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Update # 3 -Bear project

Category: Dooley's bear project | Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 5:01 pm

I have nearly finished half of step number four. I had to have DR buy some more thread yesterday. He had to go to the material department at WalMart and a lady took exception to the amount of time he took to make his selection and told him to get out of her way. According to him his reply was very polite. I wonder what it was according to her. Dooley

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This and that

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Jul 27, 2006 4:59 pm

Well, I think I've been keeping busy. I don't know what I've been doing though. I made zucchini bread yesterday. The zucchini keeps on coming. DR says we need to freeze some for winter. I guess I should put freezing bags on my shopping list or his shopping list. The days seem so short lately and it's still summer. I leave here at 5:15 and get back about 9:30. DR comes along and does shopping then comes to the library and reads all the papers and then retires to the southwest room and writes stuff. We don't spend a day shopping now. He does some each night and gets the list whittled down as I add to it. We can catch the specials that way. The times goes fast at work and I've been getting the carts empty most nights. Yesterday, the director called me at home and said how pleased he was with the job I was doing. He wanted to change my hours some. Not adding, just rearranging. I'm not sure how I like the new hours. It doesn't make much difference what hours that I work but now I won't go in to work until 10 am on Saturday so I won't have those two hours before the library opens to get things done in the high traffic areas. I guess the people will just have to look around me for books. Also, Brian won't be able to drop me off and go to the flea market. He says it's okay, he can go on Sunday if he wants to go. He says we'll try the new hours a couple of weeks to see how they work. Maybe, I'll go back to the old ones. Yesterday, I had to go an hour early and do a computer class on sexual harrassment that's mandatory. They just discovered that I hadn't done it. Wow! I will get paid an extra hour for it. The library director dashed in from a meeting last night to meet me. He goes home before I arrive and doesn't work on Saturday so he hadn't met me and he was hearing good things. Whoopee! He didn't stay a minute, I bet. Off he went, satisfied with what he saw, I hope.
Yard work hasn't been getting done as fast. I need to go cut some horse nettle. Brian says it has pretty purple flowers and it does, but it spreads fast and is stickery so I don't like it. There is some other lacy leafed weed that is trying to take over too. It's supposed to be only 78 degs. tomorrow so maybe if I get up early I can get them cut out. The coreopsis has been blooming great and this morning I saw a cosmos starting to bloom. The poppies are about done, but the Mexican Primrose hasn't started to bloom yet.
I have two tomatoes almost ripe enough to pick. I was thinking of picking them now before the bugs discover them. There are two or three that are being dried by the hot sun before the get ripe. Maybe I'll have sun dried on the vine tomatoes. The ground is still wet so I think they are getting enough water. I don't want to drown the plants. We got the big pot and the potting soil for repotting the mimosa tree. I may get that done this morning. I think I'll put it in the shady area in the herb? garden. No herbs in the herb garden. Maybe, I'll move the pots of herbs from the garden to the herb garden. They don't seem to like the hot sun too much. Take daily watering. Something is eating on the basil. There are brown tunnels in the leaves. I need to cut them back some anyway. Oh, well, I'm rambling on about nothing so guess I will go work on the Bear Project.

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Bear project update #2

Category: Dooley's bear project | Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 5:44 am

Step three is finished. Tomorrow I will start Step four. It will take longer to do. While I am working on Step four, I can also gather what I need for Step five. I know where some of it is, but I need more. I think it is stored in the big shed. I will have to get DR to bring me the box. Dooley

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Bear project update#1

Category: Dooley's bear project | Posted: Sun Jul 23, 2006 4:01 am

Step 3 is two thirds done. Another hour and a half on it. I had to quit. Did you ever try to sew with your eyes shut? Kind of messy. Must be about bedtime. Dooley

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Dooleys bear project

Category: Dooley's bear project | Posted: Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:30 am

I thought I would keep a blog on my bear project. It's a secret project so I won't say what it is. I went and bought material on Monday. That took about 20 minutes. I knew what I wanted and I was on my way to work. On Tuesday, I spent half a day looking for the pattern because it was where it was supposed to be. I never seem to find something when it's where it's supposed to be. Dr says it's because I never put things where they belong.
Step one took about half an hour.
Step two took about one hour.
Step three is one third finished and I've spent about two hours on it. Maybe a little less. I've been trying to count up the steps. Lets see, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, well, I think there will be about 12 steps to finish it. Some will be short steps but others will be longer. I think Step three will take a total of about 5 hours. Step four will take the longest. I'm thinking about ten hours. Step 5 won't take too long, maybe an hour. Step six will take about five hours, maybe. Then, seven will take maybe half an hour. Step 8 won't take as long because I will use the sewing machine for it. Step 9 will take a couple of hours. Step 10 will take two or three hours. I'm not sure about Step 11, some of it needs done by hand but maybe I can baste it and do it by machine. Step 12 won't take long. Less than an hour, I'm sure. So, that's about 27 hours. I bet the whole thing can be done under 30 hours. That's not all in one sitting of course. I've done this project before so that will make it go faster. I'll have DR take some pictures that I can post when it's finished. Then, eventually you will know what I know. Dooley

