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Yard work?

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 11:51 pm

We started the day early today and went to have our truck serviced, had breakfast and went to the travel agency to see if they ever managed to get our car rental reservation made. They were closed for Easter. One would think it wouldn't take two weeks to make a simple car reservation. Oh, well! Monday I will call them for the fifth time and then if it doesn't get done I will tell them forget it and do it online.
After the travel agency we backtracked and stopped at two grocery stores, filled our water bottles and headed home. We passed a yard sale sign, turned around and went back. We bought a few things and then headed home again. We passed another yard sale sign and detoured yet again. After stopping there we went to the post office and made it home about noon.
I told dr I was going to take my diet soda and a piece of the deli chicken and sit in the yard for a bit. He came too and brought an extra bit of chicken for Chance. After eating, I decided I would rake up the little yard where the table sits and straighten it up a bit. I pulled out the dead leaves in the spider wort and decided it needed watered. So, I hooked up the hose on the newly fixed faucet and watered them. Then I dragged the hose down to the lower yard and watered the apple trees. I trimmed the Russian Sage back to where new growth is coming out. I cut back the Carolina Jasmine to where new growth is coming out. I think my honeysuckle is past saving. It doesn't have any new growth but I trimmed it back and watered it hoping maybe some might come but I doubt it.
I went around to the front of the house and remembered that I had put some plants in the exercise room last fall and that's the last I did anything with them. So, I hauled them out and trimmed them back some and watered them. Since it isn't supposed to go below 40 for the next 10 days I will leave them out and see how they do. Five of them are geraniums that I bought two years ago and there is a lavender and two lemon verbana. I'm hoping they will all put on new growth. I found a tub of ironite while I was looking in the garden shed so I put ironite on all the rose bushes and trees in the front and watered them good. I watered the pansies and daffodils and tulips. I think that is enough yard work for today. I think on Sunday I will feed the apple trees.
When I finished the yard work, I spent about 40 minutes in the exercise room. I am supposed to do that three times a week with a full day between each day. I only managed two days this week so will have to try harder next week. Now, it's rest time. We are having a sub sandwich for supper. We bought it at the deli today. Tomorrow we are having ham what with it being Easter. There will only be dr and myself. I guess we could have asked someone to share it but Dan and Laurel are both feeling under the weather with the same crud that everyone else has been having. When I was growing up we always had ham and potato salad for Easter. The potato salad was to use up the Easter eggs because no one in the family would eat cold boiled eggs by themselves. They still had to have them so everyone could color eggs but would only eat them if she put them in potato salad or egg salad for sandwiches.
I'll put boiled eggs in my potato salad but I don't think I will color them first. I wish my grandchildren lived closer so I could color eggs and do more things with them.
I need to go take a shower. I'm thinking maybe I will cut my hair. It is entirely too long and it's been bugging me. Have a nice evening. dooley

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We have tickets!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Mar 16, 2008 3:37 am

We have tickets! Train tickets! We decided with the price of gas rising daily that instead of driving to Glenda's in May we would take the train. We have in our hands now round trip tickets from here to Dallas and a rental car arranged. The price of the tickets plus the rental car is much cheaper than gas and motel rooms we would need if we drove. We only have to drive to the train which is south of Phoenix a bit. Ak Chin Casino has a shuttle to the station and they have secure parking if you rent a room. If you don't rent a room, it's $5.00 per day. But, we will be needing a room when we get back as the train gets in at 1:30 am and there is no way I'm driving back up that hill at 1:30 am with little or no sleep. The train gets into Dallas at 3:20 pm so we should get to Glenda's long before dark. That's if the train is on time. We learned in our many travels not to expect that the train will arrive anywhere on time. It's always late the minute it leaves the station.
Anyway we can have a relaxing trip to and from and maybe even arrive home rested. With a room at the casino I don't expect we will arrive home with any money. Everyone knows that the chances of winning anything are rare and none. Pulling the handle of a slot machine and expecting to win isn't very realistic in my book. Sometimes I put in change and once in awhile I'll win but the most I've ever won is $25.00 so I'll just keep my money in my pocket if I don't have any loose nickels or quarters.
I expect we will leave most of our money in Texas anyway, but we will have fun. This is our first vacation since we've been married that we haven't visited family members, parents, kids, etc. Sometimes a sister but not even that very often. I'm looking forward to it and will start making my lists very soon. How can you go anywhere without a list? I have always made lists for everything. When my youngest son went off to college he asked me if I would make a list for his friend Jeff. He said Jeff's mom didn't make lists and Jeff was afraid he'd forget something. The list will be added to and crossed out many times before May arrives. dr says we each get one suitcase and a carry on bag. He has to be able to carry everything because my knees will not always cooperate with stairs, etc.
Heather has her plans made, too, so come party with us. dooley

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