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Getting there!

Category: Holidays | Posted: Mon Dec 08, 2008 9:29 pm

We're beginning to see the light. We got here on Monday, the 1st of December. We only unloaded things we needed for the night. Dan and Laurel were great. I think we would have been lost several times except we gave them the maps and just followed the big yellow truck. Chance enjoyed the ride but was very confused by the stopping and starting and the motel rooms. She wouldn't eat until we got there and dr hand fed her some chicken. She's doing okay now. dr finished her fence today so she can go out without a leash now. She still thinks he needs to go out with her though. Dan and Laurel left on Wednesday morning. Instead of taking them to Austin where they were going to take the train for home we rented them a car. They were going to poke around Austin for the day and then get the train. We have been working steady to get things unpacked. There are four bedrooms so we picked one and stacked all the boxes in that room. We take one out at a time. Dan stacked all the kitchen boxes in a row down the middle of the room. He said he built me an island. When I got the kitchen boxes almost emptied he complained because I didn't like the island he built for me. We have lots of room to rattle around and I always seem to be at the wrong place when the whistle on the tea kettle goes off. We bought a new Christmas tree and dr put it together. I put what decorations I saved on it and this morning we bought a few more. It seems every day we need to run to the store. I've got to stay out of the stores because I always see something that I need that we didn't go to get. We don't have a phone yet so I haven't gotten back on the internet yet. I can come use Glenda's but don't always get over here to do it. We are liking it here a lot. It's very flat though. Not a hill or a mountain in sight. There are lots of trees though so you can't see forever. It's been verly nice. The property around us has horses and Chance can't figure out those big dogs that don't bark. She just stands by the fence and stares at them.
All in all, the move went smoother than I thought. Of course everything didn't fit on the truck but we were able to give things to people who needed them. We gave the food from the freezer and refrigerator to a couple with four kids. Then, stuff from the pantry wasn't going to fit in our little truck so we gave that to them too. One of the kids said they were getting a lot of stuff. The mom told her that maybe they wouldn't have to do much shopping this month and they could buy something for Christmas. I didn't know whether to be sad because the stuff wouldn't fit in the truck or happy that someone could use the stuff and have money for Christmas. I finally decided I was happy that they could use the stuff. dr said he never knew so many people would be happy that we were leaving town. So, we decided the stuff that didn't fit was making other people happy and we wouldn't worry about it anymore. No more lamenting because it wouldn't fit. We are here with more things than we need and eventually we'll have every space filled up again. It's been a long drawn out move and we are here and we are happy about it. We'll get all of the boxes and tubs emptied in due time. I put up some outside decorations yesterday and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. dooley

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