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A restful day

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:07 am

We had a restful day. We did a lot yesterday so today we were going to stay home and rest. I watered the flowers that are in pots. They dry out quickly. Then, I watered the flower bed where the glads are. There are two up now so hopefully the other 38 are going to make an appearance soon. I now have three hostas out of ten up. Only two asparagus plants though. dr wanted to go mail a letter so he asked me if the post office was open today. No, it wasn't. Our post office puts out mail but it doesn't open windows on Saturday. I think they don't do much mail either. So, since his letter needed to go out today we went up to Prescott Valley to their post office. I thought I knew where it was and the sign said Prescott Valley, Az post office. But he couldn't mail his letter because it was a commercial post office, what ever that is. Never heard there was a difference. But they told him where the retail post office was located. I know the corner but never knew there was a post office on that corner. When he came out of the commercial post office there was an outside mail box so he put his letter in it. It said mail went out at 4 pm today. Then, since we were so close we went to the flea market to just walk around. It was so crowded and there were so many cars that it was hard to see anything. I only wanted to buy one thing and the man must not have wanted to sell it very badly because the price was way too high for a flea market. I came home without it. We started to go to a yard sale but with traffic being so bad we just came home. Didn't need anything anyway. I read for awhile and dr was cleaning in the bedroom. I started putting bears in a big box to be stored until company goes home. dr came and moved the box. I put the two little white lawn chairs outside. I'm trying to decide if I want to leave them out. I've sat a plant on each chair and put the chairs by a table. I've moved this and that and now there is seating available in the living room. Still need to dust a bit and run the vaccum. Dining room needs vaccumed and the table needs cleaned off AGAIN. I think the table has a big magnet under it. It pulls everything in the house to it. How else can it be cluttered ten minutes after I clean it off? I read a bit this afternoon and worked on my quilting project. I've almost finished the monkey. I think I will have 9 out of 12 done. I think I will take one apart. I don't like the way I did it. I know it won't matter but I'll know it's not right. I did buy quilt batting for it yesterday. Couldn't find the right size and when I got home I noticed the store sold it by the yard. I didn't see it but maybe I didn't look very hard. I did find the prepackaged kind and it will work nicely. I went out and walked around with Chance and we took some pictures. I resized them and loaded them to photobucket and put some here on gardenstew. I made ahi tuna and rice and salad for supper. dr bought a small leg of lamb for tomorrow. It's called semiboneless. So does it have a bone or not. dr says there is a lamb out there with a semi-bone. I had to take a antihistamine tonight due to the mulberry tree pollen and the wind. It was quite windy this afternoon but not windy enough to blow the pollen away. It was forecast rain for tomorrow but now I see it's just going to be cloudy.
I guess it's an early bedtime since I took that antihistamine it's made me sleepy. Chance went to bed early but I think dr is still reading. Tomorrow is Easter. It will be a quiet restful day. No Easter baskets and rabbits here. Dooley

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I didn't get much done today!

