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Today was Saturday

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 4:13 am

Since today was Saturday I worked seven hours. I had a day off yesterday. There was a big gun show in Phoenix and we thought we would go walk around and we might see something I could buy DR for his birthday. But when we got up he said he was tired and didn't feel like walking around a gun show. So, we just went to Phoenix to do a little shopping. We started at Trader Joe's. I found a pink heather plant before we got in the front door. It smelled so good. It's pretty, too. Picture tomorrow, maybe. Then, we went to Saver's, a resale shop. That was a waste of time and we left quickly. Then, we drove clear to Dunlap and 35th Avenue to go to an Oriental Market. I wanted to buy tea and they usually have a choice. I bought lychee tea, India tea(assam), oolong tea and some called Lung ching. It was in a sealed can so I only bought it because of the strange name. No English on the can. It is a green tea, I think. The leaves are in big chunks. I haven't tried it yet. I only made a pot of the lychee tea which is fragrant and quite good. It's a black tea. The India tea comes packed in pound bags. I haven't opened it yet. I need to get a tin out of the shed to store it in. I also bought a box of Irish breakfast tea and a box of oolong tea, both teabags for when I don't have time or want a big pot of tea. Tonight I had P&G Tips. That's English and quite good. On Thursday when we went to Ross's, I bought a box of Harrowgate. It's English, too. It's a black tea. So, I now have a bigger selection of tea and will probably end up going, "eeny, meeny, miney mo" to decide what to make. I bought a few other things and then we went to a Thai buffet for lunch. Not as good as it used to be but the neighborhood has taken a slide down hill. We went to the Sunflower Organic store for polenta and I bought some wholegrain pancake mix to try. We bought fish for Christmas eve at Trader Joe's and a few other gourmet items for Christmas. No presents though. The smell in the Oriental grocery make DR feel sick so he went outside to wait for me. We got home about four and I put the pork roast that was in the refrigerator in the oven and went to do a few little things while supper was cooking.
Today, was a light day bookwise at the library. The drop boxes were nearly empty. But, last night was the Christmas parade in Prescott Valley. A light parade. This afternoon was the parade in Prescott and tonight was the lighting of Christmas lights in Courthouse Square in Prescott. It's a really big deal and makes the news all over Arizona. We didn't go. Being a light book day I had time to move books around on the shelves. Two of the other ladies moved all the H thru K books before the library opened and I moved all the C thru G books by myself this afternoon. It's all part of a big move to rearrange things to make better use of the space. It's been a lot of work though. Another lady will move A thru B on Monday morning. She has moved her share over the last several weeks. I can make you go cross-eyed by telling you how it works so just imagine several thousand hard back and paper back books all changing spaces. The non-fiction books did not change spaces but I am forever moving them about trying to make more room. It will be June 2008 before the new library is ready to occupy so space is very much a concern until that time. My one elbow hurts tonight and sometimes when I've moved a lot of books my fingers cramp at night.
I think tomorrow we will stay home and see about doing something Christmasy. Of course, that will entail moving things around a bit. Well, okay, it will entail moving things around a lot. I'm thinking if it is at all nice I might begin with the outside. It is supposed to rain during the week and I can always do inside if it's raining. Chance can help. She always looks so worried when we start moving things. Chance and dr have gone to bed. I didn't sleep all that well last night so I think I might be headed that way myself. As for the Christmas shopping, not much was bought in the way of presents. I did buy two sweaters for work but dr paid for them. I guess I will have to go Christmas shopping again. DR says he doesn't need anymore things to not have room for. I did order a subscription for him for Shotgun News which he likes to read. But, that wasn't a surprise. Oh, well, that's my rambling for tonight. Dooley

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