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Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 6:20 pm

Thanksgiving is over and it's on to Christmas. Not much time to get it all done. I sit and look around and can't seem to think what to do. There is no place for a tree. DR says it doesn't have to go in front of the window. I guess he's right. Then, there is the little bear tree. I know where I had it last year but the space has magically filled up with something else. We cleaned out the shed yesterday to find all the Christmas stuff. I've thought about just emptying the living room into the shed and starting over but there is too much in the living room. A good half of those bears living in our house. There was an ad in the paper yesterday. Someone else must have the same problem. It said they had 200 bears to sell. Part of a collection, never played with. DR wanted to know if I wanted to call about it. NO, NO, NO!!!! I can't even figure out what to do with the ones that I have and everytime I go to the thrift shop I buy another one. Don't get me wrong. I love bears and there is always one who really looks like it needs a home. There is always room for just one more, and one more and one more and one more and one more......Pretty soon we will have to move out to the shed.
I brought out the garland and lights for the front fence. I probably won't get it up today but soon. I guess I'm getting to be like DR. Wait for the coldest day of the year to work outside on a project. He has his own problem. He bought a Santa with sleigh and reindeer and doesn't know where to put it. The roof is out. No way to fasten it. That big mulberry tree hides the roof anyway. He says it's about 10 feet long. We also have a big star to put on the front of the big shed. Maybe it will stay in the big shed this year since we have a sleigh with Santa and reindeer. I have been gathering up all the Halloween and Thanksgiving and fall stuff today. I guess that is the first step anyway. I do have a place for it but the stuff seems to have multiplied so I hope it all fits.
I moved my CD player because there was no longer any place to plug it in where it was located. We have downsized many times in our 45 years and things just seem to grow like Topsy and fill in the empty spaces. I marveled at the large living room when we moved here. Little did I know. Should go to the post office and then decide what to do with the rest of the day. Work 6-9 tonight. Dooley

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The day after

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 4:58 am

Well, here it is the day after. We hadn't intended to do much of anything and I guess we didn't really do much. DR said we should go to breakfast. We went up the hill. It was more brunch than breakfast but we ate breakfast food. It wasn't very good. The restaurant was busy and I think they got careless with their cooking. My bacon was only cooked on one side. The waitress never came back until we were finished. When I told her about the bacon not being cooked she was going to go get me some more. DR told her to forget it, we were finished. The manager wasn't around so DR is going to write him a letter. We won't go back there. Being busy is not an excuse for poor food quality. We waited a good 20 minutes to be seated and we could see empty tables from where we stood. I think they didn't have enough wait staff on duty.
We went to the mall. I bought gift cards from Barnes & Noble for Christmas presents. The woman wanted to give me free boxes but I told her no, I was just sending them in a padded envelope. I'm saving money buying gift cards, why would I pay extra to put them in a package that costs more. Oh, well! Not her fault. She didn't know what I was doing with them. People were very rude and pushy just about everywhere today. If they didn't want to go shopping, why didn't they stay home. A lady knocked DR's drink cup over because she wanted to fill her cup before he finished. What would it hurt to wait half a second until he finished? She glared at him like it was his fault. They put something on sale at a store and then, they put a young kid on the register and he doesn't know what he is doing and everyone is trying to talk to him at once and he doesn't know and that's all he said, "I don't know!" He couldn't even get anyone else to come to help him. He'd get on the intercom and no one would come. If I'd been him, I'd probably have run screaming down the aisle. Where was the manager or dept. head when he needed helpd?Kids don't know what to do when a lot of people gather at one time and all want to be first. We left. We didn't need anything anyway. It isn't a good start to the Season of Good Cheer.
We stopped at Michael's and bought a ring to make a wreath. DR is going to make a wreath out of Rosemary for the kitchen. He bought a stem of red berries to put on for color. I think I will have a ribbon for it when we get the Christmas stuff out of the shed on Sunday. I have got to get the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff gathered up before I think about the Christmas stuff. Why aren't these holidays spread out a little? No wonder everyone is stressed. You can't get stuff put away from one before it's too late and you are rushed getting things out for the next one. Good thing we have a few months after the new year to recuperate. Maybe that's why we have winter, to rest up for the spring and summer.
We haven't had a frost yet. I was out with Chance this morning and looking around the yard. It was cloudy and cooler than I like. But as I looked around I saw a couple petunia blossems still standing up straight. The leaves were a little brownish but the flowers were a nice bright red and white. I saw some yellow and orange calendula and some yellow coreopsis and a few purple cosmos. I even saw a couple morning glories. The morning glories were not very big but they made a bright spot in a gray day. In the garden there was a tomato plant still green with a yellow flower. Some coriander was blooming and there was one squash plant with a flower. They are all still trying to do their job and making the yard and garden shine on a dull, cloudy day. It made me feel better for sure. I mean, I wasn't feeling bad but those flowers cheered me anyway. Now, the weather forecast is for low 50's during the day this week and low 30's at night so I know those flowers aren't going to last through the week. But it is nearly December and they should have gone a month or six weeks ago so if they die this week I still had flowers longer than I could have expected. Nature is wonderful. Now, if I only had time to run out and pick the seeds and pull the dead plants and rake the leaves and all the other things I need to do outside. But, if I don't get it all done it doesn't go away. It waits patiently for me to get time to do it. I think I must be rambling again. Must be bed time. I have to work 8:30-4 tomorrow and DR is going flea marketing. Dooley

