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Waiting for rain

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 28, 2006 2:10 am

The forecast for today and tomorrow is rain. But, we still waiting. The morning was sunny so I thought I would get as much done as I could. I have a lot of pots so I want to put some of the plants from the greenhouse in pots. So, I spent some time cleaning them out and mixing potting soil and compost and a bit of plant food and refilling the pots. I filled one giant pot and several 3 gallon pots and a couple smaller pots. Then, I filled a couple gallon pots and potted some lemon balm for Dan and for our neighbor, Frank. (not our gnome) I quit that for awhile and went to check if any flowers came up along the back fence in either of the flower beds. The long flower bed has some up but it's spotty. I hope it's not because the birds have been eating the seeds or small plants. The new one has a few green shoots. I moved some morning glories from the upper fence down to the lower fence and they seem to be doing well. At least they are standing up and not drooping over. I checked out the squash that I transplanted to the garden from the greenhouse last night. All 39 of them were standing tall. A couple of them have a few minor holes in the leaves so I have to go out and check if there are earwigs tonight. Except it's supposed to rain and there might not be any out. It won't do any good to put out food for them if it's raining. It would just dilute the stuff or wash it out of the cups. I think they just tasted them and decided to wait for the good stuff. We went to the post office and the library. Then, I went out and cleaned the straw out of the bed by the northeast side of the house. I can't call it a flower bed because it has herbs in it. I can't call it a herb bed because it has flowers in it. It also sometimes has vegetables in it. Right now, it has thyme, sage, parsley, oregano and bee balm for herbs and hollyhocks, iris's and cosmos. It also has five strawberry plants which survived the winter. I'm thinking I might move the sage. It is from last year and it is growing a lot this spring. I might move it to the new herb garden when I get it ready. After lunch, I went out and swept the leaves and pollen from the mulberry tree off the front sidewalk and cleaned out the flowerbed where the petunias were last year. I put some sweetpeas from the greenhouse into the back of it along the fence to the upper driveway. I really need another honeysuckle vine there but it is on the waiting list. I'm going to wait until summer and see if the nursery has some on the sale table again. The two that I have were on the sale table last summer, marked down from $47.95 to $9.95. They were lacking a few leaves, well a lot of leaves but this spring they have really put on a lot of leaves and they look just fine. There is a bare spot here and there but I think they will eventually be okay. Then, I decided to put the soaker hose by the squash. I got that accomplished. The hose was rolled up all winter so of course it had a mind of it's own. I may have to buy a few more feet of it. It wasn't too expensive. I found some at a yard sale, too. I was saving the best for last. I dug some more in the herb garden area. It's all done except for the rocky area. I was hoping it would rain and soften it so it won't be so hard to dig. I have compost, etc to mix in it, but it has to be dug first. DR says the ball is too big for the fountain tub so we have to look for another tub. He says he can use the tub to mix mortar which is what the original use was. I wanted to take a picture of the ball but he wants to get it set up first. It was a freebie. I, also, pulled a few weeds here and there and moved some small rocks in the backyard and cleaned out the pipe at the end of the wash. I made vegetable soup for supper because it could cook while I was out doing this and that. DR came out every so often and made me come in for a drink and a rest. He was staying out of the wind and pollen. yesterday, we cleaned up the lower driveway by the fence. Not the driveway, but the strip between the driveway and the fence. There are iris's along the fence but you couldn't see them for the pile of wood. So, we cut it and stacked it in a neat pile and I raked up the mess and cut up the branches and stored them and it looks better. But, with the sawdust and pollen DR was under the weather today. I still have to work on the front "patio". I keep putting that off. I have to dig a hole for the larger tub for the waterfall. since we put a ton of rock in that area that's what I have to move. Yuck! dooley (Oh, it hasn't rained yet)

