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Busy Week

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Jan 08, 2006 2:30 am

This was a busy week. It started with my birthday. That was the quiet day. Next day, we went for lunch and did a bit of shopping. On Wednesday, we went to the library in the morning. I had some books to pick up. Our library is a part of the county system so if we want a book and it isn't at our library, we can put a hold on it and if another library has the book they send it to us at our library. We get books delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We send out books ordered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When the courier brings books, he also takes books. There is a central holding area where books are taken, sorted and sent to the right place. They are returned the same way. It applies to all library materials, books, videos and DVD's.
I got sidetracked there with a little information. In the afternoon on Wednesday, I trimmed my apricot trees. These little sucker branches grow around the bottom and have to come off. I needed to get it done before it started to flower and grow new leaves. That happened in February last year.
On Thursday, I removed Christmas decorations from the house, inside. It took me several hours. I have 45 yrs worth of decorations. I don't know why I feel I have to use everyone of them. But, I can't seem to leave any in the boxes.
On Friday, I was going to take down the outside decorations, but we had other things to do in the morning and I worked at the library on Friday afternoon (1 to 5). It was very busy. We had people all the time. Some checking out material and some using the computers. We have six computers for library patrons and two staff computers and one computer on the checkout desk.
In March we are going to a new computer system so we will all be learning how to use it at the same time. Should be interesting.
Today, we got up early and went to the flea market. This time it was 34F instead of 14F. It got up to nearly 60F and was really nice. Then the wind started blowing and it was really cold. We packed to come home about 1 pm. The box wouldn't stay on the table while I was trying to put things into it. I had to keep chasing down my wrapping paper. I was glad to get it done and get inside.
It was only windy up in Prescott Valley. It's on a high plateau and the wind blows quite a lot of the time. When we got down to our level it wasn't windy at all. We are at 4,200 ft and Prescott Valley is about 5,000 ft. Prescott, itself, is 5,280 ft (the mile high city). It's the same altitude as Denver.
Brian built a fire and warmed the house when we got home. It's very nice here now.
I'm hoping tomorrow will be nice so I can get the lights, etc from the outside down and stored away. I'd like to say that's all that's left, but everyday I find something that I forgot. It will take a few weeks to find everything and get it put away.
The lilacs, honeysuckle and the apricot trees have buds on the branches. They won't come out right away, but they are working on it. The rose bushes have little red leaves coming. I haven't checked on the bulbs that I planted. Last year the tulips bloomed in March so I think they will be coming up soon. I need to take some leaves off of them, maybe. I think I will look and see if they are coming up first.
I still need to finish clearing the garden. If I leave the old stuff too long grass will grow under it. I want to look for spinach, etc to plant. Cool weather stuff. In Wisconsin, I planted peas and they grew right through a late snow. I hope that doesn't happen here. I expect we won't get snow or rain very soon and we need rain very badly.

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