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Super Loud Thunderstorm

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:11 pm

We were shaken out of bed last night or I should say at 2 AM by a super loud clap of thunder and lightning that brightened the room like someone turned the lights on. It moved through quickly though for which we were thankful. Chance took offense at it and ran to the glass double doors and barked at it. She wanted it stopped right now! The extremely loud thunder only lasted maybe ten minutes but it rumbled and grumbled the rest of the night. I would say the rain that came with it amounted to four or more inches. We had to go down to College Station to the doctor this morning. The road was awash in water. All the creeks and rivers were over the banks and in some places the water was right up level with the highways. Anymore rain and it would have flowed over the road. We passed many stock tanks(ponds) that were over full and flooding out into pastures. The most of the rain had passed by the time we left home at 8:30am for our 10 am appointment. I drove carefully as the roads were wet and it was still drizzling in areas. The traffic was for the most part traveling at a reduced speed. We arrived in time and spent a good five minutes with the doctor. He took out the sponges and vacuumed out the crud and said continue the drops and come back in two weeks. As he was disappearing out the door I asked if the infection was cleared up. He turned and said, "for the most part. It's still a little red." They renewed the prescription and I made sure it was for the lower priced one. We have an appointment to go back in two weeks. We came home in about the same amount of time it took to drive down there. It wasn't rainy any more but there was a large amount of road crud splashing up from big trucks and cars passing going the opposite way. I'll have to remind dr to check our washer fluid because I used a fair amount of it. It's a bit cooler than I like it here and with the damp my knees keep saying, "Ouch!" but I'm sure summer is just around the corner. I wish though that I could find that corner. I need a map!
I'm sure the plants, etc. enjoyed the storm a lot more than Chance and I did. Even dr with his hearing loss heard the thunder last night. Chance has been napping the day away. She had a busy night what with barking at the thunder and sitting by my side of the bed to make sure it didn't get me. I had to put my hand on her head so she knew I was still there or she whined about it. Dumb dog! I wasn't going anywhere in that storm.

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glendann wrote on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:24 pm:

I was still awake when it rolled through.Oreo is so afraid of thunder lightning.He tries to hide under me and covers .He shakes so bad.He thinks its a monster after him poor baby.
I'm glad your ear is better Laura.


Sjoerd wrote on Fri Jan 29, 2010 11:30 pm:

What an adventure you had last night and during the day today. I always find big storms like that so amazing--little remainders of how powerful Mother Nature truly is.

I am glad that your ear infection is clearing up, another 5-7 days and it should be resolved.
I had forgotten that you had that when I asked a couple of days ago what you had to go see the doc for.
Stay dry until the next posting. :-)


jubabe296 wrote on Sat Jan 30, 2010 6:13 pm:

I'm glad your ear is better Laura. Hopefully when you go back in 2 weeks it will be all clear of infection. The thunder scared us awake too. It was soooo loud. My animals were all shaky too. I hate thunderstorms!! It is nice to have a good soaking rain but enough is enough! I hope your knees feel better soon also.


Droopy wrote on Mon Feb 01, 2010 6:59 pm:

You always make me chuckle with your blog entries, Dooley. :D What a night. And what a pity you and Chance didn't suffer from hearing loss just that one night. Good luck with finding that corner.

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