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Digging the stumps!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Thu May 20, 2010 5:40 pm

There are a lot of small stumps in the yard from where they just pushed all the brush and trees up into a big pile. I've been digging them out and cutting them off as I rake and pull the weeds. We had a big thunderstorm on Friday night and again on Monday night with a lot of rain. So, Tuesday we gathered shovel, trowel, saw and loppers and went out to tackle that rather large stump in the middle of the driveway. I've been driving around it but figured with the ground being wet from the rain it would dig easier. Last time we attempted it it was too dry and the shouvel wouldn't dig down enough.
Between dr and I we got it dug out enough to get a saw down under it and saw off the tap root. The tap root was more than two inches down about 18 inches. It left a big hole which we filled in with dirt. That's where the next load of rocks will get dumped. Our landlord is tilling his rather large garden and picking up the rocks and putting them in our driveway. Anyway I won't have to drive around it anymore. We both needed a shower after. I think most of the dirt ended up on us. Mostly I just dig down a little and cut them off but this one wouldn't work that way. We are going to build a new yard for Chance this afternoon. The backyard one is fine in the morning and evening but it's in full sun and much too hot for afternoons. We will put a yard in the front under the trees where it's cooler. It may be an encouragement for us to sit under the trees more, too. There never seems to be a lack of things to do. Tomorrow and Saturday is farm market day and Sunday is a day of rest! (Ha!) The lawnmower is fixed so we can do some mowing up at Bob's place now and some at our place and we have to get that big brush pile burned before it gets too dry and there are burn bans. dooley

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eileen wrote on Thu May 20, 2010 5:54 pm:

Glad to hear you managed to get rid of that troublesome stump Dooley. Chance will be happy with a bit of shade in her new yard I'm sure but try to take things slowly if the weather is very hot.


Sjoerd wrote on Fri May 21, 2010 9:34 am:

Gosh Dooley, You really are the busy one! It just goes on and on.
I can see that having that huge stump out of the way is a very good thing for driving...and for looks as well.
The sowing of your lawn will surely make a big difference. Be sure and choose the right grass seed sort. One that will do well in the conditions where the lawn will be.
Well, keep at it, Dooley...but take it easy and don't over-do.

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