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windy day

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Apr 23, 2006 3:50 am

It was so windy today. We got up early and went to the flea market in Prescott Valley. it was just after 6 am when we arrived. DR set up the tables and he went to walk around while I put the stuff on the tables. It was a bit breezy but I was okay. I figured when the sun came up it would be warm and we would want a breeze. Well, by 8:30 am it was WINDY. The flags were flying straight out and whipping some. Some stuff began to wobble so I put the big vases away.A few things fell off the table, I stuck them in a box under the table. A shelf in the next spot fell over, narrowly missing DR. It was slow, no one wanted to walk around holding their hats. I changed to a hat with a string so I could keep it on. Several things blew away and we had to chase them. They went into a box under the table. When we had more things in a box under the table than on the tables we decided we'd just put it all in boxes and go home. We hadn't done very well. DR was in front of the table. He was putting books in a box. He bought a tool box for a truck bed. It won't fit our truck but it will fit Dan's truck. He was trying to figure how to get it in the truck with all our boxes and tables when a dust devil went through. It's like a whirlwind filled with dust, a mini tornado. It started the tables moving and I thought they would go over. I was trying to hold one with glassware so it wouldn't go over and stuff was flying all over. Not just our stuff. Stuff from other spots was flying every where. When the dust devil played itself out, everyone went around picking things up and they started packing things to leave. While we were trying to get it together, people came trying to buy things. Between dealing with people and trying to get things in boxes it was rather hectic. The air was full of dust. It was slow all day but the minute you try to pack every one wants something. Brian said set the box on the table to pack but I couldn't because when I did the box left for other places. I had to put the box under the table to put anything in it. Yuck!! At least it was sunny and sort of warm. I never took off my sweatshirt and jacket. The wind made it too cool. Or at least it felt cool. We finally got it all in the truck and got things covered with the bungee cover and left. We stopped for gas and bought a couple of lottery tickets and came home. I came in and had a cup of tea. DR went and unloaded the truck and put things away. I thought about a nap but decided I wouldn't sleep tonight if I had a nap. Dan came and we loaded the pickup toolbox onto his truck and it fits. Dan and DR were going to get out tools and drill holes and bolt it into place but I told them to wait until morning. They came in and we sat at the table talking. I got up and made omelets with ham, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. Dan left after we ate. I have to say, I stacked the dishes in the sink. I don't do that often but that wind just made me tired. I'm thinking about going to bed early. I think DR is sleeping. He was reading when I went past a bit ago, but it's awfully quiet in there. Chance is sleeping by the chair here. If I get up she will get up to see what I'm going to do. She has to go everywhere DR goes and if he is sleeping or gone somewhere I get the privilege. She "helps" with everything we do outside. I had nice rows made in the garden so I can transplant those squash tomorrow. She dug some more so the rows aren't so nice now. I'll send her to help DR and Dan tomorrow so I can repair the damage. After I get the squash planted I won't be able to let her in the garden area. She'll flatten them in no time or dig them up and bring them back to me. She's "helping". I think I'd better see that things are closed up for the night and go to bed. Dooley

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Good day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 21, 2006 5:36 am

