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Computers down

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 6:51 pm

When Dan came home last night he said the computers went down at three o'clock. When I went to the Prescott Valley library at six pm they were still down. The air conditioning for the building that houses the main computers that all the libraries connect to went down and they had to shut off the main computers because it was too hot for them. So, they said they weren't going to be able to do anything with them until this morning. We had to do all check outs by hand. We had to write down patron's library card number and the barcode number of each item checked out. Do you know how many books get checked out from three o'clock to nine o'clock. Pages and pages. This morning someone will have to set at a computer and enter each item into the computer. But, we couldn't check anything in either so everything was put on a counter in the back to be checked in this morning. I could only shelve what books were on the carts and then I straighted all the shelves, bringing all the books to the front edge to make them look neat and easier to read the end labels. I also helped check out with all the number writing. Now, tonight I will have a lot of books and video's to shelve because I will have what was checked in last night and all of today. They do have some volunteers do shelving during the day but most of it is done in the evening when it is less busy, patron wise. So, I will earn my keep tonight. I don't mind shelving books. Someone has to do it and it was what I was hired to do. Dooley

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Day three!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jun 28, 2006 5:54 am

Today was day 3 of the summer reading program. The local vet tech came to talk about dogs and small pets. She brought a guinea pig with her. She gave the children small books about safety around animals, a bookmark and a pencil. They ask and answered a lot of questions. Then, we made magnets out of sheet foam, peel off strip magnet and stickers and markers. Then, we played a team game. We assigned teams the first day. We told the children they would remain on the same team the whole seven weeks and the more team members that showed up, the more chances they had of winning the games. So, today some children were out and there were a couple new ones. But, out of four teams, none had all the members.One team had only four and one had six but two were under three years old. Some teams had mostly older children so it was rather mixed. So, todays game: Each team got a ball of yarn, approximately the same size. They had to make a line or circle and pass the yarn around until the ball was unwound. Then, they had to wind it up again. It was so funny. One little girl organized her team and kept them on task. As the ball unwound each team member held on to it as it went around so, no snarls. The team next to them saw what she was doing and tried to copy it. It was not as organized. The other two teams were mostly older children and I have to say, boys. They were tossing the ball of yarn to each other and team D ended up losing their ball of yarn and it went under the table. Instead of going under after it, they just kept pulling on the yarn. It unwound of course which was what it should have done, but with no one controlling it they soon had this pile of yarn and it became a big snarl. After it was totally unwound they tried to wind it again and there was total chaos. The third team didn't do much better than Team D. Sisters headed team B and team D. They both had snarls and couldn't get they yarn untangled to wind it. Team A headed by the girl with all younger boys and the two little ones unwound their yarn and calmly rewound it. They were done way before the others. Team C was on the right track, they were just slow. It was all girls.
I told the teams that what they should have done when they had too many snarls to wind the yarn was to make a ball of the snarls and wind around it. No one said it had to be wound neatly. They all groaned and said, "Now you tell us." Well, I couldn't give hints during the game, could I?
They all got their tickets for the drawing boxes, kids and helpers. I will wait to see who wins the children's books and which adult wins the $25.00 gift certificate to the book store. The animals on parade go almost around the children's room. Next week is a holiday so no program. Kids can still read and check out books and return books during the next two weeks. We'll be back on July 11th. There should be lots of animals up by then. There were 31 kids and 9 helpers today. One homeschool family didn't come today. That lowered our total. That mother has 5 children under seven years old, the youngest being two months. All girls. Poor dad! He's surrounded. Wait until they are in the giggly stage. My uncle had 5 girls out of 7 children and said if he could can giggles and sell them he'd be a rich man.
So, today the director from the children's boys and girls club had those children clean up the room before they left. They did a remarkably good job. I came home and had a nap before we went to dinner and then to work. DR did manage to get a few pictures between rain drops and I will try to get them downloaded tomorrow. Dooley

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A good soak!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 3:33 am

