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A cool, windy day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:08 am

It wasn't very warm today. I wore a sweatshirt and a padded shirt outside. I had some things to do outside today and dr was working on the new flower bed that I started before I hurt my knee. It goes down a slope along side of the wood shed. The metal needs painted on the shed but right now it just looks rustic. You could say rusty but I think rustic sounds better. dr divided it into three sections and terraced it so the water won't all run down hill. Tomorrow he is going to plant the African Daisies in it. I'm not allowed down on my knees yet. He put steer manure in the bottom and five LARGE bags of potting soil in it. We have composted mulch to put on it when the daisies are planted. I'm going to plant some annuals around the daisies this summer to fill in until the daisies take over. I really love daisies and never seem to have any. We bought those half gallon pots of them for three dollars each. dr said at Home Depot they were six dollars. I don't know about this new place. It's just on a corner and there is no building. The pots of plants are just sitting on the ground in rows. They cover them at night with some kind of cover. The workers have a tent set up with cash register and a bench. I would not like to work there in the windy weather or rain. They have built a fence and a parking lot so maybe they will add a building later.
Anyway, I got out my MiracleGro and fed all the plants that are in pots and the new rose bushes and the old rose bushes and even put a little on those roots that I planted on Friday. Nothing appears to be coming up yet but it's been cool so I guess it's really stretching it to expect anything. I watered everything with the hose after I fed them. I found a four o'clock coming up in a pot. I think I will leave it grow a bit before I think about moving it. I have 29 glads now. I dug around a little and didn't find anymore. I wonder if that squirrel dug up some of them. I planted 40. Some are getting big and some are just through the ground so the bloom period should last a while. I cut up all the pieces of rose bush and other bits that I had stacked up near the fence. Trash day is tomorrow and the fire department wants everyone to clean up things. I still have some tree trimmings to do at a later time. I cleaned up a pile of grass and dead iris leaves that I have had in a pile for a couple of months. I put those in black bags and stacked them for future use. Chance and I sat in the back yard for a bit so she had someone to show off for. She made a show of barking at everything and chasing off the birds. It made it a bit hard to get a picture of the orioles. I think that is why the black and yellow oriole wouldn't come down. The little hummingbirds had no problem. I was wearing my red hat with flowers and they were buzzing about my head. The other day one of the feeders was empty. A rather large hummingbird was sitting on the grapevine near it when I went to get it. I took the feeder inside, washed it and refilled it. When I took it back out he was still sitting there. I hung it back up and he flew down and started eating before I could fininsh attaching it. There are four other feeders but that must be his personal favorite.
I made macaroni and cheese baked in the oven for supper and asparagus stirfried with the rest of Glenda's mushrooms and two pork loinchops. Ice cream for desert. Maybe, because I had ice cream for lunch. I don't know if it's legal to eat ice cream twice in one day even if it has no sugar added. I have to go and clean stuff off of the table so I can pin those quilts together and get them finished. Enough of this anyway. Dooley

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cajunbelle wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:16 am:

Oh Dooley, thanks for my laugh for the day. I guess it is legal to eat ice cream twice in one day once in awhile.


glendann wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:55 am:

Dooley you gave me my laugh for the day also.I hope ya'll enjoyed my Mushrooms also and then the ice cream:)


glendann wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2007 2:56 am:

You made mr forget Dooley I planted Heather an African Daisy today too.


katsback wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2007 3:27 am:

Ive ate icecream for breakfast before,lol.course after my kids were grown -up and out of the house,recently ive had strawberry shortcake with whipped cream, for breakfast,whats the diffrence in belgium waffles from ihop with strawberries,lol..Its cheaper!..


eileen wrote on Mon Apr 23, 2007 10:40 am:

I rarely eat ice cream but we've found a great little shop that does a delicious Turkish Delight flavour. Now I could eat THAT twice a day without any problems. LOL

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