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Here I am again!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:06 am

It's me again! My day off is about over. It seems like two days a week isn't much and I only work 20 hrs. per week. I think I waste much of my days trying to decide what to do with it. I hate making decisions any way. I'd rather make choices. But, deciding what to do isn't much of a choice.
Thursday, I made ginger pear jelly with red pears so it's a rosy color. Very pretty. I cut up zucchini and put the brown sugar on it before I went to work so I could get up on Friday morning and finish the zucchini jam. I never made zucchini jam so it was different. The brown sugar brought the liquid out of the zucchini. Then, you had to drain the liquid to measure it and see how much sugar you needed. I added lemon peel and candy ginger and the fresh ginger and cooked it. I used pectin to thicken it. It is nice and gingery. DR says it would make a good base for other things like chutney and marmalade. The brown sugar gives it a carmely taste too. It's quite good. I had ll jars. We opened one, we gave one to Joe and one to our neighbor Frank, not our gnome. I would give one to our gnome if he asked for it. I don't know if he likes jelly.
It was busy at work on Saturday. There was a lot going on in the area so I didn't think it would be so busy. There was an air show at the airport. Prescott had a grand opening for their library renovation project. Prescott Valley had an open house so people could come and look at plans and talk to the architects about the library they are going to build. There was Gold Dust Daze and Humbolt Daze and Pioneer Daze and several other things going on here and there. It's cooler now. The county fair was last weekend. We had other things to do so didn't get to it this year. We used to always go with the boys when they were little. We lived in Wisconsin then.
Today, we went to the buffet place for breakfast. They make omelets to order. I had ham, green pepper and mushrooms. DR had chirizo. It's too spicy for me. They are big omelets so I brought some of mine home for Chance. I tried not to eat too much. But, we didn't eat again until supper. I made spaghetti. I made a pumpkin pie but it was still to warm to eat so It will wait until tomorrow. There was a lot of spaghetti left so I will add some stuff and make a casserole of something spaghetti for supper tomorrow. I used hot Italian sausage but it wasn't hot. Someone must have forgotten to add the hot to it.
I watered everything today. I cut the dead flowers off the butterfly bush. I started 7 cuttings in small pots. Off the rosemary bush. I bought some vitamin B for plant cuttings and soaked them before I put them in the pots. I hope I remember to water them every day so they will root. I don't know why I think I need seven rosemary bushes in addition to the huge one I already have. But, it smells so good. Chance rubs up against it to make it smell and then stands there and smells it. She smells good for awhile too. I could make her a herbal pad for her bed. She would like that I think. I planted the basil in my pig on Friday. I hope it does well. I will have to bring it inside before it frosts. DR is going to fix my greenhouse before then, he says. He wants to put a rigid clear siding on it. It costs a lot but even with the wire the wind tore holes in the poly one. The sun is hard on it, too. We have an oil filled heater that he says we could put in it for winter. We'll see what happens there I guess. There is so much to be done. DR is going to build a privacy fence with some of the wood from the pallets we hauled home. We have some junk in the lower yard that doesn't look so good from the street so he wants to fence it around so no one has too look at it but us. There just isn't room for everything. If you have a space you've just got to put something in it. If it's not a plant, it's just junk or yard junk or yard art. Something has to go in the space. I watered the zucchini so maybe I will get more to make DR's marmalade. I will need to buy more ginger and lemons and an orange or two. I have raisins and currents if he decides it's chutney he wants. Maybe a mango or two for that. I have some jars because I had to buy some for the zucchini jam and only used part of them. When we stopped at my sister's house last week she gave me some jars that she was saving for me. I had given her some jelly last year and she saved the jars. Joe gave me back two jars this week, too. What will I do this week besides work at the library? It's too soon to tell. You can't make a decision or a choice too far ahead. Planning always leads to disasterous weather. You always need to go on a picnic on the spur of the moment because if you plan one it will rain on it. Same for any outdoor activity. Guess it's time for me to sign out and go to bed. I'm getting a bit fuzzy. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:27 am:

I always enjoy hearing about all you have done during your days off and your work days.I seem to have know time or I just don't get much done.I know I stay on the computer and Garden Stew way to much .I have to cut back but it sure is hard to do.I am off Monday and Tuesday.I have to try to get my little green houst up.I heat mine with a 100 watt bulb or two of them.It doesnt usually get that cold and I will have it at the south side of my home so the house will block the North wind.If it really gets that cold I have an Electric heater and a propane one.Well to bed Goodnight my friend.


wannabe wrote on Mon Oct 02, 2006 5:07 pm:

My days seem so full but I don't know what I do. It takes so long for little projects anymore. I like to go for rides this time of year but Gene and I can't always agree on where to ride. Wannabe


reggaefan wrote on Mon Oct 02, 2006 6:11 pm:

I wish I could say I did as much as you but Daddy told me not to lie. Let me know about the rigid green on the hot house Sharon and I ar e trying to figure out the best way to go.


Gardenstew wrote on Tue Oct 03, 2006 12:47 pm:

>>> We opened one, we gave one to Joe and one to our neighbor Frank, not our gnome. I would give one to our gnome if he asked for it. I don't know if he likes jelly. <<<

Not much of a jelly fan now Dooley, I'm gone off sugary stuff altogether. Even a chocolate bar is too much for me. I think I will change my name to Mr. CarboProtein :D


jubabe296 wrote on Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:49 pm:

Dooley you are one busy little lady for sure!! Ginger pear jelly sounds so tasty!! I love the taste of ginger in pretty much anything!!
My pets rub up against my herbs also and they always smell wonderful too!! It's nice to see them smelling and enjoying the fragrances of things just like we do!!
I really enjoy reading your blog entries!!

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