My garden got a good soaking today, but it wasn't from the storm. I watered a few things in pots this morning and was walking around looking at things. DR came out and wanted to know if I was looking for squash. I picked two yesterday so I told him I was looking at the little green tomatoes. I found 9 in various sizes. None very big yet. I ask if he thought I should turn on the soaker hose. It waters the squash and the tomatoes. DR said it wouldn't hurt so I hooked it up and turned it on. I came in and made smoothies for lunch. I checked on gardenstew. DR washed some clothes and hung them out. We played with Chance and I wrote to Tom and to Grandma. It started to thunder and the wind came up. DR went out to get the clothes and I was looking to see if anything needed to be put away before the rain came. I discovered that we had forgotten the soaker hose. The garden got a good soaking. It had huge puddles even. I bet we have a huge water bill next month. Good thing I have a job now. I would like to water like that every few days, but it's not possible. Other places have reasonable water rates but because water is an ever diminishing comodity here the rates are higher than elsewhere. Maybe with the drought everywhere water rates have gone up other places too. It was close to our electric bill last month and that is up to it's summer rate. Why do they increase electric rates in summer when usage is high and decrease them in winter when less is used. You would think they would be higher in winter to make up for less usage. Oh, well! They just gave the electric company a 8.5% increase on our last bill and they are already back asking for more.
I guess I should quit grumbling. At least we have the means to pay it right now. People with less income are going without. I'd better change the subject.
DR washes the dishes and does the laundry now. So, after dinner I went out to play with Chance. I took a piece of bagel with me and was breaking off small pieces to give to her. I don't think she likes bagels because after the first two bites she went and buried the third piece. They were small pieces too. Her nose was very dirty and when DR came out he laughed at her and tried to clean it. She got down and rubbed in in a patch of grass. Well, enough. Dooley

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A Day Off

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 4:04 am

Wow, I worked four evenings and had a day off. Tomorrow I will work 8 am to 4:30 pm and then have Sunday off. I think it will be busy tomorrow. Last night I shelved nonfiction books, all the little numbers on the end panels. I think everyone leaves them for last because no one likes shelving them. I don't mind it but it takes awhile to get them in order. I turned in my time sheet for the first time so next Friday I will get one weeks pay. Yipee! It's been awhile since I worked for pay. I enjoy working. It's a bigger library than the two I have volunteered in recently. so, the volume of books to shelve is greater. They have about 20 three shelf carts in the check-in area. They are never empty. As soon as you empty one someone fills it with checked-in books. But, they do sort them now. They used to just fill the carts. The girl I'm replacing said she labeled each cart for the type of books needing shelved. fiction, nonfiction, mystery, large print, etc. One night I shelved video's, DVD's, audio books and fiction. Didn't get it all finished. Should have worked some on the nonfiction because last night I had to do all nonfiction and still didn't finish them. One of the librian's told me not to shelve fiction and new books tomorrow. They have a volunteer who comes in one Monday to shelve books. She is 92 years old and only wants to shelve fiction and new books because they are relatively easy. If there are none on the cart she gets mad and goes home. I guess age does have some usefulness.
On my first day off, we went to breakfast at Young's Farm. Then, we went up to Prescott Valley (can't skip a day) and went to yard sales. I found a shirt and pair of pants that I can wear to work. I can't wear jeans and t-shirts. Stopped at Fry's and bought chicken breasts for 88 cents a pound. The meat dept. kid said he can't even get them into the case. Every time he brings out a box customers get it emptied before he can put them in the meat case. We could only buy four packages. We bought some ice cream so we had to come home because we didn't have a cooler with us. It was a bit soft when we got here but not melted entirely.
Then, we went to Spring Valley and Cordes Lakes to yard sales but bombed out there. I meant to go back to one here in Mayer but forgot. I did buy a weed whacker for five dollars. The guy plugged it in and cut a few weeds and it worked. I needed one I could use and it's a nice light electric one.
Got home around 1:30 and checked out Gardenstew. Played a couple computer games, went to water the pots of flowers and played with Chance a bit. Dan came home and needed to go to Prescott Valley to buy a part for his truck. So, we went back to Prescott Valley to the auto parts store. Then, we went to the Chinese buffet for supper. Then to WalMart to buy some craft foam and a roll of peel and stick magnets strips to use for craft on Tuesday. A local vet tech is coming to do a program on Dogs and small animals as pets. She is supposed to bring hamsters or guinea pigs. We'll play a team game with balls of yarn. Each team gets a ball of yarn, approx. the same size. The first person unwinds a piece and hands the ball to the next person who does the same and on down the line it goes and back up the line until it's all unwound. Then, they reverse and wind the yarn back into a ball. First team to get the yarn rewound gets a point each.
This past Tuesday, they had to move M&M's from a cup at one end of the room to a cup at the other end of the room. The team with the most M&M's in their cup won. The first team had to be disqualified because one person went twice. But, the teams got to divide the M&M's in their cups. So goes my day off and a few other things. Dooley

