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Stormy night!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:16 pm

It was cloudy all day yesterday. When we started to Prescott Valley at five pm it was thundering a bit and there were a few sprinkles. We could tell from the sky that we would drive through rain on the way. Little did we know~~~The rain picked up as we hit the highway. By Poland Junction it was raining hard and I had the wipers on full. By Humboldt, the wipers did not keep up with the rain. I could no longer see the road in front of me or to the side of me. Visibility was down to zero. I could see nothing outside of the cab of the truck. I was down to 25 mph but I was afraid to stop because I couldn't see where I was at and couldn't see the shoulder of the road or the ditch. I kept going, hoping anyone behind me would see my tail lights and anyone coming toward me would see my headlights. After about three or four miles, it lessened a little and I could see tail lights in front of me and then at the intersection for Dewey and RTE 169 it let up enough for the wipers to clear the window but it was still raining quite hard. Traffic picked up a bit going up the hill into Prescott Valley, but thankfully people were driving sensibly. We made it to work okay. I took DR in the backdoor with me so he wouldn't be soaked going around to the front. No one minded. I was shaking for half an hour after I got there. The library building has glass walls all around so we could see the rain and lightning outside. It thundered continously for another hour and then slowed down to a nice steady rain. It rained almost all night. Lights were out all over, but the section with the library was still working. The saving grace was there was no wind. I couldn't have driven with a strong wind too. As it was there was some hydroplaning and the truck was sliding here and there a bit. Not really bad, but scary. I think that is the worst I've ever driven in all my 65 years. Well, make that 47 years. I was 18 when I started driving.
I don't know how much rain was in prescott valley but the tub in our yard here has two and one half inches in it. Everything is very soggy.
Today was my day off so we went to breakfast and then did the round of the thrift stores and garden nurseries. Didn't buy much, but a gnome did find it's way into our truck. DR thinks it's a shoemaker. I'm not sure. DR bought me a set of insulated mugs and thermos and soup jar for taking to work when it gets colder. That will be nice for lunches on Saturday. DR also bought a giant thermometer that we will be able to see from inside the house. It must be 16 or more inches across with big numbers.
It was busy at work. Good thing I only worked three days, though I still have tomorrow to work. Tuesday, I didn't get to shelve much, there were just too many check in books. I must have checked in over 200 videos and even more books. Tuesday night I was the only one shelving and had to stop and help with check out too. We finally caught up from the holiday and so last night there were three people to shelve and almost no books because the storm kept almost everyone home. There are 12 public computers and there is always a waiting list. Last night there was no more than three in use at any one time. I spent the evening moving books around to make more space on shelves. I needed to do that for sure.
I can almost see the weeds growing so I'd better go with Chance to check things out. She is patiently or not so patiently waiting for me. When I get up she will be out the door in a flash and then come back to see what's keeping me. Dooley

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Gardenstew wrote on Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:35 pm:

Did I here a gnome being mentioned? I request, nah demand a piccie!

The rain sounded terrible Dooley. Those types of downpours can be quite scary.

pondlady wrote on Fri Sep 08, 2006 11:50 pm:

Sounds like you had what we call here in New Orleans, a real gully washer. Glad you were able to drive safely.


Marlene wrote on Sat Sep 09, 2006 12:47 am:

Sounds like that was a terrible storm. I hate to be caught out driving in that kind of weather. It does leave you shaking. Glad to hear you got there safely. Marlene


cajunbelle wrote on Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:41 am:

Gosh Dooley, glad y'all are safe and sound. I don't drive, medical reasons, but I don't even like being a passenger in rain like that. You did good.


wannabe wrote on Sat Sep 09, 2006 1:50 am:

I don't like to drive in rain like that either, but then we haven't had any in a good while. I'm glad you and DR got home safe. Rosie


heathermt75 wrote on Sat Sep 09, 2006 4:44 am:

I like rainstorms, as long as I'm at home and nice and warm and dry. It is really scary to try to drive in a storm like that. Glad ya'll made it safely

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