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Busy week!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:42 pm

I sewed a lot this week. I was trying to get somewhat a head of things. I had sold things last week and I wanted to try a new type of tote bag. We went out almost every day. I am still using the computer at the library. It's been hot and humid and Thursday we had a lot of rain. Fortunately, it didn't rain on Friday and Saturday. We went to the Farm Market on those days and I did really well this weekend so I guess I'll have to sew everyday this week. I sold seven aprons and several tote bags. I tried a new style tote bag and sold the first one on Saturday so I may make some more of them. I do need to finish the stuff I have cut out though. I made some spaghetti sauce this week and it turned out well so I want to try to make some for the freezer. Brian says he may need to buy a generator to keep the freezer running if we have storms this summer. I hope they all go around us. You can't depend on that though. We have had more than our share of rain so far this year. We have more than our share of grasshoppers too. If anyone can think of a good use for grasshoppers, let me know. One of the guys at the farm market says we need to catch them and put them in the freezer, too. He thinks they may be good breaded and deep-fried. I'm not too sure about that but there are some cultures that do eat insects. I suppose you could if you were hungry.
I got up this morning and pulled the weeds out of the rose bushes. Last night I pulled some out of the yard. It's too hot to do anything during the day except sewing. That's done inside with the a/c in use. I'm not a fan of cold weather and I don't like to complain about the hot but the humidity could be a tad bit lower. I knew when we moved here that the humidity was higher than in Arizone but it was too dry there. I could use a happy medium. Complaining done! Have a good week! dooley

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glendann wrote on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:30 pm:

I'm glad you had a good weekend at the market.Your aprons and totes are really useful for everything and so colorful to pick from.


Sjoerd wrote on Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:06 pm:

Well Dooley--Those grasshoppers: I wonder if you copuldn't caytch a whole lot of them, and freeze them in, to be taken out in the winter to feed your birds wioth around your house. I mean, if they have to be killed anyway--why not help hungry birds during the winter?

You are making a name for yourself with your world famous sewing, aren't you?
It must be great having AC to work in there.
Tell more about that new totebag design.
Did you get any fancy lables for your things?

I checked my spuds yesterday to see how far along they were.

I hope that you can get hold of a computer for your home soon. It seems that you are not on here enough these days. hahaha.

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