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2007 4:41 am

I had a list of things to do today but I don't seem to have gotten much of it done. Since DR bought me a scanner yesterday, I spent most of the morning trying to figure out how to install it and how to make it work. I'm not very computer literate and Dan wasn't around today. I think I figured it out and I scanned and e-mailed two pictures to andy and one to wannabe. I hope they got them. After I finally got it all figured out I quit and went outside. I finally got that big leaf pile moved from the front yard. I put them all in a huge black plastic bag and stuck it in a corner in the side yard for now. Then, I raked the front patio area. I'd like to work on the waterfall but I know that though it's in the 80's now it doesn't mean we are out of the cold weather. I have several daffidils blooming and the tulips in front are doing well. The ones in the side yard are being eaten by something. After I came inside we went to the Dollar Store to return something and I bought a St. Patrick's Day card to send to grandma. I've been buying things to send her in a package for Easter and I found a little wind chime with pink butterflies on it. She can hang it in her room for some color. We came home and I made some popcorn and read one of the Sunday papers. The other one will wait until tomorrow. Most of the news is the same anyway. I cleaned out the little bedroom. There is still a box or two that I'm not sure what to do with. The shed is getting a bit full. Now, I have the dining room and the living room to clean up. Then, I have my quilt project to finish. But, not tonight. I talked to Andy, my youngest. He lives in Wisconsin. Then, I talked to Tom. He's my oldest. He lives in California. I talked to my granddaughter too. Tom had some good news. Kirsten and he are having a baby in August. He says things are going fine. August 15th is the due date according to the ultrasound. I wonder how it figures that out. We always counted backward when I was having babies. That was weird too. So, I'll have four grandchildren then. They told the doctor that they didn't want to know what sex it was going to be. They want to do it the old fashioned way and be surprised. I talked to my sister in Phoenix for a bit. Her husband isn't doing well and was sleeping. She's trying to get the yard cleaned. They are digging out the grass and putting in rock and then they have to have termite treatment along the house. The porch had to be replaced because it had termites. Isn't it always something? After I talked to her I made supper. Now, I'm probably going to go to bed. It's going to be nicer tomorrow and though I have to work 6-9 I think maybe I can get a bit done outside tomorrow. My peas are up and the spinach is really growing. It has it's second set of leaves now. I'm still keeping it covered up. I put some plants outside today and I didn't put them in tonight but I don't think it will get frosty. It's only supposed to go into the 40's. Guess that's enough of my day. Dooley

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The new floor!!!

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:35 am

Well, the new floor is mostly down. DR has to get some kind of caulk for the edges along the carpet because it wouldn't go under it. It was caulked before and nailed. I had to pull all those little nails. They must have put one every half inch for six feet. I wonder if they thought it would get up and walk away. It's got a lump in the middle and we can't find Chance. Dan said the lump whined when he walked past and poked it. Oh, dear!!!
I can't find my table again because we couldn't leave well enough alone and changed shelving around in the dining room so we could move the tall shelf from the end of the kitchen island. I put a small table there but I want to watch for a cupboard short enough to go under the piece of island that sticks out. I can't believe how much brighter the lighter colored flooring makes the kitchen. I did not think the old flooring was dark colored.I'm now glad we didn't get the greenish colored flooring from the first place. It was much darker. I had to take all the cookbooks off of the shelves and we moved the shelves. Then, DR found me a couple of boxes and I put some of the books in storage. Maybe just until after the holidays. Then, we moved the set of shelves from the end of the kitchen island to where the cookbook shelves had been. That set of shelves holds tea pots, tea and misc. kitchen equipment that won't fit in a cupboard. Plus a tub of potatoes, sweetpotatoes and onions. The little table hold crocks and pots of kitchen utensils near the stove for daily use. Of course, messy person that I am, I had all sorts of things on the shelves other than cookbooks and all of that stuff landed on the table. Tomorrow is trash day so a good day to just sweep it all in a bag and get rid of it. We went out to the buffet place for supper because I just didn't want to cook. It was nice, too. 76F when we got there but the sun was going down so it was only 67F when we came out. Still it was a nice day and the flooring is down. Dooley

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Another day off?

