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electric companies, bah!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 5:09 pm

We are moving along at a steady pace with our moving. But, some people just don't do their job and it holds up everything. Yesterday the electric company was coming out to read our meter and leave the electric on in the landlords' name so the well and pump would continue. He was then to install the meter and turn on the electric at the new place. He couldn't install the meter because the electricians who installed the meter box broke one of the connections. Now, they have to come back and install a new meter box. They said they'd be right out. No one showed up of course so Tammy called them again today. After they install the new meter box we have to call the electric company and schedule the meter installation again. Three to five days is what that takes. So, it will be one day next week before that gets done. So, I will take some time to unpack some stuff and get the sewing center set up. We moved brush this morning where Howard cut it. This is where the fence on the lot line will go. Howard will do that when he comes back from his work. He drives big truck across country so is gone four or five days at a time. We leveled the deck and have steps now so no more going up and down the ladder.
we had bad news this morning. Our good friend and neighbor Bob who has been in the hospital for two weeks died. How we will miss him!! We have inheirted his two small dogs, it looks like. That poses problems because they won't want to leave there. They will keep going back. We can move their food and bed but I doubt that will work because they are used to sleeping out where ever they are at. They have never been fenced in any where. Well, we will see that they have food and water and a place to sleep and maybe they will move to us in their own good time. They are good little dogs. Goldie runs the toll road with a slice of bread for a toll and Toto is her mother. One is white and shaggy and the other is black and smooth. Both are small dogs. Goldie has just had puppies so I expect we inheirted them too. I will have to go and inspect the garage and see where and how many there are down there.
We planted our tomatoes in large tubs, 27 of them. I planted 12 green bell peppers and zucchini and cucumbers. I planted two tubs of verbena and several pots of petunias and begonias. We have alyssum with marigolds and marigolds by themselves. I have lemon balm, manarda (bee balm) oregano, marjarom, rosemary and pansies. dr says it will take about four or five trips to get all of my plants moved. We have to have a fence first because of Tammy's grandchildren and dogs, etc. Deer too of course.
Well, time to get back to stuff.

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kuntrygal wrote on Fri Apr 09, 2010 6:58 pm:

Seems like it has been one thing then another regarding your move. It will all be over soon and you can enjoy your new home! Sorry to hear about Bob...I will call Glenda.


glendann wrote on Sat Apr 10, 2010 6:33 am:

Thanks for calling kuntry gal.Yes my Buddie Bob passed away He was my my best friend at drinking coffee.Talking and laughing at me and loved to tease me.He will be really missed
here at here at my house. house.


Frank wrote on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:09 am:

Sorry to hear about your friend Bob.

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