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Thanksgiving blessings!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Fri Nov 24, 2006 5:43 am

Isn't is nice that with all of us busy with the holiday and family and friends that we found the time to come and wish our Gardenstew friends and family a happy holiday. True, most of us were busy throughout the day but the day doesn't seem to end until we come and check on everyone. It's sad when one has to spend a special day alone but with friend like the ones here they can still feel special. DR spent some time here showing our friend the site and all the places to visit and I am sure Al will find the time to check it out from time to time. We hadn't seen them all year and it seems like if they are less than two hours away we could manage to visit from time to time, but we all keep busy and we all have ailments that keep us home from time to time. We have made plans to see them at the end of the year when our oldest son comes to Arizona to run in a 24 hour race down by where Al and Ree live. Al will be playing music both days but we will get together for breakfast or lunch. I have both days off. Tom will be coming with someone else so won't be able to come up so we are going to go down and stay a couple of days. He is going to bring Erin and we haven't seen her in a long while. She will be eleven in April so I thought instead of sending her a Christmas gift we might take her shopping while Tom is busy running.
The descendents of Sam and Myra Fleming are having a reunion in April in Phoenix. There were seven children of which I am the third. I had one brother who was the oldest. He was killed on his way home from Vietnam. I have an older sister (Wannabe) who lives in Illinois. My next youngest brother lives in Missouri and drives a semi-truck cross country several times a month. I don't think I could do it myself but he's been doing it many, many years. My next youngest sister lives in Phoenix. I don't see her as much as I'd like. Her husband had a stroke a couple of weeks ago and is now in rehab. I should have found time to call her today, but I didn't. I'll try to remedy that in the morning. The next youngest is a boy and he lives somewhere in Nevada. He has trouble with serious depression and only keeps in touch with Wannabe. We are all happy that he at least keeps in touch. He won't come to the reunion. The youngest lives in California. She is one of the organizer's of the reunion. Now, they have a web site or I should say a group e-mail through yahoo where everyone can voice their opinions. Between the seven of us there are 23 grandchildren and 24 great-grandchildren. We live in 5 different states. But so many of the grandchildren and greatgrandchildren do not know each other and last Thanksgiving the four girls were together in Phoenix and decided we needed to try to get together so they could meet each other. There are 54 direct descendents but there are wives and stepchildren too so there are more than 70 who will try to be there. It is going to be spread over three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday and more days if they want to come earlier or stay later. Andy says that's the week Ben has spring break so they will come earlier in the week. Tom hasn't said if they are coming. I think Erin has her break in March. So, even with large families it is hard to get them together. I remember when we were having reunions that of my dad's family and we were the younger generation. Now, only one of his brother's still lives and none of my mom's siblings still live. We are the older generation. When did that happen? It just crept up on us. We weren't watching close enough. I suppose it would have come anyway but it would have been nice to have had some warning. You know that means we are maybe getting older. I called to wish my dad a "Happy Birthday" when he turned 65. He said,
"What's so happy about it. This is the one where you start to get old." He died when he was 73 years old. I will turn 66 in January so I guess I started to get old about a year ago. I only feel it when it take me longer to get something done than it used to do. I dig my garden and flower beds with a shovel. I used to could get it all done in one day. Now, it takes all week and my knees and back complain daily about it. Talk about being weak-kneed. Oh, well, I still don't feel 65 so maybe you only start to get old when you start to feel old. Only my knees feel old. I am still young at heart and with that, I think I will take my old knees and go to bed. We did have a great Thanksgiving day with friends and Dan and with the ones we have never met in person but still consider to be good friends. Dooley

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The new floor!!!