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 2:44 am

You know me and my days off. They turn into something else most of the time. Today, dr got up early and warmed up the house. I slept until he let Chance into the bedroom. He went out to bring in the water bottles we filled last night. I was mostly dressed when Chance started pulling on my denim shirt that was on the floor where I left it last night. I moved the shirt up on the bed and there was one of my shoes under it. Her pink squeaky ball was in the heel of the shoe. She tried to get it out but it was wedged pretty tight. She pushed, shoved and tossed that shoe all over the bedroom trying to get that ball out of it. I finally quit laughing enough to help her.
We left about 9:15 and went to the bank and then up the hill. We started at Basha's because they sell bulk food and I wanted oatmeal. About $40.00 later we left. I wasn't aware that oatmeal cost so much. It must have been all the other stuff we just had to have too. We went to Home Depot and looked at their flooring. We decided to look at the other flooring places before we bought anything. From Home Depot, we went to Costco, a warehouse shopping store. We didn't do too bad there until we went past a big display of Rival Roasters. Sort of like my Nesco Roaster, but larger. It looked like it would be a good turkey roaster and there was a recipe for roasting a turkey on the box so we bought it. It is so much bigger than the one I have that I'm not sure where I will store it. I started laughing when I was reading the booklet that came with it. Dan wanted to know why. I told him when I make soup in the Nesco it comes to the top of the pan. It holds two gallons. This one holds 20 quarts which is 5 gallons. What will I do with 5 gallons of soup? You simply cannot make a small pot of soup. DR says he's going to throw the old one out but if he does he won't get anymore soup.
We then we stopped and had a Polish Sausage and a soft drink and then we went to three other flooring places. Two of them didn't stock vinyl flooring. They ordered it and delivered it a couple of weeks later. The third place referred us to Crazy Nates which is the one that quoted us two different prices.
So, we decided to go back to Home Depot. First, we stopped at Fry's grocery to buy cream cheese and cool whip. We also bought another bag of potatoes.
Tonight we had baked potatoes and barbecue chicken for supper.
Home Depot only had 12 ft rolls of flooring and they don't cut it so we were going to buy and 8x12 piece. We need and 8x10 piece. It fits the middle of the kitchen. The outside walls are all cabinets or island or pantry or refrigerator. Anyway when they put it through that roller to measure it there was only a couple feet left so they just gave that to us so we really got a 10x12 piece. DR said we'd put it in Chance's dog house. Since she sleeps in the laundry room she doesn't use her dog house, except to sit on top of it and bark at things.
We came home and unloaded everything and I made supper. Now, I have a banana cream cheese coffeecake in the oven. I have to work 8:30-4 tomorrow and DR is going to the flea market. We'll get up at 6 and eat before we go. We'll take a piece of coffeecake with us. Bagels and creamcheese for lunch. Everything bagels and garden vegetable cream cheese. We'll probably stop somewhere coming home for supper. Sunday, we'll work on getting that flooring down. We only have to move the stove, a set of shelves and the water cooler. I'll make a paper pattern and dr will lay it out and cut it. I need to take the little trim strips up so the flooring will go clear to the wall or cupboards. Then, dr can put it back when he has the flooring down. It isn't fancy flooring. It's little squares that look like small tiles and it's sort of brown and black mottled or speckled. Sort of hard to describe but we didn't want a pattern in such a small space.
Oh, I forgot. The first stop wasn't Basha's. I had to stop at the doctor's office. I had to have my prescriptions renewed so I called the office on Monday and asked them to call them to WalMart because they would be cheaper there now that they have those four dollar generic prescriptions. Well, yesterday we went to pick them up and one of them was the wrong dosage. So, I had to go to the doctor's office to get a new prescription to take to WalMart and then they would give me the additional tablets that I needed. The nurse in the doctor's office said she copied the prescription right off of the chart. She did too. The chart was wrong. So, she made the prescription change on my say so without checking back into the chart for the proper dosage. This is the heart medication that I want to stop taking anyway. In February when I have my regular appointment I will ask him to taper it off. Anyway, I remembered I had to have some blood drawn so we stopped at the lab. After waiting 15 minutes the woman said it would be at least another 45 minutes. There were six people in the waiting room. We decided we would go next week. A week won't make much difference. It's just an A1c. So, we had a busy week. Sunday is another day off and I hope to finish cleaning my house. I did find the table yesterday. Of course, now I can't get to my sewing machine but that's for Sunday. I should just start pitching stuff out the front door. I did that one other time. Of course, then I had to sort it out and bring it back inside----but some went into the dumpster. I wonder if that's the way to clean house. Carry it all outside and bring back just what you need and put the rest in the dumpster for the next six months. I think I'd better quit here. Dooley

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Another day of work, no trip

