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Biscuit trees and squeaky toys!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Feb 26, 2007 3:00 am

We have this weird dog named Chance. She likes to bury things. We used to bring her these yeast biscuits from a restaurant where we went to eat. She'd give a big sign and take the biscuit and head out to the yard. We could never figure out where she put them. We finally gave up bringing them to her. I think it was the size because if dr would break them into pieces she would eat them. We bought her some chew bones and she also buries them. Last summer we bought her a squeaky toy. She looked at it and picked it up and headed outside with it. When we went outside it was no where to be found. So, on Christmas we bought another one just like it. She picked it up and headed out the door. It, too, disappeared. While I was looking for it I found the one she buried last year. About a week ago I was looking at a spot by the shed where we want to add a flower bed. There I saw a piece of blue and dug up the squeaky toy from Christmas. She has squeaky toys all over the yard. She has them all over the house, too. I pick them up and put them in the basket and she goes and takes them out again. She does have favorites and when dr says where's the squeaky she runs and gets one of them. Last night I was playing squeaky with her. She usually won't play with me because I don't know the rules. dr says it's like Calvin ball, the rules change with every toss of the squeaky. Tonight when we were eating supper I heard her chewing on something. I got up and looked and she had a stick from the woodbox. dr must have dropped one when he started the fire. I took it from her and told her that sticks were not for dogs to chew. She looked so down that I broke a cornmeal biscuit in half and gave her one half. You are right! She heaved this big sign, picked it up and headed for the door. She came back without it. Then she went and sat by dr's chair looking for a handout. I fully expect as the weather warms up the yard will begin sprouting biscuit trees and squeaky toys. Dooley

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Did you ever.....

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 1:58 am

Did you ever just want to go back and start the week over again? My week started on Monday with an "emergency" trip to the doctor. It wasn't my emergency. The doctor's office called and said he had the results of my thyroid tests and I had to come on Monday at 11 am. Now, Monday was a holiday so I had to go in the middle of the day to the doctor so I couldn't do anything before or after. It turns out it wasn't such an emergency anyway because now it's Friday and absolutely nothing has been done. I stopped taking thyroid medication in October and now instead of the hormone level going down, it's still going up so I have to go see a specialist and have some radio active iodine treatments. Probably then I will have to go back on the replacement medication. I have been taking another medication for 25 yrs and found that I can start reducing it with the intent of being off of it in three months. I probably haven't needed it for a good portion of that 25 yrs. Just nobody ever wondered why I was still taking it. This doctor I go to now I have been going to for about three years and Monday was the first time he actually ask me why I was taking it. He just prescribed it because it was in my records from the last doctor. It's not that I change doctors so often. We just moved a few times in the 25 years. So, I was just a little depressed this week. So, today was my day off. What did I do with it? I went up to have lab work done and I had to go at 12:30 for an interview with a consultant on teamwork. The library is doing a study on teamwork in conjunction with moving to a new library which isn't even started yet. It probably won't be done for three years but I had to go in the middle of a day off to have the interview. I have not been feeling all that great as I have a cough and chest congestion and haven't been sleeping all that well. It was COLD and WINDY and SNOWING!! I wanted to stay home in bed.
We had a really busy week and tomorrow will be a catchup day. We were short two people all week and days after holidays are always busy. I really wanted to hide under the bed instead of going to work. So, can I just go back and start my week over?
On a good note, the spinach that I planted in my wheelbarrow has came up and is doing well. I have covered it with plastic until it is big enough that the birds won't use it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the snacks in between. I have buds on two of my daffidols. The large pile of leaves is still in the front yard and will be there until The congestion is gone and I'm feeling better. The weather is cooler and windy and going out will probably not be at all beneficial. The peas and swiss chard have not come up and my going to look several times a day isn't encouraging it any at all.
I cleaned out my pantry cupboard and redid all my spice jars. I bought new jars and threw out all that I haven't used in the last few months. Some had no smell left at all.
Well, another week is coming. It will start on Sunday so maybe I can improve on this one. Dooley

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Asparagus roots are planted!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Feb 18, 2007 11:41 pm