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2006 1:35 am

Well, the new floor is mostly down. DR has to get some kind of caulk for the edges along the carpet because it wouldn't go under it. It was caulked before and nailed. I had to pull all those little nails. They must have put one every half inch for six feet. I wonder if they thought it would get up and walk away. It's got a lump in the middle and we can't find Chance. Dan said the lump whined when he walked past and poked it. Oh, dear!!!
I can't find my table again because we couldn't leave well enough alone and changed shelving around in the dining room so we could move the tall shelf from the end of the kitchen island. I put a small table there but I want to watch for a cupboard short enough to go under the piece of island that sticks out. I can't believe how much brighter the lighter colored flooring makes the kitchen. I did not think the old flooring was dark colored.I'm now glad we didn't get the greenish colored flooring from the first place. It was much darker. I had to take all the cookbooks off of the shelves and we moved the shelves. Then, DR found me a couple of boxes and I put some of the books in storage. Maybe just until after the holidays. Then, we moved the set of shelves from the end of the kitchen island to where the cookbook shelves had been. That set of shelves holds tea pots, tea and misc. kitchen equipment that won't fit in a cupboard. Plus a tub of potatoes, sweetpotatoes and onions. The little table hold crocks and pots of kitchen utensils near the stove for daily use. Of course, messy person that I am, I had all sorts of things on the shelves other than cookbooks and all of that stuff landed on the table. Tomorrow is trash day so a good day to just sweep it all in a bag and get rid of it. We went out to the buffet place for supper because I just didn't want to cook. It was nice, too. 76F when we got there but the sun was going down so it was only 67F when we came out. Still it was a nice day and the flooring is down. Dooley

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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2006 4:10 am

Today was not a busy day at the library so I got a lot of books moved around and cleared all the carts in the workroom. I even managed to get the books in the 800 (Dewey Decimal System) straightened out. It was driving me bats everytime I had to shelve a book in that section. Put some books in for repair. Books just don't last as long as they did. It was dry and dusty in the library today. My lips are cracked and dry tonight. I kept putting lip balm on them. I will put some vitamin E on them before I go to bed. That helps a lot. We stopped at the I-HOP for a sandwich on the way home and I tried to drink all the iced tea. We were home about 5:30. I checked out the stew and then went and made Pfeffernusse cookies. I always make them for Thanksgiving and until Christmas. That's it until next Thanksgiving. They are a hard little round dunker, spicy with anise, cinnamon and cloves. German peppernuts. I think the Swedish people have a version, too. Pepperkakor, maybe. I always have trouble getting them the same size but last year my youngest son told me he uses a small melon ball maker. I don't have one of those but I found a half teaspoon measure and used it and now they are about the same size. I put them in a covered jar with half an apple. I cleaned up the kitchen and made a pot of tea and finished the banana coffee cake that I made yesterday.
Tomorrow we are going to install the flooring in the kitchen. DR has to fix the gate to Chance's little yard. The bottom hinge is off or something. I had to tie it shut tonight. She pushed it out at the bottom and was having fun running around the big yard . She paid no attention when I told her it was time to come inside for supper. So, no cookies for her tonight. The Petco store sells dog cookies that look like people cookies. She likes the sandwich cookies best. They have a filling that looks like frosting. DR says it tastes like pork fat. Yuck! She likes animal crackers too.
I pulled a beef roast out of the freezer to cook tomorrow. Maybe I will try out my new Rival electric roaster before I need it for the Thanksgiving turkey. Need to remember to get that turkey out of the freezer, too. One year I remembered it on Thanksgiving morning and spent a couple of hours running cold water on it trying to thaw it enough to cook it for dinner. We ate late that day. I only have to work four days this coming week. Mon, Tues, Wed and Sat. We get Thursday off and Friday is my usual day off. The library is closed on Thursday and Friday so everyone gets those days off. The library is at the Civic Center. They've been putting lights up all over so I guess they will start lighting them after Thanksgiving. I usually get our Christmas things out after Thanksgiving. Our neighbor has his up already. He likes to do it before it gets cold so his fingers don't freeze while he's doing it. He goes overboard. He has lights enough for the whole neighborhood. DR bought a santa and reindeer for the roof this year. He got it at a yard sale. We have a big 5 foot star for the shed roof. I guess we have to figure out how to rearrange our living room, too. But first the kitchen floor and then we'll think about the rest of it. I think it's time to think about sleeping late in the morning. Dooley

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Another day off?

