years it's hard to surprise each other anyway.
I found some seeds at Tractor Supply so bought some seeds for swiss chard so I can replant my fall garden. I dug it all up on Tuesday when it was so nice outside. I still have lettuce and I found two swiss chard plants and one carrot. There are two pea plants blooming if the cold hasn't gotten to them yet. The red cabbage is growing but not very fast. If I can get them planted soon they might have a chance to grow and get some rain on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I was going to buy a bird feeder but bird seed is a big high for my budget. I do keep them in water and they will have to forage for food in the woods here. Anyway, we do NOT have snow and the Christmas shopping is probably done for the year. Next major event is on January 2nd which is my birthday. I'll be 72 years old. That's probably too many candles for a cake but I don't eat cake either so that's okay.
Enjoy your Christmas and have a really great New Year.

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Getting there!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:29 pm

We're beginning to see the light. We got here on Monday, the 1st of December. We only unloaded things we needed for the night. Dan and Laurel were great. I think we would have been lost several times except we gave them the maps and just followed the big yellow truck. Chance enjoyed the ride but was very confused by the stopping and starting and the motel rooms. She wouldn't eat until we got there and dr hand fed her some chicken. She's doing okay now. dr finished her fence today so she can go out without a leash now. She still thinks he needs to go out with her though. Dan and Laurel left on Wednesday morning. Instead of taking them to Austin where they were going to take the train for home we rented them a car. They were going to poke around Austin for the day and then get the train. We have been working steady to get things unpacked. There are four bedrooms so we picked one and stacked all the boxes in that room. We take one out at a time. Dan stacked all the kitchen boxes in a row down the middle of the room. He said he built me an island. When I got the kitchen boxes almost emptied he complained because I didn't like the island he built for me. We have lots of room to rattle around and I always seem to be at the wrong place when the whistle on the tea kettle goes off. We bought a new Christmas tree and dr put it together. I put what decorations I saved on it and this morning we bought a few more. It seems every day we need to run to the store. I've got to stay out of the stores because I always see something that I need that we didn't go to get. We don't have a phone yet so I haven't gotten back on the internet yet. I can come use Glenda's but don't always get over here to do it. We are liking it here a lot. It's very flat though. Not a hill or a mountain in sight. There are lots of trees though so you can't see forever. It's been verly nice. The property around us has horses and Chance can't figure out those big dogs that don't bark. She just stands by the fence and stares at them.
All in all, the move went smoother than I thought. Of course everything didn't fit on the truck but we were able to give things to people who needed them. We gave the food from the freezer and refrigerator to a couple with four kids. Then, stuff from the pantry wasn't going to fit in our little truck so we gave that to them too. One of the kids said they were getting a lot of stuff. The mom told her that maybe they wouldn't have to do much shopping this month and they could buy something for Christmas. I didn't know whether to be sad because the stuff wouldn't fit in the truck or happy that someone could use the stuff and have money for Christmas. I finally decided I was happy that they could use the stuff. dr said he never knew so many people would be happy that we were leaving town. So, we decided the stuff that didn't fit was making other people happy and we wouldn't worry about it anymore. No more lamenting because it wouldn't fit. We are here with more things than we need and eventually we'll have every space filled up again. It's been a long drawn out move and we are here and we are happy about it. We'll get all of the boxes and tubs emptied in due time. I put up some outside decorations yesterday and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. dooley

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I'm so excited!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sun Jul 13, 2008 3:34 am