I wasn't going to do anything today. I was tired last night and the damp weather has made my knees hurt some. So, we went to breakfast and stopped at WalMart and bought some yellow embroidery thread. Wouldn't you just know that on the way to the front of the store to check out we saw just the set of shelves for the new microwave? dr has to sort of rearrange the legs, etc to make room for the microwave on the bottom shelf and I have room on the next two shelves for spice bottles and jars and there is the top shelf. He's going to redo the leftover shelf so I will have room for my flour canisters. I have four different ones right now. Plus fructose and sugar. If he gets the shelf built there might be room for the bread machine, too.
After "helping" dr do the shelves, I sat and worked on my quilting project. Chance wanted me to come outside. So, I went outside with Chance. Now, you know you can't be outside without doing something. So, I got my shovel and was going to just dig a space about two feet wide and long enough to plant the asparagus roots. BUT, I was NOT going to plant them today. Just dig the space was going to be enough. I came in and washed my hands and started to make a cup of tea. It's getting a little breezy and feels like rain so while I was reading the directions for planting the asparagus roots TOMORROW I decided if I got them planted today they would have the benefit of the rain tomorrow. So, back outside I went, got my shovel, looked at the space, went and got the rake. I raked it good and turned the dirt a few times and then made my trench. I put some of the composted mulch in the bottom. I arranged the roots and covered them with the three inches of soil and put a layer of the composted mulch on the top. Now, it says when they begin to show above the ground to fill the trench to ground level. Let them grow this year and next year I will have a very limited harvest. They are two year roots. They looked very healthy. Oh, dr had to make my tea. I forgot to turn the kettle off when I went outside and it has a tug boat whistle on it. It was either make my tea or listen to the whistle. It's a wonder I didn't hear it outside. You can hear it outside in the summer. I think it's about time to think about something to eat now. We've only had popcorn since breakfast. I only burned one bag before I got the direction book out to see what I should have done. Dooley

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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:21 am

I was going to put this in yard work because I managed to do a little of that today, but I decided I would probably do a little of this and that and mabybe I need a this and that catagory.
When we was at WalMart a few days ago I bought two paks of Hosta roots.There are 5 in a pak so that made 10 roots. I've wanted some for the front yard under the mulberry tree. But, what with this and that I haven't had time to get them planted. I planned on doing it today but we went up the hill for breakfast and then to a few sales and stopped at one thrift shop so I thought I probably wouldn't get it done today either. But, we got home before two o'clock. Does anyone else go for breakfast and not get home until afternoon? Before I could dig holes to plant them, I had to rake all the dry leaves that I don't rake if the fall. I usually leave them to protect bulbs, etc from the cold. Our ground doesn't really freeze here but it does get cold. So, I moved the fence and raked the leaves and put the fence back. We don't really need the fence now that we fenced the rest of the yard but We have it there anyway. Then, I raked the upper part of the front. Since we have the pond tub in the patio area, I couldn't rake them off the wall. I raked them around the patio area. Now, I have this HUGE pile of dry leaves in front of the house because I want to clean out the compost area before I put them there. Isn't is always the way, before you can finish one thing there are three more you have to do first? Anyway, I dug the holes and put in some of that composted mulch that the neighbor gave us and put my roots in and covered them with soil and put some more mulch on top. I have five under the tree and four up by the front fence and two down under an apricot tree. 5 and 4 is nine and 2 is ll and I was only supposed to have 10. But, that's what was in the package. DR says he will buy me some more if I want them, but I might just look for another shade plant. I still have that big box of impatient seeds but it's too early to plant those.
I have lots of daffidols and tulips and grape hyacinth coming up. They are all an inch or two or three high now. So, it will be awhile before they get around to blooming. I dragged out the hose and hooked it up and watered everything. I noticed the hose is all checkered and cracked so I guess a new hose is in order this spring. The hose is several years old and in this sun it's lasted very well, I think. So, now I have spinach in the wheelbarrow, swiss chard and peas in the garden and hosta under the trees and a HUGE pile of leaves in the front yard. If Dan stops when he comes home tonight, he will wander into them because they are between the gate and the front door. Oh, well!
For some reason it was very slow at the library this week. Two nights I managed to finish early. Of course, I don't get to leave when I'm finished so I went and straightened out shelves and then worked at the checkout desk so the volunteer could leave early. We didn't get but a few sprinkles out of the rain that we had. Now, rain is in the forecast for Monday and Friday. But, I see that they changed it to a little rain. If we get sprinkles when it says rain when it says a little rain it will probably be two or three sprinkles or one of those 12 inch rains where there is 12 inches between drops.
On Tuesday, I was defrosting some meat for supper and right in the middle my microwave oven quit. No warning or anything. It just quit. So, Wednesday we went up the hill early and stopped at Costco and bought a new one. It is a Panasonic. The old one was a Whirlpool. We bought it about 27 or 28 years ago when the electric company was giving discounts on energy efficient appliances. It had two speeds. Cook and defrost. It was enough for me because I have trouble with complicated appliances. I still haven't figured out how to do anything with my cell phone except make a call. I don't leave it turned on so no one calls me. I think only Dan has the number. Back to the microwave. I have managed to hit the reheat button. It heats it until it's hot and shuts off and tells me to enjoy my meal. I can heat bread and water. I haven't tried the cook cycle or the popcorn cycle. One would think if you put your popcorn in the microwave and hit the popcorn button, it would pop your popcorn. Nope! You have to enter how much your bag of popcorn weighs.
I had a routine doctor's appointment for the 23rd of Feb. So, I went last week to the lab for some blood work. The lab only had one order so I went ahead and got that one and will have to get the others next week. But on Wednesday the doctor's office person called and said they had to cancel my appointment because the doctor wasn't going to be there on Friday. The first one they could give me was on Friday, March 16. Then, on Thursday the doctor's nurse called and asked me if I was still taking a thyroid replacement. Couldn't she just look in my records? Evidently not. I told her no. I stopped it in October, 2006. So, she said I had to see the doctor. So she transferred me to the appointment clerk. This is the same one who changed my appointment on Wednesday and couldn't give me a new one until March. I explained what the nurse told me and the appointment clerk put me on hold. Then she came back and told me she had to work a miracle because she had no appointments available in the time span the doctor specified. She would call me back. I stayed home all day waiting for her to call back. She didn't call so today I didn't stay home. She didn't call so I called her late this afternoon. She was still working on a miracle. This meant cancelling someone else's appointment and moving other ones around to make room for me. Finally just before the office closed she called and said be there at 11 am on Monday. That's a holiday. There goes my two days in a row to do things in the yard. But, wait I can't work in the yard on Monday anyway. That's when we are going to have that little rain. Oh, well! Enough for tonight. Are your eyes glazed over yet? Dooley

