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Category: Yard work! | Posted: Fri May 25, 2007 10:35 pm

I know there is yard work to be done but I am being lazy today. My knee hurt when I got up but we went over to Cordes to get the propane tank filled so we can finally use our new gas grill this weekend and the driving actually made it stop hurting. I can't figure what makes it hurt and what doesn't make it hurt. Mostly moving too fast I think. They changed things around at work and there is four of us working from 6-9 now and 6 or 7 on Saturday. Saturday's are fine but we have to really work to get things done in the evening. We manage to get it done with all of us cooperating to man the checkin and checkout and shelve and watch the reference desk and the regristration desk. We're good. (Patting self on back) One of the librarians went to visit someone at the local hospital last Saturday and they were having a craft sale to raise money for the hospital and she bought everyone a bracelet. They are all on the same theme. People noticed this week that we were all wearing matching bracelets. It was really nice of her to buy one for everybody. She said it was to break the monotony of the month. I didn't think it was too monotonous with all the changes but I like the bracelet anyway. I don't wear jewelry much. My watch is broken so I put the bracelet on my left wrist and caught myself checking it for the time.
dr went and cut the bee field this morning. He didn't see many bees, but it is very windy today so they may be in hiding. We saw a very large dust devil when we went to the bank and stopped for lunch a bit ago. I can imagine what a tornado is like. The dust reached way up in the sky and was so thick that you couldn't see through it. We have them here frequently, dust devils, not tornado's. They can do some damage if they are big enough. Anyway, the lower back yard is usable now. He said I need to cut the clover or whatever out of the flower bed and I need to drag the hose out and water the rose bush and butterfly bushes. One is being chewed on by ants so if it is calm later I will have to spray it with something. I am going to take my book out to the little back yard and finish it in a bit. I may take the camera and see if the orioles come around. I've been trying to get a new picture of them but Chance seems to have put them on her list of things to keep out of the yard. I almost got a picture of a curved bill Thresher but again it was something that Chance didn't want in the yard. Birds and cats! Well, lizards, too but they moved too fast usually. We did have a three legged lizard last year because it didn't move fast enough. I thought it would die but I saw it later and it was still moving around so I guess it healed okay.
I haven't transplanted my tomatoes yet. Maybe later today but I think more likely on Sunday or Monday. I will water them again. I need to put the Miraclegro sprayer on the hose and feed everything. I may need to have dr buy some of it tomorrow. He isn't going to go to the flea market. With all the holiday things going on it wouldn't be worth it. Holidays seem to be outside family days here. It was busy at the truck stop when we went to fill the propane tank this morning. It was full of RV's, fifth wheels and trailers pulled by trucks. None of them seemed to know how to turn them around and were getting in the way of everyone. I was glad to get out of there without getting ran over by one of them. When we went camping it was with a tent and sleeping bags. Now, you have to have all the comforts of home with satellite dish and little quads to get around the camp ground. They go and park in regulated parks with neighbors driving the same kind of rv's and it's just crazy. Other than that are the ones that pile everything on a quad and take off across the desert or national forest, tearing up the terrain and leaving destruction in their wake. Guess I'm getting old because I don't understand all of it. But, with them all on the highways and in the country? I'm enjoying the quiet at home.
Kids are getting out of school in Prescott Valley and vicinity but here in Mayer they still have two weeks. They had a day added this week because vandals slashed tires on all the school buses on Monday night so they had to cancel school on Tuesday because there was no way to transport the kids to school. Makes you wonder what they thought they were doing. Oh, well I had better take my book and go get on with finishing the book. Night Whispers by Judith McNaught. Dooley

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wannabe wrote on Sat May 26, 2007 12:50 am:

Gee, Dooley you had a "put off until tomorrow day. I have a lot of those. I tried to down load some pictur4es to photobucket and it didn't work so I have to find your directions and try again. Wannabe

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