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I've been thinking?

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon May 21, 2007 4:59 am

I've been thinking (I do that now and then) that it's been awhile since I wrote a blog. I'm not sure why other than I've been keeping busy with things. I keep finding things to plant and then I have to water them. It's been so dry here that I've been watering a lot. I still haven't figured when to water the plants in containers. Sometimes they are too dry and sometimes I drown them. Some days I'd rather not water but then I think that I bought those plants and someone else would have enjoyed watering them so I'd better get myself out there and do it. Some are growing and some are just sort of sitting there. It's been in the upper 80's and low 90's and no rain. We see lightening and hear thunder but no rain. There was a lightening caused fire about 40 miles from here but it's out now. It wasn't a cause for us to worry. Sometimes things seem close in miles, but there are mountains between us so it isn't a worrisome thing. They are issuing warnings and closing things early this year. Wouldn't you know there are still city people throwing their cigarette butts out along side the roads. That's a sure way to start a fire. The other is stupid people thinking they can prevent a fire by putting their fire in a ring of rocks. They don't even think about the sparks that fly into the air when they THROW another log on the fire or stir it up with something. One of those sparks has to land on a dry piece of grass or bush and it's an instant fire. But, they didn't cause it because their fire was inside a ring of rocks. Stupid people!
I've been busy at work. When we get a slow day, I've been re-arranging things and putting the paperback book section in order. When I started things were in order only by author. I worked and got the fiction in order by title and author. Then, I did the large print section and worked on the nonfiction section. It has to be done first by number, then by author and then by title. The paper back section seems always to be out of order. But we had a couple slow days this week so I did a row at a time. I moved the books to a table, put them in order and put them back on the shelf. I only have N thru Z of the mystery section to do. Westerns are done, SciFi's are done and the first half of fiction are done. The last half of fiction is being sorted through and some are being deleted. So, I will do them after so I don't have to waste time on books that are coming off the shelf anyway. Gloria has been working on nonfiction. We both still have our regular shelving and the check in, checkout and regristration work to do. We are getting a three percent cost of living raise the lst of July. I have an evaluation coming up so I'm hoping for a raise there too. My knee is getting better. A couple of days last week it was really painful but Saturday and today it was better. Today, I left the brace off of it. Some days I think it is the brace that is irritating it. When it's hot, it gets sweating up it and rubs the wrong way or something. I guess I will need to wear it to work though.
Friday was a busy day. I had a meeting from 9-10, then I had to go get some bloodwork done, then we went to five yardsales. Then, we had lunch and took the truck for a check. Then went and bought potting soil and some blocks dr needed. Then to the grocery store and home so we could go to the bank before it closed.
We've been working on the little backyard to make it more livable during the summer months. We bought an "Instant" canopy and put it up. dr tied it so the wind won't blow it away. Chance loves the extra shade during the day. I'm going to make cushions for the bench and put some flowers out there. We found a little round table to use for a plant stand. It doesn't look like much but it's heavy. It should hold plants quite well. We want to get a load of river rock to put down so it won't be dusty. dr is going to build Chance a new deck under the grapevines. Since I cut out dead wood and fastened up the vines they are really growing. I've been watering them with the rinse water off of my dishes.
I went out to the other back yard today to water the apple trees and the butterfly bushes and the rose bush. I stopped and watered the long flower bed, too. It has Mexican Primrose in it. They have been blooming for awhile now but I haven't gotten a picture of them. I almost didn't want to go out there. We put some pasture mix out there last year so it wouldn't be just rocky dirt. We didn't get it cut yet and it's about two feet high and blooming yellow flowers. It if just full of bees. But, they didn't pay a bit of attention to me and I got things watered. I put soaker hose along the asparagus bed. The new ones aren't very big and I don't want them to get too dry. I have a few other seeds scattered in there and all those hollyhocks. They aren't growing very big this year because it is too dry. I could put soaker hose through them too I guess. But, I've been trying not to do too much and delay the healing on my knee. As it is, I probably do too much. I bought all those pots and have to fill them and transplant those tomatoes. I had 20 of them but something ate the top off of one so I had 19. Today when I was watering, I saw that it is getting new leaves so I guess I have 20 again. I have ten pots so that will be two to each pot. Maybe tomorrow, but I do have some other things I want to do. When we went to a yard sale on Saturday I got enough material to start on Jacob's dinosaur quilt so I've go to come up with some sort of a design. Darn! I meant to call Andy and I forgot and it's too late now. I'll have to do it on Tuesday. Better go and see if Chance is ready to go out to bed. She must be in the bedroom with dr. She isn't under my chair. Later

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glendann wrote on Mon May 21, 2007 6:28 am:

I always love reading your blogs although I'm give out just reading all you do in a day.I can understand why your knee may not be healed already.I would just love to take a tour in your yard.It sounds so pretty.
Glad you decided to write a blog I was wondering why you hadn't lately.


Netty wrote on Mon May 21, 2007 11:09 am:

Wow Dooley, you sure do keep busy!


wannabe wrote on Mon May 21, 2007 3:25 pm:

Gee, Dooley, I only filled the bird feeders and watered the plants and flowers in the front section of the yard. I was ready to sit down then. Wannabe

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