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New Yard and Garden

Category: Choices | Posted: Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:23 am

It was a nice day today so I went outside and sat for a bit, just looking around at things. I took a couple of pictures which I will post tomorrow. I might even take a few more pictures to post for you to see what I have to work with. My son sent a lot of seeds which I posted a list in Veg. Gardening. I made a list of the vegetables I would like to plant and annual flowers that I would like to plant. I saw some Gladiola bulbs today but didn't buy them. I will one of these days. I have a small amount of money to start with but I'm not sure where I will start. Peat pots for sure to start the tomato and pepper seeds. Most melons and squash do better started right in the ground. Some are cool weather vegetables which could go in soon and some are warm weather vegetables which can wait a bit. I like annual flowers to fill in spaces while I wait for perennials. How many perennials do I want to plant? We are just renting the house, Of course, we were just renting the last one and I nearly filled up the yard with stuff. I figure that it's where I live and why should I not make it like I want it as long as I live there. Should I not have flowers just because I don't own the property. The owner said, "Do whatever you would like to do." She says she doesn't have a green thumb and knows nothing about gardening. She also had grandchildren running all over the yards. She was away so much she didn't have time to garden anyway. So, I will plant what suits me. Maybe more garden but with lots of flowers intermingled. I can fill up the yard. Maybe even this year. Well, with my knees not so good it may take more than this year to get it done but I'll get a good start. I hope we know enough people who like melon. I don't think it freezes too well. Can you make jelly or jam from them? I know you can make pickles out of watermelon but do I want to do it. Today, a little narcissus bloomed. It was already growing so I can't take credit for it. I have a good start on the roses but didn't finish them yet. It isn't supposed to freeze or frost for a few days so I have some time to work on them. I'm thinking I need to widen the bed around them and add some compost. Kevin was saying that the mushroom compost has a lot of nitrogen in it. We put sawdust on roses to add nitrogen so maybe I can put some mushroom compost on them. I'll mix it with some soil. That might work for now.
I'm just rambling here while I'm thinking about gardens. I won't have one big garden. I think some small ones to start with. I'll need to fence them because I saw a rabbit tonight and there is that armadillo and some raccoons. Yep, there is already lots of things wanting my garden, even the ants. Glenda says I have to get something to put around the plants as they come up or the ants eat them. That happened to some things in Arizona, too. I need some herbs, too. I'll try to grow another rosemary bush and some lemom verbena and some lemon balm and some monarda (bee balm) and thyme and the list grows longer. Guess I'd better go online and see what I can order. Since the post office doesn't forward catalogs I don't have any to look at here.
Guess I'd better go and sleep on it. I'm the only one still up and thinking about such things. Have a nice night.


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Droopy wrote on Fri Jan 09, 2009 8:26 am:

Sounds like you're off to a good start, dooley. :D Imagining how, where and when is one of the things I like to do in winter too.


Sjoerd wrote on Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:22 am:

I like listening to your rambles on your new ground. It's fun to think and plan about new things. "Voorpret is half de plezier", we say.
I'm not sure how to translate this, but it's something like, "anticipation is half the pleasure".

It sounds like you are having some good thoughts and that you have alot of space to work with. What a luxury.

Well, I for one, will eagerly await the developments there as they unfold. Good luck.

As for those catalogues, would it be possible for you to receive the catalogues from folks that yiou know? What I mean is , that a friend could receive them then they could wrap they in the brown paper and mail them to you.
For instance if I wanted to send you a Thompson & Morgan seed catalogue...I would place it in one of those brown envelopes and just drop it in the mail. I'll bet that it would be let through.


wannabe wrote on Fri Jan 09, 2009 6:14 pm:

I ordered a Burpees catalog over the internet. I received on in the mail last year but didn't know if they kept me on the mailing list.I used to get one from Gurnees but not for a long time. I don't have enough room to plant a lot of veggies.


glendann wrote on Sat Jan 10, 2009 5:50 am:

I will have a few veggies and hope just small little gardens here and there.I want to buy a small tiller .I can share it with Laura and dr.They are so very good to me and I haven't been good company lately.I've been sick and depressed.Heather has been very sick and I've been really down worried about her.She had pnuemonia and the Drs.thought she had Whooping Cough.She did have pnuemonia but thank God not Whooping Cough.She was away from her babies until the culture came back.Her cough was so bad her jaw was out of place.Her babies are home and she has still got a cough but she is better.Hasn't gone back to school yet because of the cough.

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