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Update on summer reading program

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:33 am

Today was the second day of summer reading program. We had 39 kids and 9 parent helpers. We managed to keep things down to a dull roar but it was pretty hectic. Miss Kitty's Cat House did manage to come, but they didn't bring the cats. The lady who was coming was sick so someone else came and I think wasn't prepared to bring live animals. I was a bit disappointed but the kids seemed not to care. We made cat toys, played a game with M&M's. We have 121 animals on parade and it goes half around the children's room so I'm sure we will get the line into the adult room before too long.
I went in to work at the PV (Prescott Valley) library and spent three hours shelving non-fiction books. I don't mind, but the top shelf is taller than I am so I had to stretch to reach it. I did manage to knock some down, too. The library is a large building all of glass panels so the view is terrific, mountains in all directions. Not the forested kind of mountains though, the ones with scrubby brush. It's the desert here you know. I will like working there. The people are really friendly.
Chance missed me, she is laying here by my feet. I had to share my cantaloupe with her. She sits and stares until you feel guilty if you don't share.
More again. Dooley

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busy day tomorrow

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2006 4:50 am

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I will go to the Mayer Library to help with the summer reading program. It almost got cancelled. Well, not the whole program, just the day's program. Miss Kitty's Cat House person called and said the person coming to do the program was sick and had to go to the doctor. No one else was available to do the program so they would have to come another day. Dan called them back and told them they could not change days without bumping someone else out of their day so the lady who called said she would come and do the program. So, we are back in business.
Today, I had my first day at my new job at the Prescott Valley Library. I went in at 9 AM. I was supposed to work 3 hours at the library and then go to Human Resources to do the paperwork. But, about ll:30 the human resources person came and said she couldn't do paperwork today. So, I needed to come in at 4:30pm tomorrow and do the paperwork before I go to work in the library from 6 to 9 pm. So, I came home at noon today. I stopped at the grocery store and got stuff to make spaghetti for supper. I went to the bank to get the routing number so I could get direct deposit instead of going on Friday's to collect it. Friday and Sunday being days I don't work. I found I will work 8 am to 4:30 pm on Saturday. Anyway, I got home around 1:30 today. So, tomorrow, I will work at the Mayer library 9 to 12 and then go to the PV Library at 4:30. I will need to leave here about 3:50. It takes about half an hour to drive up there so I will be ten minutes early if there is no heavy traffic and I drive the speed limit. Brian is going to go and do some errands and then come and pick me up when he is finished and I am finished. He wants to get a library card up there because it is a bigger library then Mayer.
I found the people very nice. They all came and welcomed me to the library. The work is the same as I have been doing. Each library has their own stamp on things so there will be a few variations but basically it will be okay. Today, I checked in books and shelved about a hundred videos and audio books. They also have volunteers to help shelve books. I think I will like it. It will seem strange though to go to work after supper instead of being done for the day. I do get a bonus though. DR has volunteered to do the dishes. I hate doing dishes. So that is a bonus. He already does the laundry. Is he not a good person?
I had two letters from Brian's mom (grandma) today. She is having a difficult time mentally adjusting to being in a nursing home and without all her little possessions that she had. I think it would not be so bad if she had been able to go back to her apartment and help dispose of things that she couldn't keep. Having someone else do it makes her sad and a bit depressed. I keep trying to cheer her up and I think what if it had been me. How would I feel? I think I would be a bit sad and depressed and a lot angry at life in general. It really isn't fair sometimes. But, no one promised fair in our life and there are a few hard knocks. One would think that at age 90 the hard knocks would be behind us. Oh, well! time to go. Dooley

