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Two down, one to go!

Category: Yard work! | Posted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 2:21 am

Two weeks ago today, the mobile home we are going to move into rolled past our house and was set up on the lot down the hill. Yesterday morning, the double wide that goes onto the next lot arrived. That leaves one more to come before they can do the utilities and every one can then begin to move stuff around. I had never seen a double wide mobile home arrive and get put together and leveled. It was very interesting. It came in two sections pulled by large trucks. At the top of the slope they undid the big trucks and hooked one of those remote controlled dozers onto the front. The little dozer pulled that half of the double wide right down the slope into the place where it was going to be. Just a few minor moves back and forth and it went back for the second half. Same thing, right down the hill and into place, exactly where it needed to be to be shifted into place next to the first half to be bolted together into one house. It was about two feet away from the first half so the guys could have room to work on getting it leveled and the wheels removed and drop it onto the cement block foundation pieces. A large flatbed trailer pulled by a big truck came down the slope with all the pieces necessary for leveling it and putting the foundation blocks into place and getting everything hooked up and put together. Those four guys worked from 9 am to 6 pm and I never saw them sit down. They each knew what they had to do and in what order and they just march around doing it a bit at a time. I told one of them that I was very happy I didn't have their job. They were lifting and carrying those cement blocks, 4 at a time. I can only carry one at a time. It was amazing. They stacked the cement blocks four high on the fender of the flatbed trailer. They backed up to them, picked up the bottom block and bent forward and carried those four blocks on their backs to where they wanted them and then leaned back and dropped them one at a time where they wanted them to go. I never saw the like before. They lay flat on their back under those half pieces of the double wide and build pillars out of those cement blocks, lifting them one at a time into place. They must have great arm strength. I do hope they get paid well for the work. They must be very tired when they get home. We left about one thirty and went to lunch. They may have taken a lunch break while we were gone but they were still going at a steady pace. It's all in place, leveled and bolted together and the roof pieces put into place so it won't leak if it decides to rain, which is very likely. Monday the trim people will arrive and trim out the outside so you won't be able to tell it's two pieces. They'll do the same thing inside. Then, they'll skirt the bottom to look like a foundation and it will look just like a house instead of a mobile home. It's beautiful. I spent the time raking up and moving the brush I had cut earlier in the week. Today, I took my loppers down and made another mess to clean up tomorrow. You can't cut it and clean it up in the same day. Too much work! I'm sure those guys would have it all done by now.
This evening we stopped by some friends and we bought ten climbing rose bushes to plant on the dividing fence when we get one. First, all of the utilities have to be installed and the decks built and things moved. All of Tammy's things are in the mobile home we will be living in and she will move them to the double wide when she is given the keys which will be when all the trim stuff is done. If it isn't pouring rain the other mobile home will be moved on Monday morning. If it's raining it probably will have to wait until the end of the week.
But, it was exciting to watch those men move those two big pieces and get it assembled into a house. I'm glad it wasn't me doing all that work though.

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glendann wrote on Sun Mar 07, 2010 8:06 pm:

I saw the big double wide come in and it is so pretty.I think Laura and Brians is pretty too.I can't wait to see all the plants Laura will have growing out in their yard.


Sjoerd wrote on Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:05 pm:

Gosh Dooley, I got tired just reading about all the stuff those guys did...and from what you say, it isn't done yet!

I am interested inhow this will end and what kind of yards and gardens you will end up with. It all sounds as if it's going according to schedule.

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