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Not much today!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:02 am

Guess I didn't do too much today. It was cloudy, sometimes rainy and cool. We went up the hill for breakfast and checked out the flea market. DR bought a face jug. He likes them. The one he bought today has a devil's face. I didn't buy anything. Yesterday, dr bought me two small wagons. One is about 4 inches long and a couple inches wide. It has stake sides. The other is a little Radio Flyer about two inches by half an inch. A wee little bear fits in it. I haven't found a bear for the other one yet but I see several possibilities. Oh, I did buy something today. I bought a bear with a happy face who has one hand up waving. Right now he's sitting on the printer tray. If I print something he will have to move.
We came home and read the two Sunday papers. DR unloaded the back of the truck. He still had flea market stuff in it from yesterday. He pulled a wagon of wood up to the house. I helped him bring it in to fill the wood box because it was starting to rain. Nothing heavy, just rain.
I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Our friends from Goodyear called. They are the ones we went and had lunch with last Friday. They need to come up briefly in the morning. He left his insulin here the last time they were here. He needs to come pick it up but he has to work in the afternoon. He plays accordion in assisted living places. He's going to be 76 in August. I needed to spruce the place up a bit. I don't always notice the clutter when it's just dr and I here.
Around 4 pm dr came and said the sun was out and I should be outside for awhile. So, I went out and let Chance in the lower yard and went into the garden area. I picked up all the small walnuts and dumped them in the trash. I got my shovel and was just going to dig a bit. The ground was soft so I started digging along the outside fence. Grass had grown through the fence from the alley last year and I started digging it out. I dug about ten feet along the fence, about 18 inches wide. I still have about that far to go. I think the space is about 20 feet by 47 feet if I remember right. I need to rebuild the terraces because they are a little tippy and falling over. Hollyhocks are taking over two of the terraces so dr is going to build a bed by the woodshed and I'll move some of them over there. He likes hollyhocks and doesn't want me to just dig them up. I was planning on moving them, I just hadn't decided where yet. After about an hour I came back inside and made meatloaf for supper. After I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen, again, I sat at the table and did embroidery on the quilt squares. I have to wait to do the parrot until I get some brighter yellow. Pastel won't do. So, I started on the squirrel. So far, I have an elephant, a llama, a cat, a moose and rabbits. Then, I'll have a turtle, the parrot and a hippo. Then, I'll add a few odds and ends to the blocks and will be ready to sew them together. Then, I can start on the second quilt project. I still have six or seven weeks to get them finished. I decided to quit for awhile because I couldn't get the darn thread to go through the needle. Must be getting blind or I need new glasses. DR and Chance have both gone to bed. The fire has gone out. Must be about time I was heading that direction. I want to get up early and make some scones for tea when our friends come up. Dooley

