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Seventy five degrees in January?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Jan 23, 2013 12:36 am

Are you sure it's still January? Today it was 71 degrees at 4:30 pm and the weather says it will be 75 degrees and sunny tomorrow. Are you sure it's still January? It was nice a couple of weeks before Christmas and then we had about a month of cold, cloudy, rainy, dreary weather. About a week ago the rain quit and gradually it's been warming up. It says it will be 75 tomorrow but on Thursday it will be 79 degrees. Go figure!
I've been trying to get the yards in shape for spring. Last year it got away from me when I was doing all the running from one doctor to another. The grass got tall and the weeds took over and the grasshoppers had a feast. So, I've managed to get all the weeds pulled and I've raked all the dry grass and tossed it over the fence and am in the process of cutting the scrubby brush that persists in coming back. I did see when I was raking that some had dried up so maybe it's progress. I'll do some more of that tomorrow and I need to trim my rose bushes and pull off the leaves with black spot. I found a spray for black spot that says it's safe for the garden. I need to dig or hoe up the garden areas. I found some spinach, swiss chard, kale, lettuce and carrots that I can plant. I was looking at the ones that I planted in the fall. I see one row of carrots, two rows of spinach, some peas and a few swiss chard. There was one bloom on the peas. I wonder what you can do with one pea. Maybe some more will bloom. The plants have survived the wooly caterpillars and the freezes so it's hopeful. I saw a grasshopper yesterday. It was a big one. I wonder where he hid from the cold. I thought the freezes would take care of them. I thought about hiring the kids up the hill (7-9 yrs) to come and catch them. I could pay them a penny a piece. Then, I thought about it again. Knowing those boys they would do more damage than the grasshoppers. I remember when I was a kid that we always caught grasshoppers and ladybugs and fireflies. We didn't even get paid for it. Now, I know that we should have left the ladybugs but what do little kids know about bugs.
Maybe next month I can plant a few more things if it doesn't decide to freeze again. I have some bush beans and some pole beans but it does need to be frost free for those. I have some radishes and some potato sprouts. Well, enough time to think about that.
I'm still sewing stuff. I made shopping bags for relatives in California. Last week I made a couple with a cowboy design and sent one to our grandson and one to Brian's niece's son. They are both five. I put some books in the bags, hoping maybe they would consider them book bags. The Writer's Guild is having a Book Sale and author signing in February and they let me sell book bags there so I need to make some of them. I call them tote bags but shopping bags would work as well.
With summer coming I should make some garden aprons, too.
So goes my life. Hope you have a good one, too.


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Memories going or there's too much to do

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 8:17 pm

After breakfast this morning I brought my cup of tea here so I could check the computer. I checked out things and then looked at the calendar with all the days checked with x's. That's the old calendar, I thought. I pulled it down and got the new one from the shelf and put it up. No x's on it yet. We bought several calendars so I thought I'd go find them and change them, too. I took my tea cup, which was by now empty, to the kitchen. I ran hot water and washed up all the empty tea cups sitting there and cleaned off the big table in the center of the kitchen. Things tend to get set there instead of getting put away. I changed out the Christmas place mats on the little table where we eat. I swept the kitchen and hallway and laundry room and I swept up all the little twigs from around the stove in the living room. I mopped up the kitchen floor. It tends to get messy along in front of the stove and sink. I looked around and things seemed to be looking good. I heated up some leftover soup for lunch. I rinsed out the bowls and made myself a cup of tea and came in here to check out the internet for any new posts, etc. I glanced over at the calendar and saw that it was new. That's when I remembered that I had gone to look for the other new calendars. They weren't in the kitchen. They were on a shelf in the hallway. So, now the new calendars are all installed where we can look at them whenever we want to remember what day it is now. My cup of tea isn't hot anymore. I'm a little afraid to take it to the kitchen. I might forget what I went out there for and clean something else.
I do need to go put that chicken in the oven if we are going to eat it for supper though. I'm not sure just what we will eat with it. I think I may roast sweet potatoes and have a salad. We have had a lot of sweet stuff lately but I guess we should end the holidays with something for dessert. Hmmmm! Guess I'd better take this tea cup to the kitchen and see what I can find to make. No cookies. I still have a few pfeffernusse but it's time to quit with the cookies. I emptied out the tins when I was cleaning this morning. Well, I'll find something. The cupboard isn't bare as was Mother Hubbards.


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