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2006 2:44 am

You know me and my days off. They turn into something else most of the time. Today, dr got up early and warmed up the house. I slept until he let Chance into the bedroom. He went out to bring in the water bottles we filled last night. I was mostly dressed when Chance started pulling on my denim shirt that was on the floor where I left it last night. I moved the shirt up on the bed and there was one of my shoes under it. Her pink squeaky ball was in the heel of the shoe. She tried to get it out but it was wedged pretty tight. She pushed, shoved and tossed that shoe all over the bedroom trying to get that ball out of it. I finally quit laughing enough to help her.
We left about 9:15 and went to the bank and then up the hill. We started at Basha's because they sell bulk food and I wanted oatmeal. About $40.00 later we left. I wasn't aware that oatmeal cost so much. It must have been all the other stuff we just had to have too. We went to Home Depot and looked at their flooring. We decided to look at the other flooring places before we bought anything. From Home Depot, we went to Costco, a warehouse shopping store. We didn't do too bad there until we went past a big display of Rival Roasters. Sort of like my Nesco Roaster, but larger. It looked like it would be a good turkey roaster and there was a recipe for roasting a turkey on the box so we bought it. It is so much bigger than the one I have that I'm not sure where I will store it. I started laughing when I was reading the booklet that came with it. Dan wanted to know why. I told him when I make soup in the Nesco it comes to the top of the pan. It holds two gallons. This one holds 20 quarts which is 5 gallons. What will I do with 5 gallons of soup? You simply cannot make a small pot of soup. DR says he's going to throw the old one out but if he does he won't get anymore soup.
We then we stopped and had a Polish Sausage and a soft drink and then we went to three other flooring places. Two of them didn't stock vinyl flooring. They ordered it and delivered it a couple of weeks later. The third place referred us to Crazy Nates which is the one that quoted us two different prices.
So, we decided to go back to Home Depot. First, we stopped at Fry's grocery to buy cream cheese and cool whip. We also bought another bag of potatoes.
Tonight we had baked potatoes and barbecue chicken for supper.
Home Depot only had 12 ft rolls of flooring and they don't cut it so we were going to buy and 8x12 piece. We need and 8x10 piece. It fits the middle of the kitchen. The outside walls are all cabinets or island or pantry or refrigerator. Anyway when they put it through that roller to measure it there was only a couple feet left so they just gave that to us so we really got a 10x12 piece. DR said we'd put it in Chance's dog house. Since she sleeps in the laundry room she doesn't use her dog house, except to sit on top of it and bark at things.
We came home and unloaded everything and I made supper. Now, I have a banana cream cheese coffeecake in the oven. I have to work 8:30-4 tomorrow and DR is going to the flea market. We'll get up at 6 and eat before we go. We'll take a piece of coffeecake with us. Bagels and creamcheese for lunch. Everything bagels and garden vegetable cream cheese. We'll probably stop somewhere coming home for supper. Sunday, we'll work on getting that flooring down. We only have to move the stove, a set of shelves and the water cooler. I'll make a paper pattern and dr will lay it out and cut it. I need to take the little trim strips up so the flooring will go clear to the wall or cupboards. Then, dr can put it back when he has the flooring down. It isn't fancy flooring. It's little squares that look like small tiles and it's sort of brown and black mottled or speckled. Sort of hard to describe but we didn't want a pattern in such a small space.
Oh, I forgot. The first stop wasn't Basha's. I had to stop at the doctor's office. I had to have my prescriptions renewed so I called the office on Monday and asked them to call them to WalMart because they would be cheaper there now that they have those four dollar generic prescriptions. Well, yesterday we went to pick them up and one of them was the wrong dosage. So, I had to go to the doctor's office to get a new prescription to take to WalMart and then they would give me the additional tablets that I needed. The nurse in the doctor's office said she copied the prescription right off of the chart. She did too. The chart was wrong. So, she made the prescription change on my say so without checking back into the chart for the proper dosage. This is the heart medication that I want to stop taking anyway. In February when I have my regular appointment I will ask him to taper it off. Anyway, I remembered I had to have some blood drawn so we stopped at the lab. After waiting 15 minutes the woman said it would be at least another 45 minutes. There were six people in the waiting room. We decided we would go next week. A week won't make much difference. It's just an A1c. So, we had a busy week. Sunday is another day off and I hope to finish cleaning my house. I did find the table yesterday. Of course, now I can't get to my sewing machine but that's for Sunday. I should just start pitching stuff out the front door. I did that one other time. Of course, then I had to sort it out and bring it back inside----but some went into the dumpster. I wonder if that's the way to clean house. Carry it all outside and bring back just what you need and put the rest in the dumpster for the next six months. I think I'd better quit here. Dooley