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Oct 22, 2006 2:13 am

It was another day of work, no trip today. No pictures either. We got up a bit after 6 am. The alarm didn't work until it heard DR threaten to throw it in the trash and get a new one. I suppose that since we were both already awake it wouldn't have mattered much if it hadn't gone off.
I checked in with Gardenstew. No, I made tea first and cornmeal for breakfast. Chance sat by my feet waiting for it to get done. DR mixed her's with milk and she had it all gone before I got started on mine. I checked in with Gardenstew after I made breakfast. I then read the news. Nothing new there. I could have written it without any prior knowledge. Then, I packed my lunch and water bottles for DR. He was going to buy his lunch at the flea market. I checked in with Gardenstew again and then shut the computer down for the day. Dr put the plants back outside. Yesterday they spent the day inside but they didn't seem to mind it. I think that tomorrow I need to start cleaning up things outside. The yard is looking a little scraggly. Dan is coming to hook up my DSL. The phone company called to see how it was working and I said it wasn't. They were all "concerned" but I told them we hadn't both had the same day off yet so it wasn't hooked up. I could hear them breathe a sigh of relief. We opted to do it ourself rather than pay a technician $69.00. That was with a 30% discount.
Anyway we got to the library on time and DR went to the flea market. We had the foresight to reserve him a space this time so he didn't have to worry that they would be sold out of spaces. He hasn't been in such a while since I worked the odd hours. Now that I go at 8:30 he can be there by 8:30 because I am always a little early. I hate arriving late or on the exact dot to work. I found I was to have a helper today. There is a volunteer who started last week. She is a retired librarian. But, she retired before computers took over the libraries so she didn't know how to work them. She had never turned one on before last week. She was a bit confused by what happened when she checked out books or didn't check out the books. So, this week they decided she could help me shelve books because it didn't require a computer. She's in her 70's. She was much relieved that she could push the cart of books around and shelve the books. We gave her the fiction section. She was very good at it too. She put each book in it's proper place. No, it's close enough business of some of them. So, I was free to do the non-fiction section. I gathered up all the books that were left at the end of the shelves and in other odd places and took them back to be counted. Only 29 this morning. Then, I put the non-fiction books all in the proper order and hauled the large cart out and put them in their place. After lunch, I had some time since we had all the books put on the shelves. I started with 001.2 and put them all in the proper numerical and alphabetical order. Well, not all of them. I got through 158.12 CHI. Now, when I get time I can go clear through 999.00. Each week I will get a block of time to do this and I will get it all done in 9 or 10 weeks if I get as much done as I did today. I found one lost book which was shelved in the wrong place. If they are all in the proper order, it will be easier to keep them that way. When I have things in order, I will ask for a lost book list and see what I can find. I just don't understand how you can have a library with books just any old place. One of the librarians today told me it is so much easier since I started since they could actually find things. That was very nice of her since things are still out of order a lot. She said that it was so much better that a bit out of order wasn't bad. Well!! I'm not so organized at home. DR wants to know where his sweatshirts are. Beats me! I told him I would look for them tomorrow. I think they are in the laundry room closet. There are some storage boxes in there. The dress code for the field trip next Friday is "sort of dressy." Okay, I think I can do that. "Sort of," Okay, I'm rambling. I think I worked too hard. Later Dooley