We got up early this morning and I dug along the fence. DR bent some fencing and we put it along side of the outside fence. So I have a flower bed 25 ft long and 15 inches wide. I added potting soil and compost and planted a mixture of seeds. Marigold, zinnia, cockscomb, red poppies, asters, four O'clocks, and nastursium. Some of those should come up. In the morning, I think I will try to move some morning glories that are coming up in my lettuce and other unwanted places and see if I can get them to grow along the outside fence.
Then, we went to the post office and three hours later we got back home. We decided to go to Cordes Lakes to the general store(10 miles) to see if they had any potting soil. They only had a kind we didn't like so we didn't buy any. We went to two yard sales. We found a better mattress for the bunk in the travel trailer. We found the used refrigerator to put in the big shed for summer drinks, water and ice, etc. We went back to the library because Dan was having his lunch break. I stayed at the library and Dan went and helped DR move the refrigerator. It wasn't busy at the library so I shelved the books that were on the shelving cart. After DR and Dan came back DR took me for a sandwich so I wouldn't need to come home and make something. So, it took about three hours to get all that accomplished. I watered some things and moved some things around in the greenhouse. Then, I went down to the garden and made rows to plant the things that are ready. Mainly it's the summer squash. I, also, want to plant some carrots, swiss chard, mustard and I forget what else. Things that need to be planted directly into the ground.
Tonight after dinner, we went up to WalMart. I called and the girl said they got 19 pallets of dirt in today so I figured maybe they had the big bags of potting soil. They did so we bought four bags. Dan bought a case of soda to put in the refrigerator. He said we couldn't let it set empty. Tomorrow morning, I have to do some more watering. Everything needs a little water now. I have to go to the library in the afternoon so I think I will just finish cleaning the pots and refill them with the potting soil mixed with some plant food and compost. I have a lot of pots and I'm thinking some things will have to go in pots. I left some space in the garden for pots. I need to clean out the bed that now has herbs and hollyhocks in it. I need to see what has come up under the straw that I put down last fall. Things are doing so well that I forget that it is still April and it's not really warm enough for frost tender things yet.
It's been really nice and I doubt that we will get frost but the ground hasn't warmed up enough for some things.
We are off to the flea market on Saturday. I need to make some money to pay for all the potting soil that I have been buying. If it's not potting soil and plant food, it's flower seeds. I guess that's my addiction. Flowers. DR says I don't go too overboard on it. Everyone needs a hobby. Is it still a hobby when that's all you find time to do? The dust bunny has taken over my house. With all the wind we've been having I guess it wasn't too hard to do. Dooley

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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Apr 20, 2006 3:23 am

The day began with Chance sitting outside the bedroom door whining because DR won't let her outside. I didn't know about the coyote and tried to ignore her. She finally resorted to yipping. I finally opened my eyes and told her to be quiet. She went to find DR but I was awake by then.
We went shopping. DR broke his reading glasses so we stopped and bought a pair at the dollar store. Just magnifying kind. I bought 30 packs of flower seeds. DR is going to put up another fence inside the backyard fence so Chance can't dig along the fence. We've never had a problem with her digging until just recently. We went to the bank and we went shopping up in Prescott. We wanted to buy a used refrigerator but couldn't find one at any of the thrift shops. We wanted to buy more potting soil but the pallet was empty. They wouldn't have more until the truck came but who knows when that would be. We wanted to buy paint but the man who mixed paint was at lunch. We didn't wait for him to come back. We finally stopped at the Chinese Buffet for lunch. That was okay for the most part. Some stuff wasn't very hot. I enjoyed what I had though. We did all right for the rest of the day. Traffic is getting to be a mess. Too many people trying to shop on the same day as I am shopping. They should just all stay home out of my way. I sneezed my way through the day. There is too much pollen in the air. I came home and took an allergy pill and I finally stopped sneezing. That mulberry tree in the front is so loud. I stop and look up to see what is making all the noise. Bees, bees and more bees. Al would like the sound. My neighbor had to take his hummingbird feeders down because the bees were using it and the hummingbirds couldn't get to it. He had hundreds of bees on it. My feeders are six to ten feet away and I wasn't having a problem with bees. Not a one. We couldn't figure it out. It was standing room only at the feeders. They were chasing each other so much it's a wonder any of them got anything to eat. I looked for another feeder today but guess what. The store was out of them. Well, unless I wanted to pay twelve to fifteen dollars for a really fancy one. They will eat out of the one dollar one so why should I spend more for one. I had to clean them good this time when I filled them. They get all sorts of gunk in them. I found a little bottle brush and bent it so it would reach the curve of the inside and it works well. Guess I should go and finish things up and go to bed. No, it's still to early and Chance isn't ready for bed yet. She'll just laugh at me if I ask her if it's bedtime. Dooley

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What to do next?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2006 4:49 am

