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Not much today!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:02 am

Guess I didn't do too much today. It was cloudy, sometimes rainy and cool. We went up the hill for breakfast and checked out the flea market. DR bought a face jug. He likes them. The one he bought today has a devil's face. I didn't buy anything. Yesterday, dr bought me two small wagons. One is about 4 inches long and a couple inches wide. It has stake sides. The other is a little Radio Flyer about two inches by half an inch. A wee little bear fits in it. I haven't found a bear for the other one yet but I see several possibilities. Oh, I did buy something today. I bought a bear with a happy face who has one hand up waving. Right now he's sitting on the printer tray. If I print something he will have to move.
We came home and read the two Sunday papers. DR unloaded the back of the truck. He still had flea market stuff in it from yesterday. He pulled a wagon of wood up to the house. I helped him bring it in to fill the wood box because it was starting to rain. Nothing heavy, just rain.
I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen. Our friends from Goodyear called. They are the ones we went and had lunch with last Friday. They need to come up briefly in the morning. He left his insulin here the last time they were here. He needs to come pick it up but he has to work in the afternoon. He plays accordion in assisted living places. He's going to be 76 in August. I needed to spruce the place up a bit. I don't always notice the clutter when it's just dr and I here.
Around 4 pm dr came and said the sun was out and I should be outside for awhile. So, I went out and let Chance in the lower yard and went into the garden area. I picked up all the small walnuts and dumped them in the trash. I got my shovel and was just going to dig a bit. The ground was soft so I started digging along the outside fence. Grass had grown through the fence from the alley last year and I started digging it out. I dug about ten feet along the fence, about 18 inches wide. I still have about that far to go. I think the space is about 20 feet by 47 feet if I remember right. I need to rebuild the terraces because they are a little tippy and falling over. Hollyhocks are taking over two of the terraces so dr is going to build a bed by the woodshed and I'll move some of them over there. He likes hollyhocks and doesn't want me to just dig them up. I was planning on moving them, I just hadn't decided where yet. After about an hour I came back inside and made meatloaf for supper. After I did dishes and cleaned the kitchen, again, I sat at the table and did embroidery on the quilt squares. I have to wait to do the parrot until I get some brighter yellow. Pastel won't do. So, I started on the squirrel. So far, I have an elephant, a llama, a cat, a moose and rabbits. Then, I'll have a turtle, the parrot and a hippo. Then, I'll add a few odds and ends to the blocks and will be ready to sew them together. Then, I can start on the second quilt project. I still have six or seven weeks to get them finished. I decided to quit for awhile because I couldn't get the darn thread to go through the needle. Must be getting blind or I need new glasses. DR and Chance have both gone to bed. The fire has gone out. Must be about time I was heading that direction. I want to get up early and make some scones for tea when our friends come up. Dooley

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cajunbelle wrote on Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:07 am:

Sounds like a good bit to me Dooley. Enjoy your company tomorrow.


glendann wrote on Mon Feb 12, 2007 5:30 am:

Gosh ,what you call a little is about a days work for me.I can't wait to see the tiny liitle miniture wagon .I collect minitures and put them in shadow boxes or shelves.I have 4 and always watching for something to put in them as only one is filled and one isn't for tiny things.
I know you will enjoy your company.Have a good visit.


eileen wrote on Mon Feb 12, 2007 9:55 am:

Dooley I wish I could achieve as much as you do in a day!!!
The miniature wagon sounds delightful - please post a piccie of it for us.

pondlady wrote on Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:30 pm:

Sounds like you did a good day's work, Dooley. But you always do.

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