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One thing leads to another.

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 5:18 am

Did you ever have one of those days when one thing leads to another? This morning at breakfast, I told Brian I wanted a greenhouse for my birthday. Just one of those with heavy plastic would do. So, he got up, got his measuring tape and went out to see where we could fit one. He decided that it would have to go where the canopy was located. The one that covered the area where the potting bench is located. so, he moved the canopy frame. We moved it to the backyard. It does not have the cover on it right now. We moved the glider swing under it. We were sitting on the glider with Chance. I decided to get my rake and clean up the yard. It had dead grass and leaves in it. It was a nice day to be outside. Then, I noticed that the little wash we installed in the spring to drain the yard when it rained was filled with debris and dead grass too. So, I went inside and got gloves and clippers and started to clean it out. First thing, I had a blister on my thumb. Brian said I was supposed to wear two gloves. I was finding it easier to use the clippers without that glove. So, with a bandaid and the glove on I was going to finish the wash. Well, a branch on the walnut tree kept getting in Brian's way and he wanted the clippers to cut it off. Of course, they weren't big enough to cut the branch so I went and got the loppers and used them. Brian was pulling the branches down so I could cut off the ones that were in the way. He pulled too hard. The big branch came down too. Well, before you knew it, we had trimmed the whole tree since he had to get the ladder to cut that branch off. Then, we decided to have a coke before we went back to work. We tried sitting on the glider swing to drink it. But wouldn't you know the bees decided it was a nice day to be out too and wouldn't leave us alone. I think it was the coke they were after. We had to retreat inside.
I went back outside to finish clearing the small wash. It is only about 20 feet long but it took me most of the afternoon. It is lined with rocks and big rocks along it. I had to move most of them to get at the pesky dead grass. Some of it was already starting to grow. Also, under the rocks were all sorts of pesky bugs and spiders. Even Earwigs!! I did them in for sure. The rest I left alone. So the day ended on a good note. I hope it is still nice outside tomorrow as there is more to be done. I've neglected the outside as it's been cold and I've had Christmas to occupy my time. Brian says he will start my greenhouse as soon as he finishes the exercise room. I've been neglecting my exercise too. I'm starting a journal with the New Year. I find if I write things down I can't neglect them. So everyday I will have to write if I exercised or not and if I ate the wrong things. Then, I can lose a few pounds that I should not have. Tomorrow's another day. I guess I should go and find my bed. Brian's already given up on this day and is snoring away. But, don't tell him I said that.

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Gardenstew wrote on Fri Dec 30, 2005 1:47 am:

I love your blog entries dooley. It's nice to hear about the day to day tasks you do and adventures you get up to :)

The greenhouse should be a magnificent addition to your garden.

dooley wrote on Fri Dec 30, 2005 3:12 am:

Thank you!

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