I was sitting in the rocker down in the back yard with Chance sitting on my lap. It was warm and we were rocking back and forth when DR came out. He asked what we were doing. (rocking, couldn't he see) We said, nothing. Just sitting here enjoying the sunshine and trying to decide what to do next. There are always so many choices. There is never an end to things to be done. I guess it's always been that way. There were just different kinds of things to be done. Since there is just DR and I at home there just aren't so many choices having to do with kids. Our only kid close is Dan and he is nearby. DR said he wanted to empty the small wood shed. There was plenty of room in the big wood shed now. We haven't had a fire for a couple of weeks. It gets cool at night but that's good for sleeping. I told him I would help him. Well, you can't move the wood from the small wood shed to the big wood shed unless you cut it into smaller lengths. The wood in the small wood shed is four feet long and the wood in the big wood shed is about 16 inches long. So, out came the chain saw. We were cutting it and loading it into the garden wagon. One of us would take it to the big shed and stack it and the other one would get the logs out of the small wood shed and put it near the buck to be cut up. Dan came home and he started helping. We almost got it done but everyone ran out of steam. So, we stacked the rest of the four foot logs by the gate to finish tomorrow or the next tomorrow or the next one. When ever we decide we need something else to do or the stack of logs get into the way. There is a big stack to be cut anyway.
We have the big wood shed about half filled up again. By fall it will be full and we will have to decide if we want to get more for the next year.
Chance didn't help because she doesn't like the noise the chain saw makes. It was a little windy but not too bad. I wasn't sneezing too much. That mulberry tree is just loaded with pollen now. If you walk under it you can hear it buzzing. I had to stop and look up. You can see all the bees really busy. I wonder why you can't buy mulberry honey. There are enough trees around here. So, I didn't get much of my things done today. I watered everything after we quit moving wood around from here to there. DR wants to use the small wood shed for something else.
I made a list of everything I have planted in the greenhouse. There are approximately 62 different kinds of plants. It looks like almost everything will come up. I found the cucumbers today. The things that have grown the largest is the summer squash, zucchini and yellow straight and crookneck. DR really likes squash. The tomato plants are very small but it's still early to put them outside anyway. I could leave them in the greenhouse except there are probably about 60 of them and when things get a little bigger there won't be any room. Our neighbor came over this morning to ask DR if he would show him how to build a greenhouse like ours. He is 73 and a little crippled with arthritis so I think when it comes right down to doing it DR might be doing more working than showing. But being neighbors he will probably do it anyway. Well, I guess I could go and think about tomorrow. I know in the morning I will be working at the library and I told Dan that I will work on the summer reading program plans because they just have to be done by the end of the month so he can do promotions and other things that are his job to do. We may go to lunch. We generally do on Tuesday but since we will go shopping on Wednesday we may not go anywhere tomorrow. I may try to get a start on digging that area for herbs. Some of them are growing rapidly. Dooley

