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Finished, almost, well not quite!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:05 am

I was trying to make a new flower bed by the wood shed. The area has been a repository for rolled fencing since we moved here. Some chain link fence was already there and off and on more was stored there until needed. Tall grass grew up through the fence and little animals made nests there, etc. So, of course, when I started to dig out the grass my knee decided it didn't like me digging anymore. So, today, deciding I was going to get it done I got the little rolling cart and set it in the flower bed area and got out my long handled trowel and started digging it. Since it is on a slope, I soon found that I had to block the wheels everytime I moved it or I rolled down hill. Then, there was the problem of it rolling uphill when I wasn't ready to move it yet. I ended up sitting on the ground so I had to block those wheels, too. Chance helped but not helpfully. She was checking out where the critters had been. After I had it about done I decided that I wasn't going to transplant those hollyhocks out of the garden into that bed. I looked at the amount of hollyhocks growing there and looked at the size of the new bed and decided to leave the hollyhocks where they are growing. I, also, decided that since the hollyhocks are growing pretty thick in the garden that I didn't need to rebuild that section of the terrace. So we took the big wood beam sort of pieces of wood and moved them over to the new bed and the two just fit in the space. dr tied the pieces to the fence posts with wire so they won't fall and tomorrow he will put up the fence. Maybe! We never seem to get things done when we think we will. When I packed up my trowels and clippers and diggers into the little wheeled cart and moved them to the shed I walked around looking at things. I noticed the lemon balm was coming up so I got the clippers and cut the old stems and raked old leaves out of the bed so it has a chance to grow. I raked out the little square bed where the columbine should come up. It's not there yet. I checked and the thyme is getting new leaves so I trimmed out the old dead stems. The Russian Sage is starting to get leaves so I trimmed it, too. I couldn't find any new growth on the oregano but I cut it back to about an inch from the ground. The sage is doing well and starting to put on new growth. I didn't trim it. The apple trees are getting tiny little leaves. The butterfly bush is starting to grow. It's more than doubled in size from when I planted it last spring. I watered a few plants with a pitcher. It was getting too late to drag out the hose. So, my number one job tomorrow will be to water things. dr smoked some beef ribs and now they are in the Nesco Roaster. Supper will be a tad late as we were both working on the flower bed and didn't check the time. Then, of course, we stopped to chat over the fence with our neighbors. Frank, not our gnome, was trimming bushes and trees, too.
This morning we went to Golden Corral for breakfast. There is a Basha Store in the same shopping center so I went to look at their plant section. We saw the truck delivering plants yesterday. I bought 12 six paks of flowers. Alyssum, dianthus, petunias and baby snapdragons. That's 72 plants. They are sitting in the exercise room waiting. The pansies that I planted on Thursday are doing okay. They need water, too. I keep forgetting that plants in pots need water more often than plants in the ground. I moved my inside plants into the exercise room too because I think it is just a tad too cool for them to be outside at night. It's been in the 80's this week but it's going downhill on Tuesday with rain predicted Wed. and Thurs. Then, it will go back into the 70's. We've been having some record breaking weather for March. Our apricot trees bloomed and the bees were really buzzing around them so I hope it doesn't freeze and kill the little fruit now. Our neighbor has a huge nectarine tree. It is blooming now and the bees have moved over there. I hope he gets lots of nectarines. Last time he gave me some for jam. He's hoping we'll get lots of apricots because he likes apricot jam. Of course, he expects me to make it.
We stopped at the flea market coming home and I found a set of shelves that just fit the space between the sidewalk and house by the front door. That's where the inside plants will set during the day and then in the summer. They are black and sort of like a baker's rack. I'll see if I can get a picture soon. We went to some yard sales on Friday and bought a few things that dr took to the flea market on Saturday to sell. I worked 8-3:30 yesterday and it was very slow. I started putting the paperback section in alphabetical order according to title. So, far it's just been by author.
I guess, I should to and check on the ribs and finish supper. We also bought the first strawberries of the spring and we're having strawberry shortcake. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Mon Mar 19, 2007 4:28 am:

Thare ya go again busy busy busy.I am off tomorrow and the next but its suppose to rain both days .I'm glad you could get some things done before your rain.I need to plant my new roses and Azaleas.I hope i get to.
Your ribs sound good.I hope your knees doesn't bother you much tomorrow.


heathermt75 wrote on Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:05 am:

I love strawberry shortcake!!! I recently bought a bunch of blackberries so I have been making a lot of my Nannie's blackberry cobbler..when I feel up to it. I got your card in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much!! It made my day!! I go to the doctor tommorrow to get the date of my c-section figured out and I will let you know. The ribs you cooked sound really good too!!!


cajunbelle wrote on Mon Mar 19, 2007 1:22 pm:

Y'all got a lot done, I know how hard Chance must have worked making sure none of those critters were still around to hurt you. You are very blessed to have such a protective dog. We had our first strawberries last week. Regina bought a flat, I sliced them and did some with sugar for Sarah and the rest with condensed milk for us and Mom. Very yummy.

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