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Where does the time go?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:27 am

The week just started and it's already more than half finished. I had planned to have my house all cleaned by now. What I have is a big mess? More so than when I started. We have shelves and bears everywhere and I seldom dust them. But, I figured if company was coming for Thanksgiving I should at least attempt to get the house cleaned. I have two of the three large shelves cleaned but still have the one with all the little bears on it to do. DR decided as long as the shelves were cleaned he'd bring the can collection back and pack something else in boxes. We couldn't eat supper at the table tonight because we couldn't find the table. Guess what I will do tomorrow? Today, we went up the hill and had breakfast at the I-HOP. They have good whole grain pancakes. Fry's had potatoes on sale. 99 Cents for 10 lbs. So, I bought two bags. DR bought two bags. I can store them in a tub in the small room. It isn't heated. We stopped at Albertson's and guess what they had on sale for 97 cents for 10 lbs. We bought four more bags. Now, we have 80 lbs of potatoes. That should last us until summer. Well, maybe. Last year we bought 100 lbs. Without the boys here to help eat them, they last a long time. But, baked potatoes are good and it helps heat the house in winter.
We stopped at the auto parts store to look at tonneau covers for the truck. DR has been looking at them and there was one on sale that he wanted to look at. They had one made for our truck. They said it was the one on sale but when we got it home, it wasn't like the one in the ad. It looks to be a better one so maybe they ran out and were substituting or maybe they made a mistake but it is now residing on the back of our truck.
We stopped at the flooring store. Last week we stopped and found out we could get flooring for our kitchen for 69 cents a square foot. Crazy Nate's is the place. So, the guy quoted us a price for our 8 ft by 10 foot which is what we need. But, when we went to get it, the guy wasn't there. A woman was there and she told us we couldn't buy a piece 8 x 10 because it came in 12 foot lengths. But, that's not what the man told us so DR said "let's go." We started to leave and the woman told us we wouldn't find it any cheaper anywhere else. I told her that might be but we might find somewhere with more honest people. Where one person tells you one thing and then someone else tells you something different when you go to get it.We will go on Friday to look somewhere else. There are lots of flooring places in the phone book. It's just that we wanted it down before Thanksgiving.
It has been crazy at work. The library was closed on Friday for Veteran's Day. It was open Saturday but I think people expected it to be closed because it wasn't that busy except for the bookdrop box was over flowing both times. I did have things all put on the shelves by the end of the day. But, people that didn't come on Saturday came on Monday and I didn't get everything put away. I didn't get finished on Tuesday either. Today, all of the librarians and "bosses" were at a library conference so there was a shortage of staff so the day people didn't get a lot done, except the lady cataloging books. So, there were lots and lots of books to put on the shelves. But, our volunteer was sick so there was a shortage on the evening crew also. I had to be at the checkout desk for the first hour and a half so there was no way I could get everything shelved. So, there will be a lot to do when I go in tomorrow. But, being busy makes the time go faster. It never drags along with nothing to do. I do stop for a break about halfway through the evening. The library director calls me his Whirling Dervish Shelver. We stopped at the grocery store after work and bought a turkey and a lot of other stuff too. Now, at least we will have turkey and potatoes for Thanksgiving and sweet potatoes and cranberries and vegetables and pumpkin pie and whatever else will fit on the table.DR just put Chance to bed so maybe it's time for me to head that direction too. Dooley

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What did I do?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 4:54 am

