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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:21 am

I was going to put this in yard work because I managed to do a little of that today, but I decided I would probably do a little of this and that and mabybe I need a this and that catagory.
When we was at WalMart a few days ago I bought two paks of Hosta roots.There are 5 in a pak so that made 10 roots. I've wanted some for the front yard under the mulberry tree. But, what with this and that I haven't had time to get them planted. I planned on doing it today but we went up the hill for breakfast and then to a few sales and stopped at one thrift shop so I thought I probably wouldn't get it done today either. But, we got home before two o'clock. Does anyone else go for breakfast and not get home until afternoon? Before I could dig holes to plant them, I had to rake all the dry leaves that I don't rake if the fall. I usually leave them to protect bulbs, etc from the cold. Our ground doesn't really freeze here but it does get cold. So, I moved the fence and raked the leaves and put the fence back. We don't really need the fence now that we fenced the rest of the yard but We have it there anyway. Then, I raked the upper part of the front. Since we have the pond tub in the patio area, I couldn't rake them off the wall. I raked them around the patio area. Now, I have this HUGE pile of dry leaves in front of the house because I want to clean out the compost area before I put them there. Isn't is always the way, before you can finish one thing there are three more you have to do first? Anyway, I dug the holes and put in some of that composted mulch that the neighbor gave us and put my roots in and covered them with soil and put some more mulch on top. I have five under the tree and four up by the front fence and two down under an apricot tree. 5 and 4 is nine and 2 is ll and I was only supposed to have 10. But, that's what was in the package. DR says he will buy me some more if I want them, but I might just look for another shade plant. I still have that big box of impatient seeds but it's too early to plant those.
I have lots of daffidols and tulips and grape hyacinth coming up. They are all an inch or two or three high now. So, it will be awhile before they get around to blooming. I dragged out the hose and hooked it up and watered everything. I noticed the hose is all checkered and cracked so I guess a new hose is in order this spring. The hose is several years old and in this sun it's lasted very well, I think. So, now I have spinach in the wheelbarrow, swiss chard and peas in the garden and hosta under the trees and a HUGE pile of leaves in the front yard. If Dan stops when he comes home tonight, he will wander into them because they are between the gate and the front door. Oh, well!
For some reason it was very slow at the library this week. Two nights I managed to finish early. Of course, I don't get to leave when I'm finished so I went and straightened out shelves and then worked at the checkout desk so the volunteer could leave early. We didn't get but a few sprinkles out of the rain that we had. Now, rain is in the forecast for Monday and Friday. But, I see that they changed it to a little rain. If we get sprinkles when it says rain when it says a little rain it will probably be two or three sprinkles or one of those 12 inch rains where there is 12 inches between drops.
On Tuesday, I was defrosting some meat for supper and right in the middle my microwave oven quit. No warning or anything. It just quit. So, Wednesday we went up the hill early and stopped at Costco and bought a new one. It is a Panasonic. The old one was a Whirlpool. We bought it about 27 or 28 years ago when the electric company was giving discounts on energy efficient appliances. It had two speeds. Cook and defrost. It was enough for me because I have trouble with complicated appliances. I still haven't figured out how to do anything with my cell phone except make a call. I don't leave it turned on so no one calls me. I think only Dan has the number. Back to the microwave. I have managed to hit the reheat button. It heats it until it's hot and shuts off and tells me to enjoy my meal. I can heat bread and water. I haven't tried the cook cycle or the popcorn cycle. One would think if you put your popcorn in the microwave and hit the popcorn button, it would pop your popcorn. Nope! You have to enter how much your bag of popcorn weighs.
I had a routine doctor's appointment for the 23rd of Feb. So, I went last week to the lab for some blood work. The lab only had one order so I went ahead and got that one and will have to get the others next week. But on Wednesday the doctor's office person called and said they had to cancel my appointment because the doctor wasn't going to be there on Friday. The first one they could give me was on Friday, March 16. Then, on Thursday the doctor's nurse called and asked me if I was still taking a thyroid replacement. Couldn't she just look in my records? Evidently not. I told her no. I stopped it in October, 2006. So, she said I had to see the doctor. So she transferred me to the appointment clerk. This is the same one who changed my appointment on Wednesday and couldn't give me a new one until March. I explained what the nurse told me and the appointment clerk put me on hold. Then she came back and told me she had to work a miracle because she had no appointments available in the time span the doctor specified. She would call me back. I stayed home all day waiting for her to call back. She didn't call so today I didn't stay home. She didn't call so I called her late this afternoon. She was still working on a miracle. This meant cancelling someone else's appointment and moving other ones around to make room for me. Finally just before the office closed she called and said be there at 11 am on Monday. That's a holiday. There goes my two days in a row to do things in the yard. But, wait I can't work in the yard on Monday anyway. That's when we are going to have that little rain. Oh, well! Enough for tonight. Are your eyes glazed over yet? Dooley

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cajunbelle wrote on Sat Feb 17, 2007 3:39 am:

Dooley, I hope everything goes well with the dr's appointment. I can't wait to see pics of the hosta's , gotta try some here.


glendann wrote on Sat Feb 17, 2007 6:36 am:

You didd al that in less than a half a day, like 1/4 of a day.Good golly Dooley.
I hope all is well after you see the DR.on monday.I'm like cajunbelle I would like some Hostas but I don't have any shades here .I think they are for shady areas .I'm not sure.


eileen wrote on Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:21 am:

I, too, hope that everything is AOK for DR when he goes to see his doctor on Monday. Looking forward to seeing those hostas and I hope they grow strong and healthy for you.


dooley wrote on Sat Feb 17, 2007 2:13 pm:

It's dooley who is going to the doctor. dr has an aversion to doctor's.

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