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Short rain blog

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:03 pm

It was actually raining when we got up this morning. I had to use the wipers when we went to the post office. I'm having trouble with my computer this morning. First, in the middle of a post Firefox decided to update. Blew me back to my desktop, off the internet. Then, the electric went off. There went everything again. No Thunder now so am trying it again. Chance is glum. She is a sunshine dog. Some dogs just can't stand to get wet. Everytime she sees me get the hose out and turn the water on she goes inside until I'm finished. I never spray her but she connects it with getting wet. dr made a fire this morning and Chance was on her blanket first thing. Now, she's by my chair. It got too warm by the fire. I think I will put my plants inside before I go to work, just in case it decides to get cooler than the weather forecast says it will. I'd hate for them to get frost on them. The pansies and dianthus and daffodils will be okay. They are planted in the ground so it would be a little hard to move. I tried to grow a trumpet vine once. The first year it got about 4 ft tall and had small flowers. It died back to the ground in the fall. Last year it got about six inches high and quit growing. Nothing else. It died last fall. This year no sign of it yet. Maybe I will have to get another one. I wanted it to grow on the trellis. Does anyone know how long it takes hosta roots to come up? I planted mine about three weeks ago and I keep looking but haven't seen anything. I water them so the ground isn't dry. Maybe it's a case of watched pot never boils. I hope the rain helps. The new asparagus roots haven't come up yet either but the ones from the "old" bed are coming up now. One is tall and the others are all short. I may have to cut the tall one and use it in stir fry. Glads aren't coming up yet either but I only planted them on Sunday so I guess they really haven't had time to grow. I plant something and immediately start watching for it to come up. I guess it doesn't happen overnight. I think I will go and see what I can make for supper though it isn't quite time yet. I don't have to work until 6 tonight. I was thinking of soup but what kind. dr bought me a soup cookbook and I got it out and looked at it. But, wouldn't you know every recipe calls for something that I don't have. Mostly fresh ingredients that I don't always keep because if you don't use them they don't keep. dr went shopping last night for onions and carrots and a couple of other things. He went to two different stores because at the first store onions were $1.99 a pound for plain yellow onions. They were $1.29 at the second store. I figure it was because they were stored onions and it's coming up on a new season. He only bought a few. I have dried onions from the health food store but somethings really call for the fresh ones. We try to buy USA things first because our economy needs boosted too. If we can't find it, then we will buy other stuff but it's harder in winter. Even though we know the things grow in California and Flordia and some even here in Arizona stores find it cheaper to carry only foreign stuff in winter. Health foods stores usually carry stuff and it is usually higher in price but sometimes it's worth it. Oh, well!
I've been reading a Celtic Folklore Cookbook. It has recipes, but also folklore connected to the recipes and food. Very entertaining. I now know how to attract fairies to my garden except you have to collect the flower petals facing east at sunrise on a dewy morning. Okay! We don't have many dewy mornings here. I have an everything blogging book checked out but I'm having a hard time wading through it. It will be due back before I half finish it. Guess I will look at the bookstore to see if I can buy it. No, I'm not planning on starting a blog site but I've been trying to read more about computering and that book was one I had to shelve so thought I'd bring it home and see what it was about. I have to wait for Dan to have time to help me figure out how to burn those pictures to disc. I got into the program and down to step three and the computer told me it couldn't find the pictures. I typed the address in the space but it probably wants it more specific that I put there. Oh, well! That's getting old I guess. It takes me longer to figure it out. I have a whole book of step by step instructions from things Dan has shown me. If I don't write it down I forget it the next day. I guess this isn't about rain anymore so Good bye. Dooley

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katsback wrote on Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:21 pm:

well at least i know other people are being rained on,makes me feel better!lol


Gardenstew wrote on Thu Mar 22, 2007 9:58 pm:

A blogging book, sounds interesting Dooley. I don't think you need and help though, you are doing just fine.

Poor Chance, I thought all dogs loved playing in the wet. She'll get plenty of sunshine soon enough, be sure to tell her that from me.


Desert Rat wrote on Thu Mar 22, 2007 10:03 pm:

Chance learned about water from Susie the Goat. Susie told her water was just for drinking. If you get it on your outside, you will rust.

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