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Short blog tonight

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:47 am

I think I will just write a short blog tonight. I am about ready for bed. I went to bed late last night and slept late this morning. I read a little this morning. About ll:30 I decided I'd better go and get those glads planted. I had 40 corms. So, with my trusty trowel, I dug 40 holes. I put one corm in each hole and had two left over. I couldn't believe they miscounted when they packaged them so I counted my holes again. Sure enough, it was me who miscounted the holes. I dug two more holes. No great job, they only had to be six inches deep and a couple inches across. I covered all the corms and they are planted. Then, I took the allysum and marigolds and zinnia's that I bought in boxes mixed with vermiculite? last week and mixed those and spread them over the whole area. They will fill the spaces that the glads don't fill, I hope. Glads don't last too long. I didn't plant them every week like you do if you don't want them to bloom all at the same time. Then, I hooked up the hose and watered everything. I hooked up the hose in the back and watered the apple trees too. Pippens are a late apple but there are little thingies on the ends of the branches so I thought maybe they needed some water. I ran out of tree food this week so I need to buy some for fruit trees I guess. That's about the extent of my gardening today. I was going to water my peas. Yesterday they were about an inch high. But, today they aren't there at all. I suspect the neighbors birds ate them. He feeds all kinds of birds, mainly sparrows but he has a list of birds that have come to his feeders and its pages long. He said there were yellow waxwings this week. There is the biggest cardinal and of course those scrub jays and mocking birds and thrashers. But, I bet it was the sparrows that ate my peas. I did a search for earwigs and only found a few very small ones under one rock. I found a slug and a snail. I took care of them. The swiss chard still hasn't come up. I'll have too look for row covers for them or the birds will eat those too. I bought some little plastic cups at a yard sale last week. I'm going to use them for earwig food. I have some all mixed up already. I wonder if snails and slugs would like it too. I've about decided to leave the hollyhocks grow in the garden. I'm having trouble digging. It hurts my knees. If the birds are just going to eat the stuff anyway I might as well let the hollyhocks grow there and plant other things in my new flower bed. It's still too early to set out anything but cool weather plants. I have 15 daffodils blooming now. I keep check but haven't seen any hosta's yet. I planted two bleeding heart plants in pots. I got the plants at the Dollar store for two dollars each. I see one has sprouts coming out of the ground. I moved the pots to the front yard because the book says all parts are poisonous to animals. Chance does eat some things. Grass and grapevines and walnuts. Dumb dog!
I trimmed the dead leaves, etc. out of the geraniums this morning, too. They are looking good. All but one anyway. It's still green but has no leaves to speak of. I think the sun and water will help it grow some. I'll add a little plant food tomorrow. I still have some miraclegro. I did some maintainence work on the computer, updates and defrags. I still need to do the antivirus tomorrow. Always something. I need to scan the pictures for the disc I'm sending Andy so he can add them to the DVD slide show he is making for the reunion. dr ask me how I was going to label them. Label them? I have to label them! He says I may know what or who is in each picture because we took them but the rest of the family won't know. I think I'll stick a number in the corner of each picture and make a list for each number and then I won't have to write on the picture before I scan it. He can do it on the computer when he makes the dvd. I think he can anyway. I have way to many things to do. I thought I was retired. Now, I have a part time job evenings and Saturdays and a long list of things to fill my spare time. Spare? I think I need to drink my cherry juice and go to bed. Maybe! Dooley

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toni wrote on Wed Mar 14, 2007 1:32 pm:

Good heavens Dooley, even your short blog is filled with lots of activity, no wonder you are tired.
Good luck finding the spare time you need. Every time I think I have a day with nothing required of me, the piddling little things come along and fill the time.


glendann wrote on Wed Mar 14, 2007 3:07 pm:

Busy busy Dooley.I do wish I could send you a great shower from Texas this morning so you wouldn't have to water .I hope you don't take anymore jobs Dooley.You have one to many part time one with as much as you do.Slow down a little bit please.

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