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Category: Choices | Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 4:43 am

Do you ever wonder why people do the thing they do? Brian & I got out of a perfectly warm bed this morning to go to the flea market in Prescott Valley. It was 17 F. Prescott Valley is 2,400 ft higher in altitude so was only 14 F. We froze our fingers getting our tables set up. My nose may never be the same. It was either freezing or running and sometimes both. I had to sneeze and of course, I covered my mouth with my hand. Then, I had to go to the washroom and wash them. The warm water felt good but I had to be sure to dry them good so I wouldn't have icicles when I went back outside.
Brian and I dressed for the cold. Insulated underwear, top and bottom. Thick socks and boots. Jeans and sweatshirts. Winter jackets and knitted hats. Gloves for part of the time too. But, the people who came through were dressed much differently. True, there were some who were dressed for the cold but many more were dressed for summer. They hurried past shivering from the cold.
Why do people stomp their feet? Does it make them any warmer? Why do people blow on their hands? Why don't people like to wear hats? Does wearing a jacket or coat or a cold day make you a sissy? Do they like being cold?
What irks me is people going past dragging small children dresses in dresses or short pants with no coat. If they are not cold, the children must not be cold either? They were shivering and noses were red and running. Don't parents realize that small children need warm coats?
Well, I made my choices and dresses warmly. I used to embaress my boys by making them wear boots and hats with their warm coats when they went out in winter. I suspect that they took them off when they were around the corner. But, I don't remember going out dressed for summer in the winter when I was young. My parents were like me. You dressed for winter.
Guess I'll get off the platform now. See you later!

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George (i love bugs) wrote on Sun Dec 18, 2005 10:09 am:

Interesting article Dooley,I see kids here in ireland doing the same thing,going to school on cold mornings with no coats.Ive always made my own children wear appropiate clothing.I believe its a fashion thing

Gardenstew wrote on Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:28 pm:

I agree with George, it is purely a matter of fashion. A lot of people will do silly things to look good. I must admit though that I do this sometimes as well, e.g. I refuse to wear hats, caps because I don't like how they look and I also will walk in the rain rather than carry an umbrella. Silly I know but I'm sure I will come to my senses someday in the future.

Now subjecting kids to the cold is a totally different story. How fashion-conscious can kids be? Oh well.

dooley wrote on Mon Dec 19, 2005 2:56 am:

How fashion conscious can kids be? You were a kid. How fashion conscious were you? We have children come into the library and even as young as two, they are proud of their shoes, picture shirts or jackets. I'm sure as soon as they enter school they are bombarded with fashion. They soon learn what to wear and what will make other kids laugh or comment about them. Kids are very conscious of what other kids think about them. This I know

Gardenstew wrote on Mon Dec 19, 2005 1:04 pm:

I was not a fashion consious kid at all, I wore what my mother bought for me and accepted hand-me-downs whenever I could. I also sported a massive thick-framed pair of glasses. But you know what... I had a happy care-free childhood :) Kids shouldn't have to worry about stuff like that but unfortunately in today's world that's becoming increasingly tougher.

dooley wrote on Mon Dec 19, 2005 5:01 pm:

I think it maybe depends on where you live. Kids in small towns or in rural areas probably have less problems that kids in urban areas. I think kids today have too much television, computers and games that encourage more conformity. well, maybe kids have always wanted things other kids had, but they seemed more content with what they had and not what everyone else had. I don't know but we were happy with what we had. I made a lot of my boys clothing. They were happy when they got something that was faddish(?). But they didn't get everything they wanted.

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