As some of you know, my middle son, Dan, is getting married on August 2nd. They are getting married at the Dugas campground where they go camping with their friends spring and fall. His two brothers are both coming and I haven't seen either of them for a couple of years. And all four of my grandchildren will be coming. The wedding is on Saturday morning. But, on Friday night we are having a birthday party at our house. Jacob will be six tomorrow, the 13th, Ben will be 10 on August 6th, Tom (my oldest son) will be 46 on August 6h and his son Fintin will be a year old on August 13th. Brian's birthday was June 13th. So we decided to have a party for everyone's birthday. We can all celebrate. Brian ordered a brisket from Stubb's BBQ in Austin, Texas and got the brisket and a free package of chopped brisket. He also has hot links and hamburgers for the little boys. Tom's daughter Erin who is 12 is coming, too. I'll make red beans and rice to go with, plus cole slaw and vegetables and dip. I saw at Costco the other day cupcakes in the freezer section and the frosting is ice cream with assorted sprinkles. That's combining cake and ice cream and I bet the kids will like them. There will be 14 or 15 family members present. It will be great on Friday and Saturday both. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off from work and we'll have a great time for sure. I just can't wait for the end of the month. I'll be busy until them for sure. I have to get the house all cleaned up and child proofed for Fintin. You would know how much work that will be if you could see how much stuff is crowded into this smallish house. I need to clean the front yards, too. The patio section and the side yard section so the kids can go outside. Chance isn't used to kids and I sort of don't want to let them out the back with her. I don't want to pen her up either. She would love the kids but I don't know how she would act around them. Tim goes and plays with her but he is older and wouldn't pull her ears or hurt her by accident. I'm not sure the others would either but I just don't want to take the chance. I hope it doesn't rain. We are into the rainy season. We've had more than two inches the last week and I think it is raining out again now. I wonder if Dan has made alternate plans for if it's raining. Maybe I'd better buy a raincoat and find my umbrella. dooley

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Holidays are over?

Category: Holidays | Posted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 11:47 pm

I think the holidays are over for another year. Thursday morning I went out are took down the garland with the bright red bows because the weather forecast predicted rain. I didn't want them to get all wet and straggly. I took down the wreaths and the bells and all the Christmasy stuff outside. I left the baskets of pinecones because they are wintery and look okay. When we went down to my sister's on Sunday she gave me a birthday present that dr is going to put by the front door. It's a Celtic knot and says, "Ceal Mile Failte" with little lines over the e and the i and the a. She said it says, well, I forgot. Something about a million welcomes. Her husband made it. When dr gets it up, I will take a picture of it.
We had a lot of work to do on Wednesday night at work. Tons of it actually. I think no one brought a book back in all of December and then brought every thing back on Monday. But, we went in 1 1/2 hours early to make up for not working on Monday. The library closed at six on Monday and we usually start at 6 so we went early on Wednesday and Thursday so we wouldn't lose time. Anyway, we had two very good volunteers that came in at 5:30 and with Gloria and I, we got everything put away by 8:30. Are we good? YES!!
Thursday night it was dead in the water. Very few people came in at all. We were there early and had one of the volunteers back and we had everything done by 6:30. After I put in my bit at the reference desk, I went and checked shelves and put things in order. I am up to L'Amour. I will get the rest of it done on Saturday, I hope. I won't have to watch the desk and neither will Gloria.
Today, being a day off, we slept late. After I made breakfast and cleaned up the kitchen I tackled removing Christmas from inside. I gathered everything in one place, brought my tubs inside and begin putting things in their proper tubs. We marked the tubs last year as we put it away. I took down the little bear tree and put it away but didn't put all of the little bears away. I put a little log house on one end of the shelf and set all the little bears along the shelf. I'm thinking tomorrow I might move the house to the middle of the shelf and put the bears around it. It won't look so lopsided. I removed all the glass ornaments from the tree. They have their own tub. Then the special ornaments and birds and ones that never made it to the tree this year. Last, the tins and mugs and dishes and wreath materials and all the odds and ends. Now everything is back in storage. dr took the tree apart and put it back in it's box. So, Christmas is back in the storage and the house is to rights again. No, the house isn't to rights again. I will do that on Sunday, after we go to breakfast with Dan, Laurel and family. Laurel's mom's birthday is Jan.9th. Mine was Jan. 2nd. So they are going to treat us to breakfast for our birthdays. They kindly invited dr to come along. I just hope it isn't raining too hard or "Yikes!" snowing when it's time to go. It is supposed to start sometime. But, they keep moving the start date. It's sometime Saturday or Saturday evening. I guess it will be whenever California is finished with it. They tend to keep most of it so they can have mudslides and floods. That's why we are so dry over here. That sounds like a good excuse anyway. So, Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy it to the fullest because before you know it Christmas will be looming around the corner and you won't be ready.