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Another yard sale

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:38 am

We got up early for me. I needed to go up the hill and get some blood drawn. Then, the lab only had the paperwork for one test. Okay, I'll just have the other one after my doctor visit instead of before the doctor's visit. Haven't checked to see if my arm is black and blue from the needle yet. After leaving the lab we went to breakfast. We just discovered a favorite restaurant has reopened in a different location so we went there. Then, I decided that I really had to use a gift card that I got for Cost Plus World Market at Christmas. I bought a rug for in front of the sink and some tea. One kind of tea is "Lifeboat tea." It says on the box that a percentage of the cost goes to support the Lifeboatman around the British Isles. It seems to be a good strong black tea. The other was Typhoo tea. Another good black tea. I like strong teas that don't leave a bitter aftertaste. British teas are better for that than American teas.
In between, here and there we went to three yard sales and an estate sale. We got some really good bargains. Mostly this and that stuff. I got a marble cheese board with a slicer on it. I've been wanting a cheese slicer. It was only a dollar. I bought a food processor for two dollars. I bought three bears. Couldn't pass them up, now could I? DR bought a scroll saw for Dan the Librarian. It is a much better one than the one he had and was a bargain. We got quite a few small things. A beer mug, an egg beater, a silver letter opener, a hand drill, an alabaster owl, a celluloid man's dresser box, tape measure, potable water hose, large size tarp, several flower pots, a water wand for the end of my garden hose and more small misc. things. We had trouble fitting it in the back of the truck with what we already had in it. Oh, we found some new blankets for Chance. One for her bed, one for her deck, one for by the fire, and a couple of spares. The old ones will go with the trash on Monday. One sale was a dud. It was supposed to be a moving sale. Personally, I would just have moved and left the stuff or called the trash people to come after it. I really couldn't believe the prices they were asking for the stuff.
It started out a cloudy day, then got quite nice. Now, the wind has picked up and it's a bit chilly. DR is sorting through stuff and loading the truck so he can go to the flea market tomorrow. I hope it isn't too windy and cold. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope it isn't snow. It could snow if it wasn't still on the roads when I have to drive. I drove through enough snow when I lived in Wisconsin. Up until this year I just stayed home when it snowed. But, now I have an evening job so I have to drive in it sometimes. So, far,"knock on wood", it hasn't been too bad.
Now, I've had part of a sandwich and some tea and it's probably time to start wondering what I will make for supper. Dan will be eating with us tonight. He had to go to a meeting in Sedona today. That's a beautiful area. I wonder what the weather was there. It's a bit higher than us. It might have been cooler. I wonder if they went over the Mingus Mts. or around them. Since they were driving a county van, I'll bet they went around them. I have to work tomorrow. If it doesn't rain on Sunday, I'll finish clearing the garden and spread the seven bags of steer manure that I bought on Wednesday and start to dig the garden. I'm thinking I might plant the paks of peas and lettuce that I bought. Those are cool weather things. If they come up before it gets too warm I might get some before the ants and earwigs get them. The man across the alley stopped yesterday and said he got a truckload of composted mulch and I could take my wheelbarrow and fill it if I wanted some. I beat him back to his house. DR filled the wheelbarrow and brought it home. I covered it with plastic for now. DR said it might start working again. I'm thinking about where to use it. It could go around the apple trees. I need to figure out when to feed them anyway. I don't want to encourage them to leaf to early. I might want to save it and use it for new plants that I buy. When I was at WalMart on Wednesday, I bought 10 Hosta roots and a dozen asparagus roots. Now, I have another something to think about. I looked and it says that asparagus won't grow under a walnut tree. But, there is some asparagus growing in the garden. It's only a small patch that was here when we moved here. It does fine. I posted a fall picture of it last fall. So, do I plant the new roots in a row along where that patch is now or do I look for another place to put it. I'm going to put the hosta's under the mulberry tree and down by the driveway under an apricot tree and maybe one or two in the corner by the front of the house. It says they will get three to four feet across. Probably not this year though. DR picked out a big box of impatient seeds. Those can go under trees and along the front fence. It says part sun or shade. I have to read the directions better though. I think I had better cut those big squash and dry the seeds some before it's time to plant. I've just figured they stored better in the squash until I needed them. I didn't put the hyacinth and lavender out today since we were to be gone. I bet those bees and butterflies are confused. They'll be wondering why they were there yesterday and gone today and back today and gone tomorrow. I did bring the hummingbird feeders in yesterday and give them a good cleaning and I noticed they are being used again. I've been thinking I'd buy some sunflower seeds and see if I can attract those cardinals from Frank's (not our gnome)yard to mine. Might get a picture of those blue birds too. They do get a little noisy but I like to watch them. I think these scrub jays are bigger than the blue jays we had in Wisconsin. They look a bit different too. I haven't seen any robins yet. I saw some Gambel's quail this morning. Did you ever see them being followed by their babies? It looks like little peanuts crossing the road. You could never get a picture. They just move too fast. The adult quail get in the middle of the road and just stand there so you have to stop. You just couldn't run them down. Then they whistle or call and here come all those little peanuts scurrying across. When they disappear into the grass the adults follow. It looks so funny. When we lived in Wisconsin we saw a family of skunks do the same thing. The mother skunk moved into the middle of the road. She stamped her foot at us. We weren't about to run her down either. When we stopped she called and six little ones ran across the road and she followed them into the woods. Of course you never have a camera when you need one.
I think if we are going to eat sometime this evening, I'd better start doing more than wondering what I will cook. Anyway, I've probably worn out your eyeballs. Dooley

