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A restful day

Category: Herb Garden | Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2007 5:07 am

We had a restful day. We did a lot yesterday so today we were going to stay home and rest. I watered the flowers that are in pots. They dry out quickly. Then, I watered the flower bed where the glads are. There are two up now so hopefully the other 38 are going to make an appearance soon. I now have three hostas out of ten up. Only two asparagus plants though. dr wanted to go mail a letter so he asked me if the post office was open today. No, it wasn't. Our post office puts out mail but it doesn't open windows on Saturday. I think they don't do much mail either. So, since his letter needed to go out today we went up to Prescott Valley to their post office. I thought I knew where it was and the sign said Prescott Valley, Az post office. But he couldn't mail his letter because it was a commercial post office, what ever that is. Never heard there was a difference. But they told him where the retail post office was located. I know the corner but never knew there was a post office on that corner. When he came out of the commercial post office there was an outside mail box so he put his letter in it. It said mail went out at 4 pm today. Then, since we were so close we went to the flea market to just walk around. It was so crowded and there were so many cars that it was hard to see anything. I only wanted to buy one thing and the man must not have wanted to sell it very badly because the price was way too high for a flea market. I came home without it. We started to go to a yard sale but with traffic being so bad we just came home. Didn't need anything anyway. I read for awhile and dr was cleaning in the bedroom. I started putting bears in a big box to be stored until company goes home. dr came and moved the box. I put the two little white lawn chairs outside. I'm trying to decide if I want to leave them out. I've sat a plant on each chair and put the chairs by a table. I've moved this and that and now there is seating available in the living room. Still need to dust a bit and run the vaccum. Dining room needs vaccumed and the table needs cleaned off AGAIN. I think the table has a big magnet under it. It pulls everything in the house to it. How else can it be cluttered ten minutes after I clean it off? I read a bit this afternoon and worked on my quilting project. I've almost finished the monkey. I think I will have 9 out of 12 done. I think I will take one apart. I don't like the way I did it. I know it won't matter but I'll know it's not right. I did buy quilt batting for it yesterday. Couldn't find the right size and when I got home I noticed the store sold it by the yard. I didn't see it but maybe I didn't look very hard. I did find the prepackaged kind and it will work nicely. I went out and walked around with Chance and we took some pictures. I resized them and loaded them to photobucket and put some here on gardenstew. I made ahi tuna and rice and salad for supper. dr bought a small leg of lamb for tomorrow. It's called semiboneless. So does it have a bone or not. dr says there is a lamb out there with a semi-bone. I had to take a antihistamine tonight due to the mulberry tree pollen and the wind. It was quite windy this afternoon but not windy enough to blow the pollen away. It was forecast rain for tomorrow but now I see it's just going to be cloudy.
I guess it's an early bedtime since I took that antihistamine it's made me sleepy. Chance went to bed early but I think dr is still reading. Tomorrow is Easter. It will be a quiet restful day. No Easter baskets and rabbits here. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Sun Apr 08, 2007 6:05 am:

You ended up having an eventful day anyway Dooley.I hope your allergies are better todayYou did get lots achieved weather you intended to or not.I would love to see that lamb with the semi bone.What they want think of next.

aloes wrote on Sun Apr 08, 2007 7:33 pm:

I can not resist a flea market. end up buying something I never use. I guess that is why there are flea markets.
It is nearly 20:00 here, so I am off to bed too.

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