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Still pulling weeds!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Thu Jul 26, 2012 1:54 am

Here I am three weeks later still pulling weeds or maybe I should say pulling weeds again. It's still hot here but it's in the 90's so it's not as hot as 105 or above which some of our members way north of us are having.Still, hot is hot and not very inviting to work outside in for long. dr has been working on his shed all month, too. He has the majority of it finished. When he was putting up the roof rafters and sheets of metal roofing, he would install a rafter and come inside and drink a bottle of water, go back outside and put up the roofing sheet and come back inside and drink another bottle of water. After about the third time he would have to change his wet clothing. He was running out of shirts to change into so he got up early one day and washed a couple loads of his laundry. He got it all hung out on the clothesline and it started to rain so we went and brought it inside. It stopped raining and we hung it back outside. It started raining and we brought it back inside. He was also trying to get some work done on his shed. We hung that laundry outside four times before dr deemed it dry enough to stay inside. But, with all the taking the clothes in and out because of the rain we got less than half an inch. We have lots of rainy days but not much of a downpour. Still, we are getting more than most of the country.
All the rain does make the weeds grow and Texas grows some very large weeds. I went out three days and pulled big weeds along the fence in the back yard and around trees and bushes and pots of herbs. It took me four yard wagons to haul it all out. I didn't put it in the compost because of the seeds and because some of the stalks were heavy and stringy and would take a long time to break down so I pulled the wagon out to the creekbed road and spread the weeds along where the water had carved ruts and holes. I wanted to water the bushes and trees but it was to sunny and hot so I will get up early before the sun is too high and water them. Next, I will do the front yard. I gave up on the garden because the crickets and grasshoppers are eating everything. When I went to pick the peppers they all had holes, some of them about half gone. What do you do about grasshoppers? Some are three or four inches long. dr says, "fish bait." We haven't been fishing since we moved to Texas.
The farm market hasn't been open for three weeks now because most of the people are having the same trouble with the heat and grasshoppers as I did. The peas dried up and the okra dried up and the tomatoes turned leathery. There was a man there last week with watermelons and I told him to let me know if he'll be there this week and I will come and keep him company. There is another man who is having a big yard sale and he said I could come set up my stand with him but I don't know about doing that this week. I'll have to think about it. It's really too hot to stay out all day. I guess summer time isn't like it was when we were kids or we were just able to take it more than we do now that we are "older." How old do you need to be before you can be "old." I know that senior discounts start at varying ages and the retirement age is 65 although that is going up again. People are working longer.
Well, I've moved away from the pulling weeds and working outside.
I'll let you know when I have all the weeds pulled. dr has his shed about finished and is busy filling it up.
We do get things accomplished, just not very fast.


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Time sure flies

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:57 pm

I was looking and it's been awhile I wrote a blog. Time sure flies these days. I remember when a month was a long time and now it's just a couple of days.
I think it got hot and humid and I just stopped doing much of anything but sewing in my air conditioned room. My garden suffered from lack of care and weeds. I watered it but the weeds just kept growing and sort of crowded out the garden. I decided that I should just go and do some every day and see if I could reclaim any of it. Yesterday, I pulled weeds for around all the trees and bushes in the front yard. I watered everything really well. Today, I was going to do the backyard but there was some wild grape vines hanging out over our road so I took my loppers and went to cut them. Of course, they were growing over scrubby brush so I had to cut it, too. Then, I went up and down cutting the heavy weeds that I couldn't pull out. The road is clear on both sides now for awhile. We went and had a sandwich for lunch and then I took my shovel and went out and pried that petrified rock out of the road in front of the house. We clunked over it every time we went in and out of the driveway. I had to call dr to help me move it and together we couldn't move it. It's 22 inches by 20 inches by 9 inches. There were two of the neighbors brothers next door so I went and asked if they would help us move it. They picked it up like it didn't weigh anything. One of them even took the shovel and filled in the hole. We tried to hose the dirt off of it but dr says we need a stiff brush. It's more like sandstone so we don't want to scrub it too hard. I think I will call the lady from the rock club and see how they clean it. I might even see if they would like it.
So, tomorrow I will pull weeds in the backyard and water things back there.
dr is going to be working on his shed. He does a little every day. It's too hot to work on it very long. He's working on roof rafters now. We went and bought some boards for it yesterday. He has metal to use for the roof once he gets the rafters put up.
Seems like we either work slower or the days are shorter because we run out of day before we run out of things to do.
Well, I'd better quit this and go "find" something else to do. Usually it finds me first.


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