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A windy day!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:27 am

It rained all of Sunday night and all day yesterday and most of last night. I was really happy to wake up to sunshine this morning. The forecast said it would be 58 degs and that's not so bad. Except it was really windy. We couldn't do much outside because it was too cold. Both dr and I have runny noses tonight and I'm blaming the wind. dr washed clothes and hung them out. The wind is good for drying clothes when it's combined with sunshine.
I cleaned house and packed some things that were somehow sitting all over the counters so every time I wanted to use the counter I have to move the stuff. Now, I can see the counters again. I sorted magazines into keep and toss piles. The toss piles will probably go to the thrift shop. I sewed two tote bags and a kitchen apron. One tote bag was red with a lining with little animals doing their colors. Cute for someone just learning about colors.
The apron is yellow. I have another one to sew tomorrow. I may do a blue garden apron tomorrow, too.
I was making Cornish pasties for supper yesterday and just popped them into the oven when my next youngest brother called. He was going from Houston to Fort Smith, Arkansas and was about 30 miles south of us. He said if we'd meet him in town he'd buy us supper. So, I let the pies finish cooking and cooled them and that's what we had for supper tonight.
I don't see my brother too often. I think I saw him about this time last year when he was coming from Houston, going to pick up a load in Dallas and heading who knows where from there. He drives most everywhere. He retired a couple of years ago and got bored and went back to work. He tries to take more time off now than he did but the company doesn't take kindly to that so he might change companies.
We spent a couple of hours catching up on this and that and he finally said he had to go get in the back of his truck and get a few hours sleep. We came on home through the rain. Our dirt road was awash with water in spots and ruts in other spots. I drove down the middle so I didn't slide into the ditch. Good thing it isn't a busy road. I didn't meet anyone, coming or going.
I hope the wind dried things out some so we can get out and do something tomorrow with out getting into the mud or blowing away.

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crystalblueatmosphere wrote on Wed Mar 03, 2010 5:34 pm:

We had bad rain up north too. Many roads got flooded out and even trucks and SUV's couldn't get through in parts. Hope it dried out for you by now, still pretty damp around this area.


glendann wrote on Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:43 pm:

I was in Cold Springs and it was pouring down there too.I finally came home Thursday and my computer was messed up.I got it fixed finally today.With Joe's help over the phone.

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