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Another Great Day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Aug 03, 2008 3:55 am

Is it allowed that you can have two great days in a row?
Dan and Laurel had their wedding outside. It was a combination of Celtic, Scottish and Irish and they wrote it themselves with the help of friends. They had a civil ceremony to satisfy the government and this was their own ceremony for family and friends. I'll post some pictures when I am not too tired to re size them and put them in photobucket. I did do a few but couldn't see them clearly when my eyes wouldn't stay focused on them anymore.
The day started early and I couldn't seem to get going and we were almost late as I had to gather things on the list that we were supposed to bring. The cheese cake that's been in my freezer all week, the catchup, mustard and relish that they forgot, the salads left over from yesterday and chairs and of course the camera.
It was a beautiful ceremony and there was many camera's taking pictures and we have been promised copies of all that we didn't take. I had 90 pictures to upload tonight. I didn't take near as many as the boys did. It was wonderful seeing the boys together with their own families. Sometimes they just make you so proud of them.
Tom had to leave early. They only have this weekend and they were going to the Grand Canyon before they head back to California. Andy and Wendy stayed a bit longer before heading back to Phoenix so the boys could swim in the pool. They just are not used to the heat coming from Wisconsin. They were just so red in the face. We are going to Phoenix in the morning to have breakfast with them. I'm not fond of going to Phoenix but will go to have breakfast with them. Then, we will stop to see my sister for a bit. I'm hoping we won't be there all day. We came home about 4 pm. That left Dan and his friends who are camping again tonight and they were going to party. I think I'm getting too old to party like they do now. I used to be able to go longer without falling asleep. I'm also too old to sleep on the ground. Dan and Laurel have this huge two room tent and an air matress that's a foot thick. Is that camping? We used to sleep on sleeping bags on the ground. Anyway, I've had two of my three days off and they were both great. One more to go! dooley

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It was a great day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Aug 02, 2008 5:08 am

We had a great day today. All three of my sons were here and five grandchildren. Moms, too. Andy, Wendy, Ben and Jake came just before lunch so we all went over by the Interstate to Subway for lunch. It was really crowded but we survived it. We went to find the campground so Wendy would know how to find it tomorrow and know how much time she had to allow to get there tomorrow. It's way back from the highway on what is termed a "primitive" road and then onto a forest service road that's just a track through the brush. But once you get down to the water and into the trees it's much nicer. I'm going to take my walking stick though because the ground going up and down is a little uneven and I don't want to twist my knee or fall over the rocks and tree roots. I need to get a picture of the tree roots. They are really something else. We got back home about three and Tom wasn't here yet so Brian started smoking the ribs and I made the salads and Tom, Kirsten, Erin and Fintin came. Fintin is sure a cutie. Pictures coming, probably on Sunday. He isn't shy at all and started right into exploring this new space. I'm glad I spent time cleaning and putting up things he shouldn't have. Wendy had brought him a birthday present so they got it out and he played with it a bit. He was tired and went to sleep after awhile. Kirsten says he doesn't sleep well in a car so he was tired from the trip. They are going to the Grand Canyon tomorrow evening instead of Sunday because their motel room reservations got messed up and canceled for Saturday night. Andy and Wendy are spending Sunday in Phoenix with Wendy's aunt so we only have tomorrow to see them more.
Erin loved the quilt. She says it will fit into her room just right. She loves pink and the hearts and the buttons. Kirsten loved it, too. Wendy liked the buttons holding it together. She thought it was more modern than just tying it together. She asked Ben if he would like grandma to make him a quilt like that. Ben said, "NO! I don't want a pink blanket with hearts.!" Then he wondered why everyone laughed. I have plans for a quilt for Ben that has robots on it. Maybe one big pieced one in the middle with smaller ones along the side. I'll talk with Wendy about it tomorrow. I even have some pictures that I collected earlier. Anyway, the barbecue was successful, the birthday presents exchanged and everyone went back to motels or campground full and happy. We'll get together tomorrow and have another full day together. I have to go get a shower and get some sleep. I woke up this morning with a stag beetle crawling up the side of my neck. They are about two inches long with these huge antenna and legs with sticky things on them. Yikes! The other day there was a beetle in my shoes when I put them on to go to work and I had only taken them off to change my clothes. This was the week for strange critters in the house. Snakes and beetles. I just picked them up and threw them back out where they belonged except for the snake. Dan has it at home right now. He's feeding it baby mice that he buys at the pet store but he says it isn't staying much longer. He's waiting for someone to come see it.
I will post some pictures on Sunday, maybe if I get time to upload them. dooley

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