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Big blue birds!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Feb 06, 2007 10:46 pm

It was a beautiful, warm day today. I took my sewing and went out and sat in the yard for about an hour. Chance was napping up by the house on her deck and it was quiet. I was listening to the birds sing when I kept hearing a bumping noise. I started to look around for it when I saw little black bits falling out of the tree that I was sitting under. I looked up and there was a big blue scrub jay knocking a walnut against a branch. It broke which were the bits that were falling. When he finished that one he flew down to the fence, sat there a minute and then down to the ground. He picked up another small black walnut and flew up into the tree with it. He repeated this several times. I quietly got up and went into the house for the camera. When I came back outside, nosy Chance got up to see what I was doing. Of course, the blue bird flew and I didn't get a picture. When I came in to make supper dr stayed out with Chance. He said the bird came back and Chance chased it and almost caught it. He didn't have the camera out there either. I probably won't get a picture of the big blue bird now. Dooley

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More yard work!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:37 pm

It's another beautiful day here in sunny Arizona. It's 70 degrees out and sunny. I've spent several hours outside in the garden and lower back yard. The lower backyard is finished until I decide what to do there. It has two apple trees that we planted last spring. It has a butterfly bush that we planted last spring. It is doing beautifully. It has about tripled in size. It didn't lose it's leaves last fall. Now there are very tiny green ones showing up along the branches. Along the alley side is the fence. DR wants to do it different. I'm hoping the cosmos and coreopsis will come back. There are a few poppies coming up and I think the little green shoots are coreopsis because that's where I cut off the old stalks.
I went into the garden and raked this morning. What a pile of dried litter. It filled six black trash bags. I need to rebuild my terraces. I moved the big ties and there were lots of snails which I picked up. Oops! They are still out in a flower pot. I'd better go dispose of them or I will have to pick them all up again tomorrow. So the back is done and the side is done except for bagging up. Then, I can think about doing something out front. Yesterday, I moved all my plants out for sunshine. Maybe I will do that again tomorrow and water them good before I put them back. The geraniums lost a few leaves but they will do okay once I can put them outside again. The rosemary that I started last fall is doing good . One feels a little dry so maybe that one won't make it but since my big rosemary bush is trying to take over the little back yard I can start some more when it gets a little warmer. So, things are looking up here. I now have to take a shower, think about something to eat and go to work. Only about four hours tonight unless we go early and fill water bottles. Dooley

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Beautiful day, yard work!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:13 am