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Too much

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Sun Apr 16, 2006 5:23 am

I think I have too much to do. I wanted a herb garden. Then, I wanted a greenhouse so I could use a gift certificate from a garden catalog to buy herb seeds so I wouldn't have to buy so many. Well, I got a greenhouse and DR bought peat pots and potting soil so I planted lots and lots and lots of seeds. Now, all of the seeds are coming up. ALL of them. I planted a lot of seeds because generally about a quarter of them come up. Now, I have all of these little plants and I have to get places ready to put them. I spent two days digging the garden space. DR bought packaged steer manure for me to mix in the garden when I rake it down tomorrow. We bought bark mulch to go around the apple trees and some of the little trees and vines. I want to gather up all my pots from last year and sift the dirt into a big tub and mix compost with it and refill some of the pots. I have to fix the little furrows to put my soaker hose down in the garden. Then, I have to dig up the area in the herb garden place so when the herbs get big enough I will have a place for them. That's where the tulips are growing. I now have to find my herb book and decide which herbs need sun and which need shade or mostly shade. Our sun here is really intense here in the summer so I usually try to plant things so they have some shade. I have hollyhocks growing in the garden that I had to dig around. I moved about twenty last week but some are just too big to move. I can't pull them out because DR likes hollyhocks. We had one last year that was taller than the eaves of the house. They just grow wild around here. I didn't plant any. I have some morning glories coming up by the fence where I had them last year. I have a wheelbarrow that I had petunias growing in last year. I planted a salad mix in it last week. I saw green coming up and thought it was the lettuce. It was more morning glories. It's just been the last year or two that you could legally grow morning glories in Arizona. They were considered a noxious weed. Arizona grows a lot of cotton and the morning glories got so bad they choked out the cotton so the outlawed it. I don't know why but you can buy the seeds again. I know why they were outlawed though. Morning glories are coming up all over the place. I keep digging the up and moving them to a place by a fence where they can grow. I suppose next year I will have so many I'll just pull them up and dispose of them. I hate to throw away anything that is growing. I told my neighbor I would give him some of the herbs when they are big enough to put into pots. Since all of the squash plants have come up, I guess we will have an abundant amount of squash. It's zucchini, butterstick and yellow crookneck. I have 42 plants. Last year I planted a lot and they either didn't come up or the earwigs ate them. We had to buy squash. DR says he could eat squash two meals a day. I cook it with peppers, onions and sometimes mushrooms. Sort of just stirfry it until its hot. Grate cheese over it. Yum!!
I still have to try to find time to finish the plans for the library summer reading program. It needs to be done by May 1st so Dan can run it by the library board. They really don't have to approve them, but they like to know what's going on. It will be two hours a morning every Tuesday in June and July, except July 4th. That's a holiday. It's theme is animals and I've decided to do it about animals that are pets. I've arranged for a vet to come and talk about care and feeding of pets. Also, suitable animals for pets. I've put in a call to an wild animal refuge (a place that takes abandoned and sick wild animals for rehab). I'd like them to talk to the kids about animals that don't make good pets. I also am trying to arrange for an animal rescue place to come talk to the kids about abandoned cats and dogs and the neccesity of getting them neutered or spayed. Dan is going to do one program on snakes and lizards. So, I have lots of things to do. I guess I will just have to make time to get it all done. The days are shorter now than they used to be. I'm not sure why. When I was young school years were very long. Now, the kids seem to be off all the time. I can't figure it. Oh, well! I guess I should make time to sleep too. Dooley

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New Garden area

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2006 2:49 am

I worked in the new garden area this morning. I watered the long flower bed and spread the seeds. I put the compost/potting soil over the seeds and watered it again. I fed the trees and watered them. DR put the inside fence up and put wire around the trees. Then I moved rocks along the fence and around the trees.

By the time I was finished it was noon and it was very windy so I quit. That big mulberry tree in the front yard is full of pollen and it gets my eyes by nightfall. I hate taking allergy medication so try not to take it unless it gets really bad. So, this afternoon I put the pictures to photobucket and did some computer stuff that needed done. Dooley

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Another busy day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 5:35 am

