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Another day at the reunion

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2007 9:43 pm

I got us up to Saturday when I blogged last night. Dan and Laural came down on Saturday morning. Andy and I were attempting to teach Ben the fine points of playing scrabble. Ben and I were playing against Andy. Now, I must tell you that I very seldom get close to winning when I play against Andy. But Ben thought we could do it. We didn't. Ben decided that next time he would be on his dad's side. We went to my sister Maxine's about noon. We had decided to meet there and go to a park. It was a beautiful day full of blue sky and sunshine with a temp in 80's. We looked at everyone and all the chairs, tables and food to be transported and decided to stay where we were. We helped set everything up on the patio for eating. We all chipped in and bought chicken already cooked instead of making a lot of work trying to grill. Since no one from California showed up there were only about 30 of us and it made a nice sized group. Ben and Jacob were the only little boys and the girls weren't sure if they should include them. For a while it was boys in the front yard and girls in the back yard. But, Jacob isn't one to be excluded from where he wants to be and soon he and Ryleigh were playing in the back yard. Soon, the other girls sent Jacob to get Ben to come play. There were some children in the yard next door and soon a sort of volleyball game developed over the five foot high fence. They could only see each other by peeking through a knot hole in the fence. They invented lots of other games that included balls and running and Jacob was getting quite red in the face until someone thought to think they might need sunscreen. Sure enough, not all of Jacob's red face was from running. Ben didn't get red like Jacob but he was a bit pink. There were games like scrabble and yachtzee for grownups but all were too busy talking and taking pictures to play games. Food entered into the equation as eating went on from the time we arrived until the time we left. Dan and Laurel had some other plans for the evening, Andy and Wendy had to go back to the hotel and pack and spend a little time with her aunt. They were leaving at 9 am this morning. Back to the cold weather. They left Wisconsin on Tuesday. I'm glad they didn't wait until Wednesday because their airport was closed by seven inches of snow and wind.It was supposed to rain their yesterday and warm up into the 50's so they were hoping it would be gone by the time they got home.
We left about 5:30 and got up the hill before dark. Chance was very happy to see us. Our neighbor fed her and talked to her and gave her treats but Chance says he doesn't play squeaky. The first thing she did was bring her squeaky to dr.
Today, it is windy, cold and cloudy. Tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms. Then, back into seventies for the rest of the week. I wanted to go out and water but it's so windy that I haven't wanted to go out. The wind is blowing pollen all around and my eyes are itchy and watery. dr's allergies are bad today, too. So, we are staying inside and resting up from our trek to the valley. I do miss the nice weather from yesterday. Wannabe and Maxine are going to try to come up on Tuesday. Wannabe said they would come early and go home when I had to get ready for work. I hope it is better weather than today. Wannabe doesn't go home until the 24th so maybe I will get back down to see her one day, too. Dooley

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glendann wrote on Mon Apr 16, 2007 5:25 am:

I'm so glad you all have had such a wonderful time.Its so nice to see everyone and try to catch up on all the family news.You sounded really tired last night glad you two spent a nice day at home inside.I'm sure you needed that.

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