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Stop signs

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:56 pm

We live on a street that is not claimed by the county so no one takes care of it. It goes onto an asphalt road that goes through the community. There is a slight S curve where it joins the asphalt. People drive much too fast on that street and come around the curve in the middle of the street. To make it worse, Our neighbor has grown a large hedge along the end of his property that is on that street. He says it keeps down the noise and the dust. A few weeks ago, said neighbor, complained to the county supervisor because the guy across the street never stopped at the corner when he went onto the street. There was no stop sign because none was needed. If you were going and didn't need to stop it was a little safer getting out onto the street with the blind corner. You cannot see around the corner because of the bushes. Well, they put a stop sign there and it just made it more dangerous because now you are going from a dead stop and someone driving fast on the wrong side or down the middle has more of a chance to hit you.
Sunday, I was reading and I heard a loud thunk and a rattle of metal. I hurried out to see the neighbor leaning over his fence asking someone if they were all right. There was a large truck sitting in the middle of the road. It had came around the curve in the middle of the road. A kid on a quad going toward him was in the middle of the road, too. The kid swerved and the quad hit the stop sign. The kid was wearing a helmet and it flew off and rolled down the street. He fell off but says he wasn't hurt. He was more worried about getting the quad started and getting it home. He pushed it back into the street and got it started and took off. The driver of the truck got back into his truck and left. The stop sign was facing the wrong way and leaning at an angle. DR wants to e-mail the county supervisor and tell him the stop signed worked. It stopped the kid on the quad before he hit the fence. It hasn't stopped the kid from roaring up and down the street on the quad though. All hours you can hear him and his friend roaring around on it. It isn't street legal because it has no license and the kid isn't old enough to have a license. It does no good to call the authorites. The kid is no where to be seen when they show up, if they even show up. The stop sign does no one any good except people breaking the law. Oh, well, that's life in a small town. The neighbor refuses to trim the hedge. He says it's not a problem. We won't argue because we don't want strife on the block. Dooley

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Strawberry jam

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 6:40 pm

Last evening when I went to work, we went a little early because I wanted to stop at WalMart. After, we had a sandwich and it was a little early so we stopped at the grocery store. We found some strawberries on sale so bought a few. This morning I was going to get up early and make strawberry jam. It thunderstormed during the night so I woke up for awhile. So, I didn't get up quite as early as I wanted. DR cut the strawberries while I got the jars and lids ready. I bought some No Sugar Pectin. You can use Splenda or just make it Low Sugar. I just used low sugar. We made 11 six ounce jars of it. DR already gave one to the neighbor. That's okay. We have grape jelly left from last year so we have more than enough. Whenever we give jelly or jam to neighbors, friends, relatives or whoever I always ask them to return the jars. Most do, but some don't. The ones that don't return the jars don't get any the next time. Jars are expensive to buy so I like using them again. The grapes will be ready soon so I can start making grape jelly again. I guess I should start watching yard sales and the flea market for jars. People give me big jars but I don't like putting jam in big jars. It gets sticky or hard before it gets used. No kids to help out. Dooley