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Today, I did

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sat Oct 14, 2006 2:41 am

Today, I slept late. Went to bed late last night. I was reading and didn't want to quit until my eyes wouldn't stay open. Finished the book sometime today. I made cornmeal for breakfast. DR and Chance also like it. It was only about 46F when I got up. It was cloudy all day. It sprinkled on us off and on but the rain is supposed to be tomorrow. We went to the post office and I wanted to go to the dollar store. I decided I needed a tablecloth that could be washed on the dining table. One we would have called an oilcloth but is not plastic with a flannel backing. I bought some Halloween cards to send the grandkids and some potholders. My old ones are in sad shape. I've already recovered them and probably will again. But, I thought some new ones would be okay. I don't know when they got to be three dollars each. But, at the dollar store I got four of them for two-fifty. Then, DR wanted to go see if we could find any yard sales. The first one, we spent a couple of dollars. We debated buying a cabinet with glass doors and decided no. Then, we went to another sale. We hit the jackpot or they did. DR bought a sleigh and reindeer for the roof when it gets closer to Christmas. It has lights. We bought two teddy bears, making it three for the day as I bought one at the first sale. That makes five for the week. One of the bears today is big. It fits the child's rocker that has been setting empty. It's in the dining room but needs to be moved as DR says it's in the way. It is. I bought some fall decorations to fill in with what I bought at the thrift shop on Wednesday. I have several new (small) scarecrows now. I picked up a few odds and ends and DR bought a box of cookie cutters and let me choose the ones that I wanted to keep. He'll take the others to the flea market. They sell well just before Christmas. I bought a hummingbird on a wire to put in a plant. What else? A red quarter bushel basket that's red. It will be used for pinecones and greenery at Christmas.
We came home about noon. I helped moved a couple of large shelves that we got from that junk shop. They had been sitting on the side of the driveway. We had to clean a place in the garage for them. Of course, the garage was already full. Technically it's not a garage. No cars go in it. It's a huge shed. If it was empty it would probably hold for or five cars. The people who owned the place a while ago worked on cars and small engines. Lawn mowers and bicycles, etc. Anyway, that was hard work so we stopped for a drink of something cold. Then, I went and put ironite on the apple trees and the butterfly bush. I saw a monarch butterfly. It looked as though the grasshoppers had been feeding on it. It's wings were full of holes. Poor thing! I watered everything well so maybe it won't rain tomorrow. I scrubbed out Chance's water bowls and refilled them. I usually add water each day or empty them and refill them but today I cleaned them good. She watched me and went and got a good drink when I finished. Makes me feel a little guilty that I don't do it everytime I refill them. Then, I came inside and made squash bread. The recipe makes two large braided loaves but today, I made one loaf and a dozen buns. We ate half of the buns for supper. Way Good!! We hauled some shelves up from the shed and I cleaned them and put shelf lining on the shelves. We needed a place to put teapots and tea and the shelves above the sink are filled with tea mugs and cups. There were four shelves, 15x30 and we filled them. Of course, some of the stuff came off of the serving cart that we had to move to make room for the shelves. I was going to make plum jam, but I guess that will have to wait until Sunday. We had those ribs for supper and there were a few left with the sauce. So, I am going to soak some beans tonight and put them in the slow cooker in the morning with the ribs and sauce and a piece of sausage left from another meal. That should do for supper tomorrow night. I have to work from 8:30 to 4 tomorrow. I've been going at 10 am so will have to set the clock so we don't oversleep tomorrow. Dr was going to go to the flea market but with rain in the forecast he probably won't go tomorrow. Maybe, next week. I haven't looked yet to see what I need to make some bears. Maybe in a bit, I will do that. I need to start fixing Ben's bear so I can get that sent back to him.
We are changing our internet service. We share cable with Dan right now. But, the phone company says we can get DSL now and if we signed up by tomorrow we could get it for $26.95 per month for life. Dan can install it so we don't have to pay for a technician to come do it. They wanted $69.95 for one to come. Dan isn't going to be next door forever and this seemed to be a good price and it won't go up every year like cable seems to do. I hope it's as good. Dan says it is probably better. Hope so.
I think I should go write a couple of letters and then, go to bed early. I'm yawning my way through this blog.
Oh, I ordered some tea from a place called, "Harney's". It's in Connecticut. It came yesterday so I have been trying it. It's loose tea. I like that better than tea bags mostly. Tea bags are good if you are in a hurry but no one seems to sell loose tea around here. I got Assam decaf, Irish breakfast, Oolong and Malachi McCormick's Decent tea. It's a blend of assam and keemum. We will order some different ones next time and see if we can find one we like enough for it to be our "old" standby. That's why we needed more shelf space for tea and teapots. I think I will go make a cup of tea. Later, Dooley