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Early to bed, maybe

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jun 18, 2006 3:05 am

We got up at 5 am this morning and went to the flea market. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was just coming up over the horizon when we left home. It was 54F. It quickly warmed things up and it was in the mid-90's by eleven am. We did fairly well and came home at 1:30 this afternoon. We stopped and put gas in the truck and since I served notice that when I got a job I wasn't cooking on Saturday's anymore, we stopped and got chicken with potato salad and rolls for supper. I got a part time job at the Prescott Valley Library. I will be working on the circulation desk. My job will consist of check in and check out and shelving returned books. Keeping books in order and issuing library cards, also. I will work Mon-Thurs evenings until 9pm and all day on Saturday. I will keep helping Dan with the summer reading program since that will be in the morning on Tuesdays. I will not work with Dan on Fridays now. Friday and Sunday will be my days off so I will have things I need to do. Of course, I have all day most days to do things because I don't have to leave for work until about 5:15 pm. It takes me about half an hour to drive up to Prescott Valley. DR is going to go up with me on Tuesday and Wednesday this week because he has some errands to run and no sense in going twice in one day. I will go to work and he will do his errands and then come over to the library to pick me up. I think it will work out okay. We will have to eat early though. I have gotten into the habit of not eating until 6 or 6:30 in the evening. We are thinking of having our main meal at noon and having a light supper. I think that will work if I remember to start the meal before it is time to eat. We get up early so I need to eat when I get up instead of doing all sorts of things and then going back to eat.
Before we moved to Arizona, we used to come to visit my mom and dad. They were retired. They would get up and make coffee and watch the news and go start the water going on the plants and it would be 9 to 9:30 before they had breakfast. I always wondered how they could be up three hours before breakfast. Well, now we are retired. We still get up early and DR watches the news and I check Gardenstew on the computer and then, I go outside with Chance to check out the garden, etc and it is 9 to 9:30 before we get around to eating. Then, since I need about four hours at least between meals we don't have lunch until after two and then supper doesn't get made until after 6 and I've just gotten into some bad habits and I will have to get out of them.
Monday, I will work four hours during the day and I will start the evening hours on Tuesday. I am looking forward to it. It's been awhile since I worked for pay and I am looking forward to that too. We have plans for some of the money but have reserved some for "mad" things. I wonder what I will buy first. Is mad money to be used on things you need or things you want? What if the things you need are also things you want? It's going to be a tough choice, I think. The good thing is paydays fall on my day off so I can get a good start on the spending.

Change of subject: my computer had a couple of glitches this week. I don't know what else to call them. I called Dan and he came and looked at places that I did not even know were on the computer. He checked this and that and finally fixed it. He didn't know what was wrong but could figure out how to fix it from how it was acting. On my own, I would have made it worse or really crashed it. He says he would have to be able to read all those technical parts to find out what was wrong but he can figure how to fix it without knowing what is wrong. I wish I had that kind of knowledge. DR doesn't like computers much and has no desire to learn technical things. I think computers came along when we were too old to figure things like that. The boys used them from the time they first came out with personal computers. The first one didn't even have a modem. We had to buy one and hook it up. Then, there wasn't much you could do with it. Slowly, the internet evolved until there is so much information out there that no one will ever know all that is there. Dan introduced me to a program called StumbleUpon. We put it on the toolbar. It takes you to random sites depending on what you programmed as your likes and dislikes. I can turn it on and off as the case warrents. BUT, for each site it takes you to, a cookie appears on your computer. You need to daily check for cookies and delete the ones you don't want. I think maybe I did something today when I was doing virus, spybot and adaware and defrag and moving cookies. I do things the same way everytime but sometimes I think it doesn't always come out the same. I think it's good that Dan lives close or the computer repairmen would be taking all of my "mad" money. Dooley

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First Day!!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2006 1:03 am

So, today was the first day of the summer reading program. We all went early to set thing ready and were extremely nervous. We thought no one will come. We thought too many would come. We had 30 packets ready. We didn't have too much time to worry because by 9:30 children were waiting outside. Dan let them in at 9:45am. Starting time was 10:00am. It turned out well. We had 26 kids and 14 adults, plus Dan, Dick, Mary and I. Now, we don't have a big library. Dick says the children's section is about 35 by 35 minus the space six computer desks take up. The adult room is about the same though it is narrower and longer. Dan had a whistle and when it got so noisy we couldn't hear ourselves think, he blew the whistle. We signed registration sheets and book list sheets. We gave out tickets for the end of the program drawing. One drawing for kids and one drawing for the volunteer helpers. We explained the animals on parade contest. For each book read during the seven weeks an animal will be put on the line going around the entire library, kid section and adult section. Each animal is approx. 4 inches long. Today, approx. 100 books were checked out. The kids had to determine where they thought the line of animals would stop at the end of seven weeks. We approximated about 300 to 350 feet of space. But, you have to factor in the fact that some families have more than one or two children. One family has five and one family has another five coming. So if each of the five read all of the books that's 5x10 books that they are allowed to take out and if each one checks out 10 and each one reads the other's books you have an astounding number of books for one family. Of course, due to the age range in the families it is probably not going to happen, but the older ones can read to the younger ones and read each others books so of course there is no way to predict where the line will end. Of course some thought it would reach all around and one girl thought it would go around twice. I can't wait to see where it will end. The smaller children have no clue but the older ones were trying to figure it out by the number of children and how many books they could check out. Then, they had to revise it because some children checked out video's and they don't count as a book. It was interesting watching them try to figure it out. I'm not sure how they did end up putting their name on the line. We divided into teams and had teams of six today. One child declined to be on a team and one child will not be here next week so they were a temporary member.
Now, next week we should have 10 or 11 more children because summer school starts and there is a class of nine children who will come as a class. Also, two children signed up but they couldn't start until next week. One girl came in the afternoon and signed up so she could start reading books so next week she could start getting points for the books she read. Each easy book is worth one point and each juvenile book is worth one point per twenty-five pages. Points can be used to buy prizes from the prize catalog. Prizes are little sticky animals, animal bracelets, animal pens, key chains, little animal sticky balls, finger puppets, hand puppets, and many more. Range from one point to 20 points. Anyway we think we have had a successful start. next week, a visit from Miss Kitty's Cat House, a no kill cat shelter. They are bringing kittens and a jaguarmundi? I hope that is spelled right. It's a South American cat. We will make a cat toy with a pompom and a bell on yarn. Hope it goes as well. Will keep you posted. We have 24 new pictures on the wall of pets or wanna pets. Dooley