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Still here

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2006 4:02 am

I'm still here. I've been busy or I've been working or I'm tired. I'm still getting used to working and being on my feet for three hours steady. On Saturday, it's eight hours. Last week my ankles were swollen at the end of the day. DR made me sit in the recliner with them up for the rest of the evening. The rain made everything grow, even the weeds. While I was at work last night, Dan cut the grass and weeds in the backyard. I was going to do that this morning because I don't like it too high when Chance is out there. Ticks and fleas can get into the tall grass and I don't like to think that Chance will get them on her. I haven't found either and I don't want to.
The squash in the garden is growing as fast or faster than I can keep up with it. Yesterday, I picked three squash(summer type) and I kept one and gave two to the neighbor. I look and there were some small ones but nothing ready to pick. I went out to water the herbs in pots sitting in the garden. I found four squash. Two were way bigger than I like them. I gave them to Dan to take to his friends on Sunday. I couldn't wait until Sunday to pick them or they would be gigantic. The tomatoes are growing bigger and bigger. They should quit growing bigger and get ripe. I don't mind smaller tomatoes if I am going to cut them for salad. I even prefer smaller ones if I am going to stuff them.
Today was a day off. So, we ended up in Prescott Valley. DR needed to go and pay on something and we wanted to go to some yard sales. We found a good half a dozen, just driving down the main streets and following the arrows. We bought a few things. I found a little backpack filled with little bears. There were seven bears, two frogs and a rabbit. They are small bears and will go with the small bears Christmas tree at Christmas time. Somehow they have all ended up on the computer desk. I'll have to find a spot for them, they can't clutter up the desk like this. I found a piece of plaid woolen material. Enough to make a skirt or pair of slacks if I buy some lining material. It's a red plaid. Dan wants it for a summer kilt. I told him no. It's too hot for a summer anything and besides I bought it for myself. I only had to pay $2.00. I thought for sure she would say at least $10.00. I bought a wooden sleigh too. The runners are off, but DR said he can fix those. A big bear will fit in it after it's fixed. I might paint it and put some stencil's of some kind on it.
We went to the buffet place for lunch and then I went to Office Max to look at computer keyboards. We wanted a bigger one because the one that came with the computer was small and the keys were close together and it was hard to use. We were only going to look at what was there and get some prices. We ended up buying a Microsoft Wireless Optical 400 keyboard and mouse. Dan installed the software when he came by after work. It was more a matter of uninstalling the old ones and hooking up the receiver for the keyboard and mouse. He programmed some of the keys. Now, I just have to figure out what the others do and how to use them. Dan clicks here and there and it's already to go. It takes me longer to figure things out. Must be old age creeping up on me. My dad told me once that 65 was when you started getting old. I was 65 in January, but I don't feel old. I wonder when I will start it coming on. DR says my short term memory is getting a bit shorter. I don't notice that either. DR says it's when he says he wants to go to the bank and I turn the corner for the post office or go straight to go to the library. Well, you can get to the bank either way but it's not the direct way. Oh, well, I'd better go do a few things. Six AM comes earlier when you start to get old. Dooley

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I hope not!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:15 am

This catagory is labeled daily happenings. But, I hope I'm now writing about something that happens daily. Chance was laying by my feet sleeping and suddenly she jumps up and runs to DR's chair and begins sniffing around it. DR has already gone to bed. So, I get up and go and tilt the chair so I could see what was under it. I dropped that chair so fast. I put Chance out in the laundry and shut the door. I opened the front door and tilted the chair. With a stick, I tried to shoo the biggest tarantula I've seen out the door. But, it wasn't having any of that and ran under the entertainment center. I certainly can't tilt that to get to it so it will have to wait until morning when DR can chase it. I'll need a bigger stick if I'm going to help. They will bite. They would rather hide than attack though. If we find it tomorrow, I'll see if DR will take a picture of it. Earlier when Dan was here Chance was sleeping on his lap and she leaped off and ran and was looking under the entertainment center. Dan was saying that he had seen a big tarantula out by his place the other day. I wonder how it got inside the house. It must have come in to get out of the rain but how. It is at least three or more inches across. For those who don't know, a tarantula is a BIG fuzzy spider. They can be poisonous to animals. Dooley

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Strange weather

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jul 02, 2006 4:19 am

Arizona has some strange weather. I know it is the desert but why is that an excuse. We go for months without rain. It's dry and you water every day and still nothing grows. The squash stay little and the ants pick on it. Then, there is the forecast and there is 14 days straight with thunderclouds and a chance for rain. It's not monsoons because the weatherman says for monsoons, Phoenix has to be over an arbitrary number on the dewpoint chart and it hasn't reached one day on it yet. But, here we are have storms every day. Some are dry with wind and thunder and lightning. Some have sprinkles and some bring a deluge of rain and it runs off down the hill before it can soak into the ground. It's still not enough rain. The dry lightning causes fires. There were 9 of them over the state last night. The one by us has turned into two and they don't have any percentage of containment. One is burning up a valley toward Crown King. They are expecting to need to evacuate it by tomorrow. That town has been there more than a hundred years and now because of dry lightning and drought conditions that have killed thousands of trees the town may burn to the ground. Today, Dr wanted to go to the flea market. All week there was a white cloud on the weather chart. Last night it turned to a thundercloud. So, he waited until morning to see what would happen. It was overcast when we got up but didn't look stormy. He loaded the truck and dropped me off at the PV library and went to the flea market. He stayed all day. No wind, no rain but it was very hot. No rain tonight. No rumbles of thunder, no lightning, no wind. But, what about tomorrow. There is another thunderstorm on the chart. It says a slight chance of an afternoon thunderstorm. But, do I believe the weather charts anymore. Not hardly. I have an errand to do for my neighbor that will take probably an hour and a half in the morning. Then, I will have the afternoon to enjoy. I would plan to cook out but then it would rain for sure. So, whatever I do will be on the spur of the moment so the weather god will not have time to spoil it. Dooley

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