What did I do today? Not much. Slept late. Got up and went to breakfast. We drove clear north of Prescott because we wanted to go to Habitat for Humanity Thrift Store. We didn't find any bargains so started to the DAV thrift store. On the way we wanted to stop at the new Tuesday Morning store that opened in Prescott last month. We've been to the one in Phoenix. I think this one is about the same size. Anyway, I got mixed up and we drove past the street so I thought I could cut through the K-Mart parking lot and get on the right road. But, we saw a dollar store. Actually it says Nothing more than $2.00. So we stopped there and bought a few things. A duster with a long handle for those pesky daddylonglegs webs up by the ceiling. Dr found some grape juice from Kedum Winery in Milton, NY. It has a special meaning for him since his parents lived in Milton and we visited the winery. That's not all, but I'm not saying the rest. Then, we cut through the parking lot and got on the right road. Next to the Tuesday morning was another dollar store so of course we went in there. I bought some Christmas pot holders. I really needed them as mine are in the shed with the rest of the Christmas stuff. Then, we went to Tuesday morning. Brian saw the glass globe he wanted but it was too big and I told him it was. We didn't buy it. We didn't buy anything at Tuesday Morning. But, we discovered there was a new Big Lots store opened in the same shopping area. It was bigger than the one in Phoenix and better organized. We bought a few things there. I bought two little glass bear ornaments. I really needed those. (HA) By then, I had a headache so we decided we needed to get something to drink and I could take an Aleve. On the way to the car we saw a cowboy (Hat, boots, jeans, he looked like a cowboy). He was leaning over a shopping cart. He straightened up and saw us coming. He had a wrench in his hand. He started talking and backing up. He had bought the "Chinese" wrench in one of the stores and he had bought a big pair of "Chinese" bolt cutters and only used it once and it snapped and it made him mad because they wouldn't take it back so he wanted to make sure this wrench worked before he took it home so he took the wheel off of the shopping cart and was just putting it back on again. He grinned and went off down the sidewalk. He said it all so fast that it took me a minute or so to absorb all that he said. I started laughing. DR couldn't follow it all so I had to tell him what the man said and he started laughing. People thought we were demented, I think. We got in the truck and left too. So, we forgot about going for the drink and ended up at the DAV. I even remembered to go straight instead of turning. For some reason when I get on Iron Springs Road and head for the DAV thrift store I always turn left onto Willow Springs Road and there is no where to turn around for several blocks and I always get so mad at myself. But today I kept telling myself "go straight, go straight" Dr was laughing at me but I went straight. We bought a couple of things. Dr found two glass globes for his project. One fit and one was a wee bit too big. I found a wooden sled for a bear to sit on under the Christmas tree. Then, we went to the mall and had a Subway sandwich and a drink. My head stopped hurting so Maybe I just needed to eat something. But, I was tired so we decided we would just stop at the grocery store and then go home. I bought a pot of Pele Mums at the grocery store. They are a rust color. Big ones. They will look nice on the table at Thanksgiving or on the counter. I serve Thanksgiving buffet style so I think I will put it on the serving table. We bought a few things at the grocery store and them I was ready to come home. We stopped at the post office. There was a letter from our insurance company that is for prescriptions. It said that the WalMart in our area has $4.00 prescriptions on certain generic drugs and if the prescriptions that I use are on the list I could save three dollars on each one because their co-pay is seven dollars. They are going to drop the insurance coverage at the end of the year anyway or we have to pay the whole cost of it. I called WalMart and my prescriptions are on the list so Monday I will call the doctor and get copies of the prescriptions and take them to WalMart. Insurance companies are in the business of making money, not helping you, but I thought it was nice of them to tell us we could save money. It will actually save them money though. The lights dr bought for his project didn't work so he's taking them back tomorrow. He loaded the truck so he can go to the flea market tomorrow while I work. I brought a small lawn table inside to put my mums on in front of the window for now. I measured furniture and spaces so we can move things around before Christmas. No matter how I move stuff there is just so much room in this house. Something will have to go. I think it should probably be a few bears. Well, maybe more than a few bears. But, they aren't going anywhere. They've staked their claim and will hang on for dear life if I try to move them. I must have close to 400 now. I need to ask myself where will I put it BEFORE I buy it. Of course if I put it back dr goes back and gets it so he can't claim it's all my fault. I finally made a pot of tea and a sandwich when we got home. Dr has gone to bed so I should find out where Chance is and put her to bed. She always has a dog treat before she goes to bed. She might be sleeping on the floor by the bed. Sometimes she does that until I go and put her out in the laundry room. Her bed is much softer than the floor anyway. Have to get up at 6 am so I'd better be going to bed, too. Dooley

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A little of this, a little of that!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 7:02 pm