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Stop signs

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:56 pm

We live on a street that is not claimed by the county so no one takes care of it. It goes onto an asphalt road that goes through the community. There is a slight S curve where it joins the asphalt. People drive much too fast on that street and come around the curve in the middle of the street. To make it worse, Our neighbor has grown a large hedge along the end of his property that is on that street. He says it keeps down the noise and the dust. A few weeks ago, said neighbor, complained to the county supervisor because the guy across the street never stopped at the corner when he went onto the street. There was no stop sign because none was needed. If you were going and didn't need to stop it was a little safer getting out onto the street with the blind corner. You cannot see around the corner because of the bushes. Well, they put a stop sign there and it just made it more dangerous because now you are going from a dead stop and someone driving fast on the wrong side or down the middle has more of a chance to hit you.
Sunday, I was reading and I heard a loud thunk and a rattle of metal. I hurried out to see the neighbor leaning over his fence asking someone if they were all right. There was a large truck sitting in the middle of the road. It had came around the curve in the middle of the road. A kid on a quad going toward him was in the middle of the road, too. The kid swerved and the quad hit the stop sign. The kid was wearing a helmet and it flew off and rolled down the street. He fell off but says he wasn't hurt. He was more worried about getting the quad started and getting it home. He pushed it back into the street and got it started and took off. The driver of the truck got back into his truck and left. The stop sign was facing the wrong way and leaning at an angle. DR wants to e-mail the county supervisor and tell him the stop signed worked. It stopped the kid on the quad before he hit the fence. It hasn't stopped the kid from roaring up and down the street on the quad though. All hours you can hear him and his friend roaring around on it. It isn't street legal because it has no license and the kid isn't old enough to have a license. It does no good to call the authorites. The kid is no where to be seen when they show up, if they even show up. The stop sign does no one any good except people breaking the law. Oh, well, that's life in a small town. The neighbor refuses to trim the hedge. He says it's not a problem. We won't argue because we don't want strife on the block. Dooley

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Done, well maybe

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Tue May 02, 2006 2:44 am

I'm done digging the herb garden. I poured a bag of fertilizer on it. I just raked that in. Then, I set about eleven flagstones into a path around the arbor and out the other side to what will be a river rock path across to the driveway. We looked for a round tub for the big white ball but didn't find one that we liked. I guess we will find one when we aren't looking for one. That is what usually happens. We don't need it tomorrow anyway. We went up to Prescott and came home with two flower pots to fit a table, three more bags of potting soil, a butterfly bush(black knight) and eight six paks of petunias. Also, a cement block and 10 foot long pieces of rebar. We stopped and had lunch too. So, when we got home I finished working in the herb garden and planted six of the paks of petunias in the four pots around the bridge. I have two six paks to plant in the front of the house tomorrow. I put twelve cups of earwig food in the garden and flower beds last night. There were no earwigs in the cups this morning but there were a few beetles. I'm going to put some pieces of board or cardboard in the garden and see if I can find some slugs. I found a conal snail in the greenhouse and Dan says these eat slugs. Oops! I've been throwing them out. I did make some low shelves so nothing in the greenhouse is setting on the ground now.
We have a neighbor who is 73 years old. I told him I would give him some of the herbs from the greenhouse. He was gathering some pots to fill with potting soil when he turned and started to go after the potting soil and fell over his wheelbarrow. He spent three days in the hospital because he messed up his shoulder and it swelled all out of proportion. They kept him until the swelling went down. He has a brace that he has to wear. I told him I would come over tomorrow or the next day and fill the pots for him. The herbs aren't exactly ready to move from the greenhouse.
I told my neighbor Frank that he could have some too. I potted up some lemon balm for him and some summer savory. I do need to get the cumin and the borage in the pots soon. Their roots are coming out of the peat pots. I need to get some seeds in the garden too. We need more than squash.
I got to plant the butterfly bush but DR says he has to dig up a water line first. It's one that drains rainwater from the garden. After the water goes through the little wash it goes into an underground pipe that has developed a leak and it's making the ground soggy. I think when the guy across the alley used his end loader to level the ground it must have been too heavy and cracked the pipe. There is always something that has to be done before you can do something else. I think I should be done soon, but then there is always weeding and watering.
I sat and watched the hummingbirds this afternoon. They were flying around the lilac bush.
The light ran out before I was finished so I guess tomorrow will have to be started with the rest of the days jobs. Dooley