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The Saga of the Jigsaw Puzzle

Category: Holidays | Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 5:16 am

I wrote under a New Year's Eve thread that I usually worked a jigsaw puzzle on New Year's Eve. So, I thought, why not? I told dr going up to work on Saturday that I should stop on the way home and buy one as I didn't think we had any sitting around any more.
Coming down the hill on Saturday, I told dr that we forgot to stop and buy a jigsaw puzzle.
We went to Phoenix on Sunday. Now, there are a lot of stores in Phoenix. We went to my sister's house. We sat and talked with her a couple of hours and we went to lunch with her and her husband. We went back to her house. I am reasonably sure that her bedroom closet has at least a dozen jigsaw puzzles sitting on the shelf. She is a bigger jigsaw puzzle person than I am.
So, about halfway home I told dr that we forgot to stop and buy a puzzle. Then, I said,"I bet Maxine had a lot of puzzles on her closet shelf."
After a bit I said, "I forgot to ask her if she would loan me one."
We stopped at the variety store in Cordes Lakes on the way home. The owner of this variety store used to live in Black Canyon City and he had a variety store there, too. He always had puzzles and at a reasonable price. I know this store is a little smaller. Cordes Lakes is a little smaller so it figures the variety store would be smaller, too. They did have jigsaw puzzles. Not big ones, but five hundred piece puzzles would be okay if you didn't have one at all, but not at five dollars.
We stopped at the dollar store coming home. They only had children's little puzzles. They are no fun at all. Children
can work them in five minutes. We didn't buy one.
I told dr we could go to the thrift shop this morning. They always have puzzles. I know they do, but when we got there they were closed. Now, why would they be closed on New Year's Eve. It's run by volunteers for charity so maybe no one wanted to volunteer on New year's Eve.
We stopped at the hardware store but you know hardware stores don't sell jigsaw puzzles. dr said he would ask them but I told him he didn't have to do that because they wouldn't have one.
We started home and I was going up a small hill and what did I spy? A yard sale sign by the side of the road. I said to dr, "There's a yard sale, do you want to stop?" Do pigs fly?
We turned around and went back. Alas, no jigsaw puzzles. Aren't yard sales required by law to have at least one jigsaw puzzle? We looked everywhere. A man came out of the trailer. He was a little grungy looking and had an earring through his nose. He asked if we found anything we wanted. dr told him,"Actually, we were looking for a jigsaw puzzle."
The man said, "I have a jigsaw puzzle. It's in the house." He turned and went into the trailer. He came out carrying a can. It turned out to be a Coca Cola advertisement puzzle. It has a boy with a bottle of coke and a sandwich. There is a fishing pole and a can of worms sitting by him and of course, a little dog looking up at his sandwich with wishful eyes. You can't really see the eyes but you know how dogs look at sandwiches.
We bought the jigsaw puzzle.
He said that he used to sorta collect Coke things. He had it hanging on the wall but he got tired of it so he put it back in the can.
After dinner tonight, I tipped it out of the can and then I was really puzzled. He had the pieces taped together with this clear medical tape. I spent a good hour carefully undoing the tape. The pieces are a bit sticky from the tape. When dr came, I told him the pieces were all taped together. He said, "Of course, he said he had it hanging on the wall."
So, I put it together, after I had taken it apart. It took about an hour. The pieces are a bit big and it's not a five hundred piece puzzle but it was cheap and it's a Coke advertisement. But the man lied. He said all the pieces were there and there is one piece missing.
Anyway, I have my jigsaw puzzle all finished and there is still several hours left to the evening. Now, what do I do with the rest of it. Maybe, I should take it apart and start over. Or, I could sit and tape all the pieces together with clear tape and hang it on the wall.
Maybe I will start collecting jigsaw puzzles and storing them on my closet shelf so I won't have this same problem next year.
Have a Happy New Year everyone.