DR and I went outside about noon. We were walking around the garden, just poking at this and that. I told him that one of these days we should lop a branch off that walnut tree. It was sticking out over the garden and in summer it will shade too much of it. DR looked at the tree and said that two branches needed to come off. He went and got his chain saw and I hooked up the electric and he cut both branches off. Of course, they needed dragged to the work yard and cut up. Couldn't leave them in the garden. One fell over the grape arbor. After we got one cut up, I ask dr if he wanted to cut up some of those longer logs since he already had the chain saw out. So we did that for about an hour and then dr dragged the other branch out and we cut that up. Of course, when we looked at the pile of wood that needed to be put back into the wood shed we wondered what ever was we thinking. The answer is we probably wasn't thinking. Who can think on a bright sunny day when the temp is in the upper 60's. So, it's all put away and we sat and had something non alcoholic to drink. We came in and dr read a bit and I sewed on quilt blocks a bit. The elephant has a brown eye and the moose has a darker brown eye. The rabbits have eyes but they aren't finished yet. We had some rabbits with red eyes, but they were white rabbits. These rabbits are brown and grey. They will probably get brown eyes. That's two and a half blocks out of nine done. Well, since I am working on two separate projects that's two and a half blocks out of about twenty. I haven't started the second one except to buy some material. I only know that both will have embroidered animals with bits and pieces added here and there. I'm thinking I needed a little more material than I bought so the second one may get a little bigger border on it. I can't add some times and I went after work on Saturday. Saturday was a really wild day at the check out desk. We had two very good volunteers but it got really busy at times and there were also three employees helping out. The registration and reference desks were busy two. Our average Saturday door count is about 200. Yesterday, we had 493. The people are allowed to check out 50 items consisting of books, tapes or DVD's and a lot of them were checking out large numbers of items. We have three computers and most always they were busy. I also had to check in the drop box cart and get all the books put away. So, it got a bit hectic at times. The hardest part was getting everyone checked out and gone by closing time. There is always one that has to have just one more book or tape.
Anyway, I went to WalMart and bought embroidery thread and some material and then we stopped for a sandwich.
After I sewed for a while this afternoon, I went back out and bagged up the dead plant material that I cut during the week and put that up for the trash tomorrow. There were two large bags worth. Then, I helped dr bring some wood inside to the wood bin.
I put a pork roast in the roaster oven that I got around Christmas. I need to go cook some potatoes and a vegetable. I'm thinking about carrot chunks. I might add some apples and put some maple syrup on them. Other than that I think I might be through for the day. Well, other than cleaning the kitchen after and dr helps with that. So, I might get the rabbits finished later. Dooley

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To Phoenix and back in the same day

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 03, 2007 1:37 am

Well, we did our Phoenix trip. We left at about 8:45 am. We had to scrap frost off the truck window. I froze my fingers. We took our jackets with us because we didn't know about the temps down there. The traffic wasn't bad going down until we passed Carefree Highway.
We stopped at my sister, maxine's, for a hour or so. They have a little dog that tackled DR when he went in. He barked at him and said, "Don't you come in here." My sister told him to be quiet. DR sat down on the sofa and the little dog hopped up into his lap and licked his chin. Pretty soon it came over and hopped up into my chair and wiggled until I moved over and it had a little snooze. Then, it was down and back over to DR and than down to chase a cat. That is one hyper little dog. It only has one eye. When my brother-in-law needed surgery my sister bribed him into it with the promise of a little dog if he did well. So, they put his name on a list at the humane society for a little dog. Because he is handicapped and in a wheelchair his name went on a special list. The humane society called and said they had a little dog that the dog catcher had picked up after a dog fight. It had taken on a bigger dog for a piece of garbage from a dumpster and came out on the losing end. They had to wait until it came through the surgery and recovered before they could go get it. They call him Charlie.
They also have several cats that she rescued and has spayed at the humane society. One is the largest cat I've seen. They call it Bubba. We left and went over to the Desert Sky Mall where we were to meet our friends for lunch. That mall has gone down hill. We didn't spend much time there. We got to the Red Lobster early but so did our friends. We had a good lunch and sat on their patio for a couple of hours. We left about Three and took the 101 freeway over to Bell Road and stopped at Arrowhead Mall to go to Trader Joes. We quickly spent a few dollars. I bought a lavender plant with lots of buds and two purplish pink hyacinths. Plus fish, cheese, nuts, dried fruit and salads for dinner or supper as we call it. We headed home on the 101 freeway onto the Interstate 17 headed north. Bumper to bumper for an hour. We got home about 5:30. DR loaded the truck in case he wants to go to the flea market tomorrow. He started a fire but it hasn't warmed up too much here yet.
I've started a new quilting project and need to go to WalMart maybe after work tomorrow and get some embroidery thread and another piece of plain material. Not white, maybe a pale green or tan. I'll have to look before I decide. The backing is a green with zoo animals on it. Oh, well! I'd better go and open the salads for dinner/supper. It was nice and warm in Phoenix but only 40F when we got home. Glad to be here. I hate coming back up that mountain. Dooley

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