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Day is done

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Oct 16, 2006 6:33 am

The day is almost over so I should go to bed. I will put a bit here first though. It was cloudy and gloomy here most of the day. It looked like it might rain. Up north of here in Flagstaff they had a little more snow. It rained here a lot Friday night and Saturday. DR stayed home on Saturday. He didn't feel really good and I thought going out in the rainy weather would make him feel worse. I slept late this morning. Dr got up and made the first fire of the season in our stove. Then, he had to go out and haul wood up to fill the wood box. It wasn't too good for his sore shoulder but it's done. Chance came inside, made three circles around the table and flopped down in front of the stove. I made farina for breakfast and when I went to tell DR it was ready, Chance about knocked him down getting to her food dish and it was empty. DR put some in her dish but he had to add milk because it was hot and she won't eat anything that is hot. I had put it in a dish to cool. I made the plum jam this morning. I bought the plums last week but didn't get it done. I made 10 jars. Now, I have grape, ginger pear, zucchini and now plum. I have a bit of grape juice that I put in the freezer. I was thinking of mixing some apple juice with it. DR says we probably have enough jam and jelly and he is right but he bought two dozen jars and I should put something in them. I will just watch for something to be on sale and see what I will use them for. After I finished the jam, we went up to Prescott to the Home Depot. DR wanted something to put over the screen on the exercise room. I think I will put my plants in there for awhile. He says he can put the small wood burning stove in there to make it warm on nights that are too cold for them. It's getting too cold to leave them outside now. I'm hauling them in at night and putting them back outside in the morning. I have nowhere to keep them in the house. Too many bears. Anyway, we got some hardboard that should work. Then, we had lunch and then we went to the pet store and got Chance some more cookies. She likes the sandwich cookies best. DR says the frosting is pork fat flavored. ugh! They are whole wheat and carob, I think. We stopped at Costco because I needed a tub of margarine. A five pound tub lasts a long, long time but I just emptied mine the other day. We always walk around and try all the free samples. Who should we meet in Costco? Dan the librarian. He didn't say he was going there. We also met Dick and Gloria. Dick is the assistant at the library and Gloria is his wife. She is a teacher, but she volunteers at the library all the time. Her mother is on the library board. A coincidence, we were all parked in the same place and we all met in the parking lot when we were leaving. Costco is about 30 miles from Mayer. Guess we all decided that today was the day to go there. We also stopped for gas for the truck, ice cream and the last stop was for gingersnaps. I love gingersnaps with a cup of hot tea. I got the tea I ordered this week. I got Irish Breakfast, Decaf Assam, Oolong and one called Malachi McCormick's Decent tea which is a blend of assam and keemun. Now, I found another place on the internet where I can order some different ones. DR went and bought me another tea ball and a small one for using in a cup instead of a pot. I also have a bodum tea pot with the insert for tea. Guess I'm about set for tea for this winter. Teapots and such anyway. The tea probably won't last long. I made meatloaf and baked potatoes for supper. I read the Sunday papers, sort of. Now, I think I should go to bed. DR and Chance are long in bed and will probably be up much before I get up in the morning. I think tomorrow might be pancakes for breakfast or scrambled eggs. Can't decide that until morning. Tomorrow I don't have to work until 6 pm so I think I will repair Ben's bear in the morning and see if I can get one at least started. I want to make one from a pattern that I made for Dan last Christmas. It's about 16 inches tall. I really like it and might make one for myself. First, though I have to make a couple for Christmas. Maybe more, I will see how much time it takes. It usually takes a couple of days if I work at it. So, it may take longer if I have other things to do too. There is never a lack of things to do. I even brought home a book to read and haven't opened it yet. Oh, well, there's another day a coming. Dooley
I was going to write a new blog, but decided just to add a line or two to this one. I worked on Ben's bear this morning. I put in two new joints. One on a leg and one on the arm. Could be called a hip replacement and a shoulder replacement. I mailed it back this morning. I hope he didn't miss it too much. Dooley

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pondlady wrote on Mon Oct 16, 2006 1:20 pm:

Dooley, you have the busiest days off of anyone I know. I think I shall come to your house for jam. Sounds great.


glendann wrote on Tue Oct 17, 2006 12:51 am:

You really do a lot of work to only be part time.It rained almost all day here and went to repair one of the flower bed Cheyenne's dog Saddie dug up last night.I am so mad at her.I did work some in my house too.

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