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It was great!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2006 3:10 am

I got Christmas and my birthday rolled into one gift. It was great. No pictures yet because I just can't resize them tonight. Dan is going to help me sort them out and fix a couple of them tomorrow. We had a great time with Tom and Erin and Kirsten and Courtney and Aaron. Courtney and Aaron are friends of Tom and Kirsten from when they both worked at Beringers. Aaron and Kirsten are the support team because they don't run. Aaron and Courtney got engaged on the trip over from California so it was a happy time for them.

Now, where do I start. I did get the right motel, so that was good. It wouldn't have been as much fun if we had been five miles away. We left home at 9 am, and 9:05 am and 9:15am because you never remember everything the first time. I forgot my padded shirt first and then we stopped at the post office and there was a package that we brought home and then, we were on our way. We wanted to have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel but we couldn't find the entrance. It wasn't on the frontage road so we went around a BIG block and back to the next street but it wasn't there either. So, we stopped at the waffle house. That was okay, but I want to find the Cracker Barrel next time. Instead of getting back on the freeway we took surface streets. It takes much longer but saves some sanity. We found the motel with no problems, but they weren't there. It's a good thing I remembered to ask Tom for his cell phone number when we talked last time. They had gone to the bank and they came back for us. They had rented a mini van which was big enough to hold all seven of us so we were off to Scottsdale to find the Dollar Rental Car place so they could add Courtney and Aaron to the driver's list so they could also drive going back to California.
The race is on the southwest side of Phoenix and the rental car place is on the northwest side of Phoenix.
It's a good thing Tom is used to driving in California and doesn't mind driving of freeways. After we left the car rental place we wanted to have lunch. They wanted to go to PFChangs. A Chinese place of renown in Phoenix. But, no parking to be found for "miles" around. So we went to Old Town Scottsdale and walked around and found a Japanese place where we ate. I'm not fond of Japanese food and Erin wasn't either but we found some chicken that wasn't too bad. Courtney had Udon noodles which she shared with Erin.
We went back to the motel and Courtney and Aaron went out by themselves to have a romantic dinner to celebrate their engagement. Kirsten went to take a nap. Tom and Erin showed up at our door with a Yatchzee game so I played with them. DR had a snooze or tried too. We played kind of noisy to say the least. Kirsten came and played a game with us and we sat a spell trying to decide what to do for supper. Since Aaron and Courtney took the van and our truck only seats three it was a hard decision. We ended up ordering Italian takeout and Tom, Erin and I went to pick it up. We wound up eating at 8:30 pm. They went back to their room as they had to be at the race sight by 8 am. We overslept because we didn't sleep well at all and we missed the race start by 10 minutes. Of course, it didn't help that I took surface streets instead of the freeway and ran into construction in a couple of places. We watched Tom and Courtney go around a few times and then we took Erin and went shopping. That was a fun day and I'll blog more about that later. We did find out one thing about Erin. She is obsessed with office supplies. She wanted to go to Office Max shopping for her Christmas present. So, being a good grandma and grandpa, we went to Office Max. She picked out pencils (looked like pens, but used lead), erasers because she makes BIG mistakes, a pencil box and some post it notes. She loves post it notes. Kristen said she showed up one weekend with a briefcase and it was filled with all different kind of postit notes. So, that's what they put in her stocking. Strange child! No, she was loving and polite and kind to everyone. We made a few other stops and went to lunch. It was a sandwich place so DR had a pattymelt, I had a grilled sandwich with turkey, ham and cheese and Erin wanted a plain hamburger on a bun without all the junk. DR ordered a strawberry banana shake and I ordered iced tea. She was looking at the list of drinks and DR told her she could order a shake too. She had a cookies and cream shake. It was big so the waitress put the rest of it in a takeout box. We went back to the race track. It's a beautiful place. DR took a couple or two pictures of it. We went back to the motel about five thirty. Kirsten, Erin and Aaron stayed until about nine. Then, they went back to the motel. But they got up and was back at the track by 6:30 am. We didn't get there until 8:30. Their 24 hours ended at 9 am. There was another group starting either 24 or 48 hour races today and ther 48 and 72 hour people that started yesterday kept going. The person in the lead had run 132 miles in 24 hours. Tom ran 74.56 miles and Courtney ran 50.02 miles. Courtney's goal was to run 50 miles and she just made it. Tom just wanted to beat his fastest time which was 73.5 miles. So, they were both very happy. The race that started yesterday had about 76 runners. I'd say about a third of them was over 60. Some would run, some would only walk, but this morning no one had under 45 miles. There were about 20 women or girls running. One was just 14. Of the 20 or so new ones that started today, there were two boys under 12 and one girl that just turned 12. The oldest runner/walker was signed up for the 72 hour race. At the end of 72 hours, he will get a special prize of a race jacket because he will have completed 1,000 miles at this particular track over the last few years. He was in his 70's and he liked DR's beard. Mainly because it matched his own. He ran and walked and ran and walked and that is what most of them were doing. But the two or three that had over 100 miles ran the whole time. Not fast, but steady. You never saw them break pace. They were true runners dedicated to the sport. I'd better stop here and blow my nose. I've been sneezing since sometime yesterday and my nose hasn't stopped running. Dooley

