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We are having some outside weather!!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jan 30, 2011 2:33 am

It's been a colder and wetter winter here this year. This is our third winter in Texas. We haven't had any snow but we've had lots of rain and some below freezing weather. Bt, yesterday and today were for doing things outside again.
Since we moved here I have been cutting out brush and digging out roots all over the place. During the summer I had to quit due to some problems that landed me in the hospital a couple of days. I think that is finally taken care of. A change of medication and an over the counter supplement seems to be doing the job.
So, Yesterday I took my loppers and my shovel and went out to the front yard. I had to take the rake, too because there are several trees out there that lose their leaves in the fall, including oak trees. Those oak trees have huge leaves. There are some still hanging on the tree waiting for me to finish raking so they can fall and make me do it again.
Yesterday, as I raked, I cut off all the little trees and offshoots that grew from roots I didn't get dug out. I got about half done. Today, I raked and left the little trees and offshoots. I got all of the raking done but about three feet along the fence. Now I can see what I still need to lop off. I also need to take a saw and cut down some scrubby trees that are growing in the wrong places and will not amount to anything. It will give the trees there more light, too. Then, I have to rake in the little yard. That's where we fenced off an area for sitting. It has lawn chairs and a table and lots of flower pots for flowers. It's a shady area so not much grew back but there are those oak trees that dropped their leaves. That won't take more than an hour or so. It is supposed to rain tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday so I guess I won't get it done this week unless the rain goes around us.
Today, I had to take a break and go with dr to Home Depot for some small nuts and bolts for the project he was doing. We stopped for vegetables, too. On the way we went past a large yard sale so of course we had to stop and go back. We found a few neat things we can use here. There were some "walls" taken from a camper or something. They have windows in them. There were three of them and they make a total of 12 feet. dr says he can use them to make a shed addition on the back of the house. We have some metal roofing he can use and painted they will look nice enough for a shed. I can grow some flowers around it and it will be good. We also found some wooden frames about six foot wide and eight foot tall. They have lattice in them. We are going to build a deck on the front of the house. It will be three steps down from the front porch and three steps down to the ground. It will hold our deck chairs, a small table and of course some flowers. These lattice panels will go onto the front of the deck. Then, we have a piece of lattice that dr can make into another frame for the end of the deck. I will plant morning glories along the side and ends to grow up the lattice like I did with the long front porch at our other house.
So, we have more projects ahead of us. Of course, I would like the deck first but being practical we will build the shed first. Well, first is getting the stuff home. We can't haul them in our small truck. The man said if we can't get someone to bring them home he might be able to deliver them with his work truck. He'll call us or we can call him the beginning of the week. We might be able to get our neighbor to do it for us. His truck is bigger.
Yesterday I went up along our very bumpy road and cut all the weeds along the side. Everytime we came down the hill they brushed the sides of the truck. Our neighbor came out to help but she couldn't find her hoe and didn't have loppers or a weed eater to use. We talked about how to fix the road but it's not up to us so we just talked about it. At some point the property owner wants to level it out and gravel or rock it. It's waiting it's turn in the scheme of things I guess. There's always something else that has a priority. They are trying to build a small farm holding and have been buying animals and building fences and houses for the animals. They have three pigs, two goats, chickens, two heifer calves and two horses. They already had the horses. They were bought for the grandkids a few years ago. Nobody rides them much. The kids aren't old enough to ride by themselves and everyone works too much to help them.
I, also, emptied my lettuce tub and emptied it out and refilled it with soil and planted more lettuce. I tented it and will cover it when it gets too cold at night. I'm hoping we are done with the below freezing weather and won't have to cover it with more than one layer of something to keep the frost off of it.
If it rains tomorrow it will be inside projects that I really need to work on. I've put things off for too long and since I'm feeling better now I'd better get myself in gear and get a few things done.
Chance did something this evening that she's never done before. She went into the bedroom bath and emptied the wastebasket and chewed on the rolls from the toilet paper. She has never bothered waste baskets before. I wonder what got her started on it today. Boredom, maybe. She had to be inside while we went to town because it was supposed to rain and she doesn't have outside shelter from the rain. That is another project coming somewhere down the road. Our road seems to be getting longer. Maybe I should quit here and get started on fixing it. Oops! I can't. It's dark outside. Maybe tomorrow!

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