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A nice sunny day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri May 15, 2009 2:24 am

It was a nice sunny day today. No clouds, no rain, a little breeze and 90 degrees. Was I out in the yard, getting lots of things done. No, no and no! I'm stuck inside with a cough and sinus infection. It started when Bob mowed our grass last week and it's gotten worse. SO, tomorrow on another nice sunny day we have to go to College Station to the doctor. I tried to just call and see if he would order something but the assistant said there are too many things going around with a cough and breathing difficulty to give me something without seeing me. I've been sleeping sitting up or in the recliner chair since last week so we will go and see him. I'd really like to breathe normal again with out this nasty cough.
This evening dr went out to mow the grass again, Yep, it's grown so much in just a week or so it needs mowed again. He threatened to pound on me if I so much as stuck my head out the door. I stayed inside. I know he wouldn't actually pound on me but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I went outside. Glenda was mowing all afternoon over at her place so there is lots of stuff floating around in the air. I haven't had trouble with allergies but this is Texas and they have different pollens that I'm not used to, I guess. dr doesn't seem to be bothered by it.
I worked on my bear project off and on so my next Texas Bear is boxed and ready to be mailed off tomorrow on the way home from the doctor. He will have a good home. I'm sure of it. He has garden tools so he requested to go live with a gardener. You may see him posting on here from time to time.
I'm off to see if I can get some sleep tonight. Have a good evening

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Things are getting done!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat May 09, 2009 9:14 pm

The last two or three weeks I sat and wished I was getting more things done. I had that surgery on my left arm for skin cancer and that put restrictions on my digging and lifting. It might have pulled the incision apart. I have a very nice, special husband who helped with things I couldn't do. You know how it is though, you would like to be doing it yourself. I did let him do the dishes so I wouldn't get my arm wet though. Dishes are not my favorite thing to do.
I did though have outside chores that needed done. So, we did planning and dr pounded in posts and put up the fences. Yesterday, he started putting down the plastic and mulch. I watered things good.
This week started out okay. Our neighbor came and mowed the extra large yard with his big riding lawn mower. It took him an hour and a half of riding around to accomplish what it would have taken us all day. We wouldn't have gotten it done with our push mower in one day. It was a hot humid day and we would have expired. Bob had it done before it was too hot. You do have to get things done early here or wait until evening. Of course, you can't have him out mowing when are sitting in the house doing "fun" things so we were out and moving things and pulling weeds and trimming here and there and getting cold drinks. Things like that. Soon, my nose was running over my chin, my eyes were burning, both from sweat and from allergies. My throat clogged up and I had to come inside and take an antihistamine. I paid Bob for mowing the yard by making him some whole wheat yeast rolls. Not a great thing to do on a hot day either but it's done and no harm from it.
Wednesday, we went to Bryan/College Station, aka BCS to the doctor. She spent about two minutes telling me my arm had healed nicely and I didn't need to come back unless I experienced problems with it. From the doctor we went to lunch at Golden Corral Buffet. I was still feeling effects from allergies so didn't enjoy it as much as usual. We stopped at WalMart to pick up a prescription I had called about on Friday. I called the doctor's office and ask the assistant to call in one for the strips for the new "free" meter the doctor gave me when I was there at the end of March. Well, we couldn't get the prescription because the doctor's office had not included a medicare coding for them. I could wait while they faxed the doctor but they were rather busy so it would be a bit before they could do it. I didn't have two or three hours to wait around so we went home.
Thursday, I called the doctor's office and the assistant muttered, "They didn't ask for a medicare code." Duh! Don't they call in prescriptions on a regular basis? Don't they know medicare prescriptions need a code to determine payment?Shouldn't they know these things? Apparently not. She said she would fax it over. I called the pharmacy a while later and they said they didn't have it yet so I called the assistant back and she said she would call it over to them. I waited awhile and called the pharmacy and yes they had it. So, for the second time in two days we made the two hour round trip down to BCS to pick it up. It was hot and I was a tad upset with them for making another trip so I didn't stop and check it before we left. I just checked that they were strips for the glucose meter and the lancets. We had lunch and came home.
We passed a little house on a rather largish yard and it had a for rent sign on the gate so we copied the number and called when we got home. I had this idea that if we were going to be making so many doctor visits it would be nice to live closer. But, they wanted twice as much rent for half the size we have now so I guess we won't do that.
Friday, we went to some yard sales and got a few nice things. I picked up one of those metal kitchen stools with the pull out step from the 50's. It still works. It will need sanded and painted because someone painted it with a brush over all the chips and dirt. When we got back home around noon, I got out the new glucose strips to check my glucose levels to see how much I needed to eat for lunch. The strips didn't work. They were for another model of the same brand of meter that the doctor gave me.Now, I have 100 strips that won't work in the meter and medicare won't pay for anymore until those are gone. I called the doctor's office and the assistant's solution was " come in and pick up the other model meter." At that point I sort of lost it and told her about the two hours round trip and half a tank of gas and the wasted trip the day before and hung up. dr says we will go buy a meter that I like and the strips and pay for them ourselves and when I go to the doctor in July we will take the whole package of stuff down and set it on the doctor's desk and tell him to give it to someone else and write me a prescription with proper medicare code and we will take it and get it filled ourselves.
Saturday, that's today, we got up and did some outside work. dr put mulch on the plastic and came back and said he didn't have enough. I tied my cucumbers to the fence so they would start climbing instead of sprawling out over the yard. We went to breakfast when we were both hot and needed a break. We made a trip to Home Depot in Huntsville and bought more mulch and a piece of plywood so he can install the room air conditioner in the bedroom. We don't use whole house air conditioning. It's bad for dr's ears and our allergies. Even in Arizona we only used fans. When we came home I cleaned the front porch, except for sweeping it, and came in and washed up all the dirty glasses and cooked some macaroni for salad for supper later. When it cools down some later I want to trim the grass along the long flower bed. With all of our coming and going during the week and not sleeping well due to allergies I haven't managed it yet. But, I think we have accomplished some things for the week so I think we can be justified if we take tomorrow (Mother's Day) off and do something fun. Now, let's see what can we find that's really fun.....dooley

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