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It's quiet

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:27 am

I'm was sitting outside with Chance. She was surveying the yard and occasionally barking at something. Her eyesight must be quite a bit better than mine because I couldn't see anything. It began to get dark so we came inside. We don't do saving time in Arizona so by 8pm it is getting dark. It's quiet now. All the kids must be inside. I hear the dog up on the corner but nothing else. The fans are running, a steady hum in the room.Chance is sitting by my feet. Make that snoozing by my feet. She will snooze until I ask her if it's bedtime. DR moved the gnomes back outside since he says they must talk to Chance when she's snoozing. I don't know what we've been doing lately. We had some very warm days and didn't do much. It's been breezy and warm. About all I've been doing outside is watering. I think tomorrow, I will move some plants around and plant those little tomatoes in the ground and see if they will grow. Sometimes when I move stuff from pots to the ground they do well and sometimes they just say, I'm not growing. I don't like it here. The big tomatoes all have flowers. I put some plant food on them today. I've been watering a bare spot because I dumped a mixed up mess of seeds on it. So, far nothing has come up. I think maybe the ants have carried the seeds away. I'm still dumping stuff down the ant hills. Some ants have moved and some haven't. I guess I have harressed them enough yet. One day, I couldn't find the ant spray. I had left it by another ant hill, I guess. I sprayed them with lemon scented furniture polish. They moved house, but only about two feet. I powered washed the ant hills one day. Then, I sprayed them with ant spray and DR came along and poured some charcoal lighter down the hole. That kept them away for several days. Yesterday, after I worked at the library, DR, Dan and I went up to the buffet place for dinner. They serve dinner rolls with tubs of this honey butter. We ate the rolls but brought the little tubs of honey butter home. They are great ant traps. You open the lid a bit and set them outside. They are both greasy and sweet so in a little bit of time they are full of drowned ants because the butter melts in the sun and they full in and can't get out. I should look in Costco and see if they sell them in cartons. I bought some round ant traps at the dollar store and put them around outside where Chance can't get at them. They seem to work a bit. But, you can't put them where an animal can get at them. \
Tomorrow, I need to do some grass trimming around the bridge and along the fences. Grass only grows where it isn't wanted. There's not much in the yard. I think it must be because Chance keeps it trampled. The front yard has some grass except under the big tree. I was going to put hosta's under the tree but time seemed to get away and it wasn't accomplished yet.
I put in an application for a part-time job but I haven't heard about it yet. It's only 20 hours a week. I'll have to make some changes if I get it. Maybe DR will water in the evening. It's evenings and Saturday. I think meals will probably rearrange themselves to suit when and if needed. I'm not counting my chickens yet though. Just a bit of casual thinking about things.
Dan's truck broke so he's been riding his bike to work. It's about half a mile. He sometimes did that anyway. A friend is coming tomorrow to help him determine what's broken and how much it will take to fix it. He did find out it's not the battery. He took it and had it checked at an auto parts place. It may be the alternator(?). I can't spell that word. It just doesn't look right any which way.
Guess that's about it for today. Dooley

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