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The day after

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Nov 25, 2006 4:58 am

Well, here it is the day after. We hadn't intended to do much of anything and I guess we didn't really do much. DR said we should go to breakfast. We went up the hill. It was more brunch than breakfast but we ate breakfast food. It wasn't very good. The restaurant was busy and I think they got careless with their cooking. My bacon was only cooked on one side. The waitress never came back until we were finished. When I told her about the bacon not being cooked she was going to go get me some more. DR told her to forget it, we were finished. The manager wasn't around so DR is going to write him a letter. We won't go back there. Being busy is not an excuse for poor food quality. We waited a good 20 minutes to be seated and we could see empty tables from where we stood. I think they didn't have enough wait staff on duty.
We went to the mall. I bought gift cards from Barnes & Noble for Christmas presents. The woman wanted to give me free boxes but I told her no, I was just sending them in a padded envelope. I'm saving money buying gift cards, why would I pay extra to put them in a package that costs more. Oh, well! Not her fault. She didn't know what I was doing with them. People were very rude and pushy just about everywhere today. If they didn't want to go shopping, why didn't they stay home. A lady knocked DR's drink cup over because she wanted to fill her cup before he finished. What would it hurt to wait half a second until he finished? She glared at him like it was his fault. They put something on sale at a store and then, they put a young kid on the register and he doesn't know what he is doing and everyone is trying to talk to him at once and he doesn't know and that's all he said, "I don't know!" He couldn't even get anyone else to come to help him. He'd get on the intercom and no one would come. If I'd been him, I'd probably have run screaming down the aisle. Where was the manager or dept. head when he needed helpd?Kids don't know what to do when a lot of people gather at one time and all want to be first. We left. We didn't need anything anyway. It isn't a good start to the Season of Good Cheer.
We stopped at Michael's and bought a ring to make a wreath. DR is going to make a wreath out of Rosemary for the kitchen. He bought a stem of red berries to put on for color. I think I will have a ribbon for it when we get the Christmas stuff out of the shed on Sunday. I have got to get the Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff gathered up before I think about the Christmas stuff. Why aren't these holidays spread out a little? No wonder everyone is stressed. You can't get stuff put away from one before it's too late and you are rushed getting things out for the next one. Good thing we have a few months after the new year to recuperate. Maybe that's why we have winter, to rest up for the spring and summer.
We haven't had a frost yet. I was out with Chance this morning and looking around the yard. It was cloudy and cooler than I like. But as I looked around I saw a couple petunia blossems still standing up straight. The leaves were a little brownish but the flowers were a nice bright red and white. I saw some yellow and orange calendula and some yellow coreopsis and a few purple cosmos. I even saw a couple morning glories. The morning glories were not very big but they made a bright spot in a gray day. In the garden there was a tomato plant still green with a yellow flower. Some coriander was blooming and there was one squash plant with a flower. They are all still trying to do their job and making the yard and garden shine on a dull, cloudy day. It made me feel better for sure. I mean, I wasn't feeling bad but those flowers cheered me anyway. Now, the weather forecast is for low 50's during the day this week and low 30's at night so I know those flowers aren't going to last through the week. But it is nearly December and they should have gone a month or six weeks ago so if they die this week I still had flowers longer than I could have expected. Nature is wonderful. Now, if I only had time to run out and pick the seeds and pull the dead plants and rake the leaves and all the other things I need to do outside. But, if I don't get it all done it doesn't go away. It waits patiently for me to get time to do it. I think I must be rambling again. Must be bed time. I have to work 8:30-4 tomorrow and DR is going flea marketing. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Sat Nov 25, 2006 5:24 am:

Dooley,I stayed home until late this afternoon and then ventured out to get a few groceries and back home .I wasn't about to go anywhere in town in the mad house.My nerves wouldn't have taken it very well.I rested as much as possible.
Your right about rude people I've found that out in years past.I have some flowers left out in the yard not very many but what I do have are a bright spot.
Hope your day is better tomorrow and not a mad rush.
Enjoyed your blog.

pondlady wrote on Sat Nov 25, 2006 1:23 pm:

You are brave to enter a mall or even a store on the day after t'giving! I'm like Glenda. I would have to have a chat with those rude people and then we would both end up in jail. No stores for me. If I need holiday gifts, I get them online.


Marlene wrote on Sat Nov 25, 2006 2:29 pm:

That's why I don't usually go shopping the day after Thanksgiving -- it's just too much of a mad house, long lines of traffic, and no place to park. I saw some of the malls on the TV news and lines and lines of people waiting to get in the store. It stands to reason some tempers are going to flare in crowds like that. It is my month to do the bulletin at church, so that's were I was. Nobody was there nice and quiet. Did the bulletin and a few other things and came home. I may venture out to the grocery store today, but I'll still stay away from the malls.

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