I haven't been writing much lately. I've been keeping busy doing a little of this and a little of that. On Sunday, I broke up a lot of branches from the scrub oak tree we trimmed in the spring. They broke easily but I did get a big blister between my thumb and first finger. It was sore until it dried over. Now, it's peeling skin so it's going away. I clipped weeds and filled 4 black trash bags for the trash man. I didn't want those seeds in the compost. I still have a few branches to break and then that area will be done for the winter. Well, I still do have seeds to save from the cosmos and coreopsis. I sent some to Glendann this week but there is still tons out there. I have morning glory seeds to gather, too. Cajunbelle wants some of those. I scattered a few along the front fence this morning. I'm hoping they will grow there in the spring. I seem to have more luck growing plants that I didn't plant. I didn't plant the morning glories. I never planted hollyhocks and they are taking over the whole place. I had a basil plant growing in the middle of the yard. Why would I plant basil in the middle of the yard? I didn't. Today, I saw a zinnia growing up by the wheelbarrow. I didn't plant zinnias. I, also, didn't plant cardinal vines. They vied for fence space with the morning glories this summer. Hummingbirds love them. Speaking of hummingbirds. I went outside earlier in the week and a hummingbird buzzed my head. So, I got out the hummingbird feeders and gave them a good cleaning and filled them and hung them from the rose arbor and the house eaves in the front yard. Then, I stood at the fence talking with my neighbor. Well, that hummingbird buzzed my head and almost took my nose off. It wanted me to move away from the arbor so it could feed. Finally it decided if I wasn't going to move it would eat anyway. Soon, two of them were there. I take my hummingbird feeders down in the summer when there are flowers because all I feed are ants and bees. We have a few hummers all winter so I do have them up. Sometimes they freeze and it's a little comical to see them try to eat from them. I have to bring them in and run them under warm water for a bit.
My neighbor joined a quilting club at the senior center. They are making lap robes for shut in elders. They have a goal of 75 for Christmas and have around 50-60 finished. Marilyn wasn't quite sure of the exact amount. She was busy taking apart one. The leader's aunt makes tops and she is very elderly so doesn't sew exactly straight and sometimes gets them sewed back around to front. But, no one wants to tell her she can't help so they just take them apart and put them back together. Isn't that nice of them? Anyway, I've been thinking of cleaning my shed and getting rid of the boxes and boxes of material since I don't quilt much anymore and I volunteered to give it to the quilting club. Now, all I have to do is get enough ambition to get that started. Since I need to get to the Christmas stuff one of these days, it's a good excuse to do it.
I'm going to put a pork roast in the Nesco roaster in a bit. I put it in a bag with olive oil, worcestershire and some fresh picked herbs earlier. Basil, oregano, thyme, rosemary and sage. I put in some peppercorns too. We found pork roasts on sale last night and dr has 10% off with his card for 60 days so we bought two large ones. I cut them in two pieces each and made four of them. Three are residing in the freezer.
This morning I woke up and couldn't get back to sleep and finally decided to get up. I made cornmeal for breakfast. We all like hot cereal, even Chance. I made a big pot of tea. Then, I went outside and cleaned out the pond tub. We didn't get the rocks around it finished this year so didn't get the waterfall working. There is always next year. We put the pump and tubing away until spring. I covered it with plastic. I'm thinking I can build some kind of Christmas scene on the plastic. But it can't be anything heavy. I'll need to look in the garden center at Costco or WalMart and see what I can find. I raked up the fallen leaves and cut out the dead foliage in the lily bed. I put the leaves around the rosebushes. I'm thinking instead of putting leaves in the compost I will spread them in the herb garden area and then dig them into the ground in the spring. I need to add stuff to that soil anyway. It's in terrible shape.
I watered my plants that are in the exercise room now. Dr finished that last week. He build a really nice heavy shelf for them. They get morning sun. When the apricot trees finally lose their leaves they will get more sun.
I want to go out and cut the weeds back behind the storage shed where dr keeps his flea market stuff. It is a truly neglected area. Maybe I'll put some wildflower seeds there in the spring. Better than weeds. Maybe I'll wait until tomorrow. I still have to work tonight and that's sure to stir up allergies. I was thinking I'd go shopping tomorrow, but we did a bit last night so maybe not. But, maybe we can go for breakfast and look in the thrift shops. Yesterday we stopped in one and dr bought a small refrigerator. We'd stopped looking for one and there it was. Maybe there will be some yard sales. We looked at a bargain outlet for kitchen flooring yesterday. We will go back next week and buy some so we will get in put in before Thanksgiving. We have a small kitchen area so it won't be too bad.
Guess I should go get that pork on to cook. It won't cook in the refrigerator. Dooley

