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Cookie Day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 4:13 am

Today was cookie day! We had a great time. I got up and made breakfast and cleared the table. I started my chicken heating up a little so I could de-bone it and strain the broth for the soup. I made the noodles and ran them through the noodle machine instead of rolling them by hand. I cut them with the machine too. I thought I cut them in short strips but they turned out longer than I thought. It was fun to watch them eat the longer noodles in the soup.
I made sugar cookie dough and gingerbread dough before Dan and family arrived so it could chill. I made some brownies, too but they turned out more cake like. I think I must have added too much flour though I did measure it exact. They were good though. Avery walked through the door and said, "Do we have to wait for the brownies?"
Avery is 17 and Tim is 14. Thanksgiving Avery didn't have much to say but today she was very talkative. Tim immediately went out to play with Chance. Chance loves Tim. When Dan went out to tell Tim it was time to eat he came back shaking his head. He told Laurel,"I knew we should have brought a change of clothes for Tim." The ground hasn't quite dried from all the rain during the past week and Chance and Tim found every bit of mud and puddles they could find I think. I found a pair of sweat pants that would fit him and he wore those the rest of the day.
After lunch, we turned to the cookie making. Avery and Tim rolled the sugar cookie dough and cut out the cookies. I don't know how many they made, but I made a double batch of dough. Laurel was frosting and decorating the cookies. Tim stopped to help her. Avery finished the sugar cookies and quit to help decorate. Marty(Laurel's mom) and I made cream cheese spritz cookies and coconut butter balls. I wanted Dan to make shortbread cookies. He makes them great. But, the oven was in continuous use so he said he would make some tomorrow and bring them to the library on Tuesday. Marty kept the dishes washed up which I blessed her for doing. There was only cookie sheets left to wash.
They was a lot of talk and even more laughter. Marty was listening to the talk around the table. She said there was more laughter in the house since Dan came than there ever was and it was great. You could tell the kids really like Dan.
So, they rolled cookies, cut cookies, baked cookies, decorated cookies and they brought tins to take cookies home. They did leave me plenty of cookies, too. All in all it was a great day. They left about dark and Tim went and told Chance goodbye before he left. Chance is worn out for all the play and running. She had a good time too.
I've missed having the boys to help with cookie making and a lot of family things since the boys left home. I think we are truly blessed to have these honorary grandchildren around to make things fun. We did this instead of inviting them for Christmas because now that he has a family I think they should have a family Christmas in their home.
We had good food, good cheer and a great time making cookies. dooley

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glendann wrote on Mon Dec 17, 2007 7:05 am:

It sounds like a wonderful family gathering was had by all.I wish I had been a little birdie watching Chance and Tim.I bet that was a site to see.


Droopy wrote on Mon Dec 17, 2007 8:56 am:

I can smell the cookies and hear your talk and laughter on the air... Thank you for sharing your cookie day, dooley.

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