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Long days, short nights!

Category: Vacations | Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 1:05 am

After arriving late in Dallas on Friday, we arrived at Glenda's around 10:30 pm. This made supper very late and around two am we finally decided it was bed time. But, 8 am found us up and outside touring Glenda's yard. Breakfast was very late and we all went to dinner at Ryan's Steak House and did some sightseeing afterwards. It wasn't deliberate sightseeing, it was mostly a case of not knowing where we were going and ending up going around in circles until we could find Heather and Jubabe and Kevin. But, find them we did and we did a little shopping at the toy store for Trey and Logan and then headed for home. This time it was Heather who ended up going in circles and she knew where she was going. Anyway, back at Glenda's the talk around the table continued and it was again about 2 am when we headed for bed. Anyway, Sunday night it was earlier, for dr and I anyway. We got into bed about 1:30 am. Glenda and Heather were up a bit longer getting the house to rights and getting kids settled down. Kids, go to bed early? No way! Monday night we were all tired and in bed by midnight. Tuesday night, dr and I headed to bed early as we had to be up early on Wednesday. Well, we headed to bed early but it was near 11:30 pm. Glenda, Heather and Kevin were up later. Trey wasn't feeling well and was in bed early. Glenda said Logan wasn't well on Wednesday so he went to bed early, too. I think it was a very long week for everyone. Sleeping on the train, especially traveling coach, is a chancy thing as it starts and stops and people come and go and there are some chatterboxes who never know when to give up and let everyone else get some sleep. But, Wednesday night on the train, I zonked out. I missed the stop in Austin and San Antonio and woke up in Del Rio. But, I didn't sleep the rest of the trip so was so tired when we started up the hill from our friends house in Goodyear. We made it fine though. I checked in on the Stew and called Glenda and played with Chance. I finally gave up and went to bed. We slept about four hours and then went to the store and had lunch and put gas in the truck, went to the post office, stopped and talked to Dan and now are about to have a sandwich and maybe call an early night. But, who knows!


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Droopy wrote on Sat May 31, 2008 7:09 am:

It sounds like your stay has been a very good one, and who can waste a few days by sleeping too much? Gotta make the most of it! :)


eileen wrote on Sat May 31, 2008 10:56 am:

Well you seem to have packed a lot into just a few days Dooley. Neither wonder you were so tired that you missed Austin and San Antonio!!! Chance must have been thrilled to have her 'mum and dad' back home again. Take things easy for a while now you're home and try to catch up on some sleep.


cactusflower wrote on Sat May 31, 2008 3:42 pm:

Hi Dooley, Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! When you are tired when you get home that's how you know :) It is a good sign if you got to rest up from vacation !!! I know you are in AZ but where are you guys located? I have been to most areas in all of Arizona, even lived up in Snowflake for a few months! Plus the 6 years in Tucson. It is a beautiful and very varied state as far as vegetation. I've on taken a train in the states once in WI a long long time ago, but when we travel abroad that is all we use and of course subways and light rails here in certain parts of the US. I think that is a great idea, especially with the gas prices!! They need to step up the trains.......I think they cut back for a while. They will need to re-think all of that for sure. Have a great weekend catching up on stuff, Kathy


glendann wrote on Sat May 31, 2008 4:51 pm:

I had a very quiet night last night and was in bed by 11:00 pm.I had been picking up and cleaning this morning.I have things in very unusual places this morning.Logan was on my mineas I could see his sweet little hands at work putting them there.The little grey and white kitty doesn't understand why Trey hasn't come out yet.Then I think of Cheyenne yelling at Trey don't do that Trey cats can't fly.:)


wannabe wrote on Sat May 31, 2008 7:22 pm:

It sounds like everyone had a good time. I haven't seen any pictures of Logan yet.You all are going to have happy memories of that trip. Wannabe


SongofJoy57 wrote on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:33 pm:

Sounds like you all had a grand time . . . . Glad you all got to meet, and have a good visit.

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