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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 6:24 pm

The wildfire people are doing a lot of controlled burns now. We had a lot of rain in the summer and things grew and grew. Now, there's too much vegetation and it has dried and is prime for wildfires. So before they can get started by campers or lightning the fireservice people do controlled burns. But with the clouds hanging around and the breezes kicking up in the evenings the air is full of smoke. On Monday and Tuesday we could smell it in the library and when we came out it looked like heavy fog but was very smoky. It makes your eyes burn and a lot of people are having trouble breathing. But, they say it has to be done so it won't burn out of control and destroy homes and towns. It was supposed to be sunny the last couple of days but it's been very overcast both days. I think it must be a lot of the smoke in the air.
We've been busy at the library. Monday's are always busy. Tuesday was Halloween and there was absolutely nobody in the library. I had all the books shelved by 7:30 and went and straightened shelves for the rest of the evening. They made up for it yesterday though. There were so many books coming in that I didn't get started on shelving until my shift was half over. So, I didn't get it all finished. I did get all the nonfiction shelved because no one likes doing the little numbers. There was an explosion in the cookbook aisle. I think someone pulled out a heavy volume and there was a paperback volume next to it and it started sliding and slid all the books off onto the floor. Someone being helpful picked them up and piled them mumbo jumbo back onto the shelf. It didn't take me long to fix it but it must have been funny when it started a landslide. The poor patron probably didn't know what to do. I am glad they were thoughtful enough to put them back on the shelf because someone probably would have just walked over them or on them.
I called our friends in Goodyear to see if they wanted to come for Thanksgiving this year. Last year their car quit coming up the hill from the valley and they had to be towed up to Prescott and then come back on Saturday to get their car. They had a large bill to get it fixed. That was the last time they were here as she has been sick and had to have some surgery. Anyway, she still isn't feeling well but they really want to come up for Thanksgiving. It is about an hour and a half to their place from here. Al is 76 and Ree is 70. She was just 17 when they got married so they have been together for a long time. He plays accordion and still plays daily and sometime two or three times a day for nursing homes and assisted living homes. He's booked as much as two years ahead. But, he doesn't do holidays. Their family is in California so they go there for Christmas. They have come here for Thanksgiving the last three years. Al is deaf but he wears hearing aids. He just got a new digital pair that cost several thousand dollars. But, when the settings change it beeps at him and he says it gets irritating so he shuts them off. So he can't hear when the phone rings or she talks to him. She gets so mad. Yesterday when I called she was shouting, trying to get him to turn them on so he could hear me. They have the phone on a speaker/amplifier system so he can hear it. But, he has to have his hearing aids turned on. But, yes, they want to come up for Thanksgiving. Their car is still working fine.
I went outside with Chance the other morning. She wanted to chase cats in the lower yard. Only the cats had all left before she got out there. I got some pint jars and began to collect seeds. I collected cosmon, coreopsis, four o'clock, morning glory and nastursium. We haven't had a frost yest so some haven't dried enough to collect yet. I was looking this morning and we have blooming now, coreopsis, calendula, petunias, nastursium, morning glory, cosmos, geranium, baby's breath, flea bane and the pots of impatients and dianthus. There is a big bush outside the back door that has purple berries on it. I shall get DR to take a picture of it. I forgot the name of it. I'll have to look it up. It starts with Japo well, I will look it up and post it with a picture. The pyracantha has red berries on it. We only have a little sticking over from the neighbors yard. There is a large thick hedge of it up the street and it's beautiful right now.
Yesterday we went up the hill a little early and had supper at the Chinese Buffet. I had only eaten a scone for breakfast so I was really hungry by the time we ate. That's not good. So this morning I only had a scone so now I have got to go find something to eat. Maybe an apple. DR bought some fine large Jonagold apples last night. No cheese though. Maybe I'll have another scone and a cup of tea. I made oatmeal currant scones with whole meal flour yesterday. Enough to freeze some. But we have to eat them because there's no room in the freezer. I made have to organize it a bit better. Or stop baking stuff or bake more stuff. I have a lot off zucchini that I shredded and put in for bread during the winter. I also have loaves of bread already made. Oh, well! Better go see what to do with the day before the day is gone. Dooley

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