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Quiet Day

Category: Holidays | Posted: Tue Dec 26, 2006 4:28 am

We had a rather quiet day. Dan didn't come over last night. He still has crud and was tired. We slept in this morning and had breakfast before we opened gifts.Chance was the most excited about her gifts. DR took off the bows and let her open them herself. Then, she took the one out and hid it so it can age. She isn't playing with the one shaped like a hot dog either. She went and got an old squeaky when dr told her to go get a squeaky. But, now she just wants to nap. It was really nice so she spent most of the day outside barking at things once in awhile. DR has some crud too and was tired yesterday. He says he felt better today and isn't coughing as much.He's used a box or two of kleenex though. We had rib roast and baked potatoes and pie for dessert. A friend of Dan's stopped by and we had tea and talked awhile and they left to go back where Dan is housesitting. I talked to both of the other boys. Neither of them had a white Christmas though Andy said they had slush and snow yesterday. We are meeting Tom and Erin and Kirsten in Phoenix on Thursday and Friday he is beginning his run. We didn't manage to get in the same motel because I thought his motel was on I-10 and it wasn't but we aren't too far away. Anyway things will work out. We are also planning on spending time with Erin and with our friends from Goodyear. So, we still have some Christmas coming up. Dooley

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Christmas Breakfast

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:46 am

The library has an annual Christmas breakfast. This has been happening for about 15 years or so. It's a potluck breakfast. The director makes egg casseroles. It's like baked scrambled eggs. He makes them 24 hours ahead and refrigerates them. Then he brings them in and bakes them in the community room kitchen. Everyone else brings something to go with it. We had sausage, biscuits and gravy, cheese and sausage, several kinds of sweet bread and cookies. There was a fruit bowl and juice and coffee. I made kringle. I made cherry kringle but I decided I didn't like how it looked so we ate it and I made a date nut kringle. It turned out much better. I threw out the directions and did it like I remembered it should look and it turned out great. There were only two or three pieces left. They put all the leftovers in the backroom for snacks and lunch. There is a refrigerator for things that need to stay cold. We had a good time. DR wrote a poem in tribute to the library ladies which the director read to start things off. We had a gift exchange. Everyone brought a gift costing under ten dollars. Then each person got a number and you went according to your number and picked a gift and opened it. Then, when everyone had a gift opened in front of them, they went according to number and everyone chose either to keep what they had or take something from someone else. I had two passes to the movies. Someone took them from me which was okay because we never go to the movies. Then, someone else took them and then someone else took them. I ended up with a chocolate pot (sort of like a teapot, only for chocolate) and some hot chocolate mix. The pot is two snowmen with brooms, etc. I took a metal basket, oblong in shape with circle medallions on the side. I really liked it. I filled it with pinecones and red christmas apple ornaments and put evergreen branches (small ones) around the sides. I put a green and red plaid bow on the front of it. Diane chose it to begin and Michelled took it from her. She told me she needed a centerpiece and she loved the basket and pinecones. The little apples just made enough color. I was thinking I should have put a candle in the center but couldn't think how to do it without it becoming a fire hazard. Oh, well! Maybe next time I'll figure it out. I know that they do make centerpieces with candles in the middle. Anyway, a good time was had by all. This was the first time I went to a breakfast Christmas party. Someone suggested that instead of coming early before the library opens for a party that next year we have a midnight mass. That turned into a running joke all through the meal. The director kept telling one lady if she didn't behave that she would really need that midnight mass. She has a good sense of humor and was making bad jokes about all the presents. So, I have to work tomorrow and then I have three days off and work one day and have five days off. I think that one day may be busy as people will have had Christmas and did their day after Christmas shopping and be ready to go back to normal before the New year. I am now ready for Christmas except for making a couple of pies. Oops! I got a gift certificate for a grocery store from the City of Prescott Valley and we went and bought a small rib roast with it. I need to take it out of the freezer and put it in the refrigerator or we'll have really rare beef for Christmas Dinner. Oh, and I haven't wrapped anything but I don't have that much to wrap. So, Merry Christmas to everyone. Dooley