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Almost done

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Mon May 01, 2006 1:11 am

I really thought I would get that herb garden digging finished today but I didn't. I have a space about 4 x 8 to finish and a little grass to dig along the path and I have to dig some weeds between a few flagstones yet. I watered all the bushes really good today.I think they've been needing a long slow watering so it would go deep. It was near 90 today but it was cloudy so it didn't feel too bad. I did it slowly and stopped now and then to do other things. Dan & I were standing in the herb garden talking when he started shouting to run. Go into the back yard. I didn't know what was happening but there was a loud sort of roaring, buzzing noise and I run after him. We stopped and looked up and there was a swarm of bees going over head. it was huge. Thankfully it kept going. Dan said they were probably looking for a new home. They went right over where we were standing. It was Dan's second experience with bees today. He went camping with his group yesterday and they were planning to stay all day today. But, just about dark last night a beekeeper showed up and unloaded about 40 bee hives just down the road. This morning there were bees all over the place and they weren't happy. One lady had to be taken to the hospital because she was stung and started to swell. Dan said he wasn't stung but several of the others were stung. They just couldn't stay in the area. I guess maybe the bees will settle down in a few days but I can't see why the beekeeper would put the bees next to an established campground with people camping in it. Some of the campers were going to lodge complaints with Game and Fish or the rangers who are responsible for the campground. it's on government land.
I put pork loin roast in the Nesco Roaster so I guess I should go and see what else I can find to finish supper. Dooley

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windy day

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:50 am

It was so windy today. We got up early and went to the flea market in Prescott Valley. it was just after 6 am when we arrived. DR set up the tables and he went to walk around while I put the stuff on the tables. It was a bit breezy but I was okay. I figured when the sun came up it would be warm and we would want a breeze. Well, by 8:30 am it was WINDY. The flags were flying straight out and whipping some. Some stuff began to wobble so I put the big vases away.A few things fell off the table, I stuck them in a box under the table. A shelf in the next spot fell over, narrowly missing DR. It was slow, no one wanted to walk around holding their hats. I changed to a hat with a string so I could keep it on. Several things blew away and we had to chase them. They went into a box under the table. When we had more things in a box under the table than on the tables we decided we'd just put it all in boxes and go home. We hadn't done very well. DR was in front of the table. He was putting books in a box. He bought a tool box for a truck bed. It won't fit our truck but it will fit Dan's truck. He was trying to figure how to get it in the truck with all our boxes and tables when a dust devil went through. It's like a whirlwind filled with dust, a mini tornado. It started the tables moving and I thought they would go over. I was trying to hold one with glassware so it wouldn't go over and stuff was flying all over. Not just our stuff. Stuff from other spots was flying every where. When the dust devil played itself out, everyone went around picking things up and they started packing things to leave. While we were trying to get it together, people came trying to buy things. Between dealing with people and trying to get things in boxes it was rather hectic. The air was full of dust. It was slow all day but the minute you try to pack every one wants something. Brian said set the box on the table to pack but I couldn't because when I did the box left for other places. I had to put the box under the table to put anything in it. Yuck!! At least it was sunny and sort of warm. I never took off my sweatshirt and jacket. The wind made it too cool. Or at least it felt cool. We finally got it all in the truck and got things covered with the bungee cover and left. We stopped for gas and bought a couple of lottery tickets and came home. I came in and had a cup of tea. DR went and unloaded the truck and put things away. I thought about a nap but decided I wouldn't sleep tonight if I had a nap. Dan came and we loaded the pickup toolbox onto his truck and it fits. Dan and DR were going to get out tools and drill holes and bolt it into place but I told them to wait until morning. They came in and we sat at the table talking. I got up and made omelets with ham, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Dan left after we ate. I have to say, I stacked the dishes in the sink. I don't do that often but that wind just made me tired. I'm thinking about going to bed early. I think DR is sleeping. He was reading when I went past a bit ago, but it's awfully quiet in there. Chance is sleeping by the chair here. If I get up she will get up to see what I'm going to do. She has to go everywhere DR goes and if he is sleeping or gone somewhere I get the privilege. She "helps" with everything we do outside. I had nice rows made in the garden so I can transplant those squash tomorrow. She dug some more so the rows aren't so nice now. I'll send her to help DR and Dan tomorrow so I can repair the damage. After I get the squash planted I won't be able to let her in the garden area. She'll flatten them in no time or dig them up and bring them back to me. She's "helping". I think I'd better see that things are closed up for the night and go to bed. Dooley

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