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Small trees and helpful kids!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:02 am

I've been planning on trying to dig small trees that are growing around the crepe myrtle and tulip tree in the yard and the Althea (Rose of Sharon). I went to tell Tammy (who owns it all) what I was going to do. She was waiting for the electric company. (They never showed up.)She said she had never tried to do it and wanted to help. I told her I had never tried it either so we would both be working in the dark, so to speak. I had the orange buckets that I had tomatoes planted in and some flower pots and we filled them with a mixture of potting soil, sand and mushroom compost. We had a little help. She had a two year old granddaughter and a four year old grandson with her and they wanted to help. Of course the large spades were too big for them to handle and we kept getting hit with the handles when they swung them around. I went and found a small shovel and a garden trowel and gave one to each of them. Tammy told them to have at it and we stood back and watched as they finished filling the buckets with the compost. Then, we moved the buckets to the tulip tree and pushed the garden cart of compost down to the lots and they filled the pots with sand and compost. Tammy loaded the pots into the garden cart and pulled it back up the hill. We found that the little trees around the tulip tree have no roots of their own. So, we cut them off and put them into the buckets. We also snipped off pieces of the flowering quince and put them into the pots. We moved them up by the front of the house. Tammy had to go to work. dr and I went to town to get some rooting hormone. We couldn't find any. So, we came home and stopped at Glenda's to talk to the man installing the high speed internet for her. It's a satellite system and we are thinking of getting one once we get moved down the hill and Tammy is thinking of getting one, too. I ask Tammy why she needed one. She doesn't have a computer. She said she'd buy one and I could show her how to use it. (Keep my mouth shut) Anyway, Glenda had some rooting hormone that was a powder..She said just dip the cut end into it and stick it back in the bucket or pot. Sh, I came home and pulled each one out and stuck it in the hormone powder and stuck it back in it's container and then took the hose and watered them good. Now, we just see if they grow. I'm sure we won't be able to plant anything until fall because they will need time to develop their root system. Cross your fingers that it works because of course neither of us had done it and I don't think our helpers had done it before either.
They did have some fun with my little three wheel seat that I can sit on and roll along the flower bed when I pull weeds. Better on the knees. They could sit on it but needed to push each other because their legs were too short to push themselves. Needless to say it ended in a free for all because kids that age are all about me and not about taking turns. The seat went back onto the porch and Callie went home to mom for a nap.They are cute kids and are so very helpful.

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daisybeans wrote on Sat Mar 13, 2010 2:32 am:

That is a great entry and I was totally there with all of you. I get such a tickle reading your blog, Dooley. Bet those kids slept very well after all that -- you and DR too!!??


glendann wrote on Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:55 am:

Dooley,I hope they grow.It is
so funny to see Dooley and all those kids walking around
in the yard.They are really cute kids.


eileen wrote on Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:48 am:

I'm keeping everything crossed that the cuttings you took will root in and grow well for your Dooley. Nice to know you had a little help to get everything done.

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