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It snowed on me!!!!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 1:18 am

Being my day off, I had to make a special trip up to Prescott Valley today to attend a Christmas breakfast at the library. When we left, we had to go around to Willow Creek Road so I could go and get my driver's license renewed. As I was getting into the truck a few flakes of snow began falling around us. As we went it got more and more until it was falling quite hard. We had to Walk Through Snow when we got out of the truck at the DMV building. But, there was no line. When DR went last year to get his renewed, the line was all around the building and it took us two hours. Today, there was no line and no waiting. We were in and out in twenty minutes. Now, I'm good until 2012.
We stopped at Habitat for Humanity because it is just a few blocks from the DMV building. We had to drive right past it to get back to the main road so we stopped. We bought a dining room table. Mainly it was on sale for half price and it's square with a leaf you can add and it takes up less space in the room. We seldom need space for six people anyway. I think it is a little taller than the old one or someone cut the legs off of my chair. But, it's a good looking table. Then, we went to Wal-Mart. It snowed on us the whole way. It made visibility poor in a few places. Of course, there was no parking close so we actually had to walk in it. We just got a few things I needed at Wal-Mart and then we were going home. But, I got in the wrong lane coming out and we had to turn a wrong direction so we went to lunch. I wasn't very hungry so we skipped dessert. I mean why eat cookies and ice cream or whatever when there is a ton of stuff home on the counter. So, we came home. I had to find the top of the other table and then we took it apart and put the new one in its place. It looks good. You can still see the top. Wait until tomorrow though. I decided I needed to take a short nap. I took my pooh lap blanket, sat down in my recliner, and a dog landed in my lap. So, Chance and I took a nap. Except, Chance had to stand up and look out the window. When I told her taking a nap meant laying down, not standing up she lay down facing the window and proceeded to growl at everything that moved. Finally, I told her to knock it off so she curled up and we both had about an hours worth of nap. I put a couple of potatoes in the oven to bake and I think I will grate some sharp cheddar cheese to go over them and I don't know what else and call it supper. DR has the crud and says he doesn't really want supper anyway. I think I may wrap some packages in a while. Then, I'll call myself ready for Christmas. I just have to work tomorrow from 8:30-4 pm and then I have three days off. Then, I work one day and have five more days off. Next week, 28th, 29th and 30th we are going to Goodyear to meet up with our oldest son. He's coming from California with his girlfriend and his daughter. He's going to run in a 24 hour race beginning 9 am on the 29th and ending at 9 am on the 30th. There are also 48 and 72 hour races. I cannot imagine running for 72 hours. You do get breaks for eating and napping but still 72 hours??
There hasn't been a lot to do at the library the last two weeks and I don't think there will be much doing tomorrow. I will probably have time to move the rest of the fiction books around. I started at the end of the alphabet and I'm to M's now so I still have about half of them to do. I need to move some shelves in the CD area too. Then, I will start working in the non fiction area to get them back in order again. Better go check on the potatoes. Dooley

Oh, I can't take a picture of the snow. It's melted already.

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