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Another yard sale

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 10, 2007 12:38 am

We got up early for me. I needed to go up the hill and get some blood drawn. Then, the lab only had the paperwork for one test. Okay, I'll just have the other one after my doctor visit instead of before the doctor's visit. Haven't checked to see if my arm is black and blue from the needle yet. After leaving the lab we went to breakfast. We just discovered a favorite restaurant has reopened in a different location so we went there. Then, I decided that I really had to use a gift card that I got for Cost Plus World Market at Christmas. I bought a rug for in front of the sink and some tea. One kind of tea is "Lifeboat tea." It says on the box that a percentage of the cost goes to support the Lifeboatman around the British Isles. It seems to be a good strong black tea. The other was Typhoo tea. Another good black tea. I like strong teas that don't leave a bitter aftertaste. British teas are better for that than American teas.
In between, here and there we went to three yard sales and an estate sale. We got some really good bargains. Mostly this and that stuff. I got a marble cheese board with a slicer on it. I've been wanting a cheese slicer. It was only a dollar. I bought a food processor for two dollars. I bought three bears. Couldn't pass them up, now could I? DR bought a scroll saw for Dan the Librarian. It is a much better one than the one he had and was a bargain. We got quite a few small things. A beer mug, an egg beater, a silver letter opener, a hand drill, an alabaster owl, a celluloid man's dresser box, tape measure, potable water hose, large size tarp, several flower pots, a water wand for the end of my garden hose and more small misc. things. We had trouble fitting it in the back of the truck with what we already had in it. Oh, we found some new blankets for Chance. One for her bed, one for her deck, one for by the fire, and a couple of spares. The old ones will go with the trash on Monday. One sale was a dud. It was supposed to be a moving sale. Personally, I would just have moved and left the stuff or called the trash people to come after it. I really couldn't believe the prices they were asking for the stuff.
It started out a cloudy day, then got quite nice. Now, the wind has picked up and it's a bit chilly. DR is sorting through stuff and loading the truck so he can go to the flea market tomorrow. I hope it isn't too windy and cold. Rain is in the forecast for Sunday and Tuesday and Wednesday. Hope it isn't snow. It could snow if it wasn't still on the roads when I have to drive. I drove through enough snow when I lived in Wisconsin. Up until this year I just stayed home when it snowed. But, now I have an evening job so I have to drive in it sometimes. So, far,"knock on wood", it hasn't been too bad.
Now, I've had part of a sandwich and some tea and it's probably time to start wondering what I will make for supper. Dan will be eating with us tonight. He had to go to a meeting in Sedona today. That's a beautiful area. I wonder what the weather was there. It's a bit higher than us. It might have been cooler. I wonder if they went over the Mingus Mts. or around them. Since they were driving a county van, I'll bet they went around them. I have to work tomorrow. If it doesn't rain on Sunday, I'll finish clearing the garden and spread the seven bags of steer manure that I bought on Wednesday and start to dig the garden. I'm thinking I might plant the paks of peas and lettuce that I bought. Those are cool weather things. If they come up before it gets too warm I might get some before the ants and earwigs get them. The man across the alley stopped yesterday and said he got a truckload of composted mulch and I could take my wheelbarrow and fill it if I wanted some. I beat him back to his house. DR filled the wheelbarrow and brought it home. I covered it with plastic for now. DR said it might start working again. I'm thinking about where to use it. It could go around the apple trees. I need to figure out when to feed them anyway. I don't want to encourage them to leaf to early. I might want to save it and use it for new plants that I buy. When I was at WalMart on Wednesday, I bought 10 Hosta roots and a dozen asparagus roots. Now, I have another something to think about. I looked and it says that asparagus won't grow under a walnut tree. But, there is some asparagus growing in the garden. It's only a small patch that was here when we moved here. It does fine. I posted a fall picture of it last fall. So, do I plant the new roots in a row along where that patch is now or do I look for another place to put it. I'm going to put the hosta's under the mulberry tree and down by the driveway under an apricot tree and maybe one or two in the corner by the front of the house. It says they will get three to four feet across. Probably not this year though. DR picked out a big box of impatient seeds. Those can go under trees and along the front fence. It says part sun or shade. I have to read the directions better though. I think I had better cut those big squash and dry the seeds some before it's time to plant. I've just figured they stored better in the squash until I needed them. I didn't put the hyacinth and lavender out today since we were to be gone. I bet those bees and butterflies are confused. They'll be wondering why they were there yesterday and gone today and back today and gone tomorrow. I did bring the hummingbird feeders in yesterday and give them a good cleaning and I noticed they are being used again. I've been thinking I'd buy some sunflower seeds and see if I can attract those cardinals from Frank's (not our gnome)yard to mine. Might get a picture of those blue birds too. They do get a little noisy but I like to watch them. I think these scrub jays are bigger than the blue jays we had in Wisconsin. They look a bit different too. I haven't seen any robins yet. I saw some Gambel's quail this morning. Did you ever see them being followed by their babies? It looks like little peanuts crossing the road. You could never get a picture. They just move too fast. The adult quail get in the middle of the road and just stand there so you have to stop. You just couldn't run them down. Then they whistle or call and here come all those little peanuts scurrying across. When they disappear into the grass the adults follow. It looks so funny. When we lived in Wisconsin we saw a family of skunks do the same thing. The mother skunk moved into the middle of the road. She stamped her foot at us. We weren't about to run her down either. When we stopped she called and six little ones ran across the road and she followed them into the woods. Of course you never have a camera when you need one.
I think if we are going to eat sometime this evening, I'd better start doing more than wondering what I will cook. Anyway, I've probably worn out your eyeballs. Dooley

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pondlady wrote on Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:09 am:

What a day, Dooley!


eileen wrote on Sat Feb 10, 2007 2:15 am:

Great bargains again Dooley!! You're our yard sale queen. LOL

I'd love to have seen those baby quails crossing the road or even the skunks.

Have a nice meal with Dan.


cajunbelle wrote on Sat Feb 10, 2007 3:44 am:

Another full day Dooley, and some bargins to go along with it.


glendann wrote on Sat Feb 10, 2007 7:22 am:

Sounds like you found some great items.I wish it would hurry and warm up and stay a little warm so our sales will start big.T would have loved seeing the baby quail.
I know that had to be a cute site.I had a mama bobcat cross in front of me one morning I was on my paper route on a dirt road and she had a kitten in her mouth an one was beside the road she had already took it I had my windows rolled up so I stopped to watch her a little while .They were cuties.

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