I wonder when we will stop have such short days. There never seems to be enough time to get everything done. We started to breakfast this morning and had to stop for gas and with this and that we ended up back at home for breakfast. Yesterday we went to the flea market and coming home we stopped at WalMart and bought 10 forty pound bags of potting soil. Brian bought another 200 peat pots. So, this morning I thought that I have the seeds and the potting soil and the pots so I should start doing something with them. I potted up all the peat pots with vegetable and flower seeds and them when and got the 6 pak planters that I saved when I bought plants last year. I filled all of them that I had too. You should see that greenhouse. It is full. Brian took some pictures without me seeing him so you will see the greenhouse---tomorrow. I didn't have time to get them to photobucket today. There is also one of some tulips in the herb garden area and some hummingbird photos. Just don't look at the weeds and grass that I haven't had time to do anything about.It took me two and one half hours to get all the seeds planted. Then, I took a glass of tea down to the swing and sat for a few minutes. Chance kept me company. Brian came and said he wanted to go to the hardware store in Prescott Valley because they had plant food on sale and the sale ended today. We bought food for flowers and vegetables and food for trees and shrubs. Then, we went up to the mall on the hill and had a
Subway sandwich and a Dairy Queen Blizzard for lunch.
When we got home, I decided to work on the yard behind the big shed. That has been an on-going project. Last year the neighbor was putting in concrete between his workshop and his house and needed somewhere to pile the dirt. Since I was cutting horehound out he ask if he could pile it there for awhile. It stayed there all summer and finally he came and leveled it. Mean time I had sifted a lot of dirt and rock and made flower beds and rock paths. So now it was level and we raked it down and sloped the bank. We wanted to put up a fence and plant flowers and grass there. We could open it up and let Chance have a larger area to run. With so many other projects going on we didn't get to it. Last week, we finally got the outside fence and gate up. This morning Brian pounded in the short posts for the inner fence.
When we came home from Prescott Valley I went out and raked and shoveled until I thought it was pretty level. Then I carried 5 bags of the potting soil out and poured it along the fence. There is 55 feet about three feet wide. I raked the potting soil along the fence. Brian came and brought me an extra bag so it took six bags altogether. I mixed the seed but it was so windy I thought I would wait until morning when it isn't so windy to scatter the seed. I hauled the hose out to wet it down good. I have a mix of cosmos, California poppies, Corieopsis?, and Mexican primrose to scatter in the space. I have some compost for covering seed that I will sprinkle over it. The seeds are small so I won't need much. Ha! I always need more than I think before I start.
Then,our neighbor Frank (not our Gnome) came over for a tour and to see the greenhouse. I was hauling around a watering can because I needed to water some of the pots of seeds in the greenhouse before I closed the vent to keep the heat inside for the night. Then, I hurried into the house and put a pork roast into the Nesco Cooker so we would have something to eat for supper. I cut up two oranges and scattered them in the new flower bed so the cats wouldn't dig it up during the night. I put our all of the trash for the trashmen to pick up tomorrow. We have to leave the dumpster inside the fence until morning or the javalina tip it out and scatter it everywhere. Then, I had to come in and finish up the supper. I got the dishes washed and came to load the pictures from the camera to the computer and that is as far as I have gotten today. It's now after ten-thirty and I should think about going to bed. Tomorrow after I plant those seeds I have to make a start on digging the garden area because the squash seeds have started coming up and soon they will need the garden. I planted cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplant, tomatoes and hot peppers, cantaloupe and lots of flowers. I have a wheelbarrow that I have planted with petunias in the summer. I sowed a package of salad mix in it this morning. I think by the time I'm ready for petunias the lettuces will have been eaten or nearly so that I can fit in the petunias. I noticed the morning glories are coming up by the fence. Dooley

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Hard work!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Tue Apr 04, 2006 12:12 am

We got the fence up across the back of the yard behind the big shed. Yesterday, we planted the apple trees. They like being in the ground. They were bareroot so they were in little plastic bags with soaked sawdust. We had to soak them in water for several hours. Dan and I went to Phoenix while we waited. When we got home Brian and I planted them. Brian put in three posts in a triangle around the trees. Then, he took a piece of clear plastic tubing and threaded a wire through it and put it around the tree trunk. Then, he attached a wire to each post and the the wire coming out of the tubing. It will keep the tree straight while it grows. The trees have some very small leaves coming out already. They just needed the water, I guess. I'll need to buy something to feed them, I guess.
Today, I put rocks along the outer fence and we moved a piece of flagstone to put under the gate that goes to the alley. I started to level the area that we are going to fence along the back fence so Chance can't run along the fence to bark at the neighbor. She'll just run along the inside fence instead. Anyway, I'm going to put potting soil and compost between the two fences and plant flowers.
It was warm so I didn't work at it too long. There is always tomorrow. Need to go check on the greenhouse and see if it's time to close the vent. Dooley

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