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Things to do and places to be

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:45 am

I've been busy doing things. There will be a family reunion in April. I write stories and have about 30 of them that I wrote about us when we were small kids. All from my point of view, of course. I've had them in a folder for a lot of years. But, I wrote them of those big yellow pads in longhand. So, I've been trying to type them on Microsoft Word and print them out. I want to make copies so anyone who wants one can have one for their scrapbook. I have to go through family pictures too and scan them so they can be copied for scrapbooks. I'm glad I am not the one organizing the thing. I have eleven of them typed and printed now. I have outlines for about 40 more than I have written but I think 30 is all that they are going to get this time. If they have another reunion maybe they will get 30 more. I think that I do need to start working on the others before I get too old to remember what I wanted to write.
I have been busy at work too. I moved more books this week. Of course, I moved paperbacks this time and they weren't so heavy as the ones I moved last week. But, it was still a lot of up and down and sideway motions. I was really tired last night. I think I went right to sleep when my head hit the pillow. DR is finally feeling better and he's not coughing so much at night.
It was cold when we got up this morning. The thermometer in the back said 5F and the one in front that had the sun shining on it said 22F. The one in the kitchen by the stove said 44F. I turned on the oven and made a coffeecake. DR started a fire in the stove but it still took a bit of time to get it warmed up in here. DR kept the fire burning all day. He just let it go down when he went to bed. Chance and I are still up but it will be time for us to go to bed in a little while. I need to write a letter to grandma. Oh, tomorrow is a holiday. I don't have to work. The post office isn't open either. We are going shopping again tomorrow to look at monitors. We didn't buy one yet so we have this whacky colored screen every morning. After it's been on for half and hour or so it turns it's normal color. We are looking at a flat screen LCD 19 inch monitor. Dan has a day off so he said he will go with us. He knows more what we should ask the salesperson than we do. I need to buy something for grandma for her birthday too. She will be 9l this year. She has her own room but there still isn't a huge amount of space for things. Her birthday is Feb. 3rd.
So, with that, I think I will turn off this computer and head for the bedroom. Chance has deserted and gone to bed. I heard the doggy door. Dooley

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pondlady wrote on Mon Jan 15, 2007 4:53 am:

Dooley, it was 44 degrees in your kitchen this morning??? I would not get up until that thermometer hit at least 70. Good on you for all your family work. Everyone loves it and saves it for their children/g'children.


glendann wrote on Mon Jan 15, 2007 5:37 am:

I'm glad its not me having to do all that copying.I would never get it done Dooley.I'm glad you can do it for everyone.
It is to get really bad here during the night.It is to start freezing rain,probably sleet between now and morning and get worse during the day tomorrow.
We are to have about 3 days of it.I wish I had heat besides electric.I did without lights and heat for 4 hours last night that was enough.Oreo and I went to bed
It got pretty cold before the lights came on but not freezing.I worry about my plants more than myself.I can put on enough cover but they will be dead.


Polly wrote on Mon Jan 15, 2007 3:48 pm:

I too commend you on making copies of stories for your family. A lot of those stories in my family are long gone because no one wrote them down. By the time I got interested the older folks were passing on.


cajunbelle wrote on Mon Jan 15, 2007 10:26 pm:

I agree with Polly. It is a good thing to do Dooley. My Mom could have written a book. She lived through the depression, WWII, women leaving the home for the first time and working. She worked in an airplane factory in New Orleans. She stayed with my younger brother for 2 years at Charity Hospital in N.O., imagine the people she met and the things she saw there. I really wish, and often begged her, to write about it all. My Dad too, he was a war hero and never talked about it. His brother had all of his medals and gave them to us after his death.


jubabe296 wrote on Mon Jan 15, 2007 11:51 pm:

Oh Dooley what a wonderful thing you are doing for your family!! I hope you find the monitor you are looking for. We had the option of getting a flat screen when we got our computer and we decided to go with the old big bulky one and it is a decision I have greatly regretted!!

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