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A New Year, another chance to get it right!

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:26 am

Here we are getting ready for another New Year! I hope this one is better than the last one. We moved from the big house at the top of the hill to the little house at the bottom of the hill. That was a good move for us. The big house was just too big, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, living room, and family room plus that great long porch. I did enjoy that porch though. We grew some great morning glories along it. We moved late enough that we couldn't get a garden started so I planted some things in feed tubs. It was a hot, dry summer so things didn't do well at all. I hope to plant a few things in the ground this year. We worked all summer and fall to get the roots dug and the trees and brush under control.
While we were in the process of moving our good friend died. We hadn't known him for long but it's amazing how much he and dr did together in that short time. He was a good guy for sure. He left us his dogs. Two of them, one had puppies the day he died. Six of them! but, only one puppy has survived. So, we have two because the mama dog died, too. I think she was too old to have so many puppies. The one puppy that is left is a thief. Every day we have to return things that she's brought home. I think she has help though. I'm not sure who is doing it. She brought home a kid's toy bat one day. I took it back. The next morning it's back out there with a tennis ball laying next to it.
I took the bat back, leaving the ball laying there. The next morning, the bat is back, the ball is laying next to it and an added feature, a baseball cap. It says "Dallas" on the front of it. Isn't it football that is played in Dallas?
In July I ended up in the hospital with angina and an irregular heartbeat but they didn't find anything wrong and it went away so that's good.
I pulled and cut brush when it got cooler this fall. But, a spider or something bit my ankle and it swelled up and turned a nasty purple color. dr made me quit cutting brush until it healed. I still have a small spot there that hasn't went away. Maybe it could be called a scar?
I started volunteering at the library in June and go every Monday and Thursday mornings. I shelve books, process new books and watch the checkin/checkout desk. I enjoy that a lot. I used to work in libraries in Arizona.
My computer quit in March so I went to the library to use theirs until we got another computer. I got to know the ladies quite well and started helping out when they got really busy. So, I decided to just volunteer. I had just thought that if I was a volunteer I could jump in when they were busy. But, they were moving to a new computer system and since I was experienced with the newer, larger systems I could help them with it. They do quite well with it and didn't really need my help. But the library director says I do help them a lot since I can do a lot of things the ordinary volunteer isn't capable of doing such as the processing of new books.
I think they could learn to do it if she had time to train them in it.
I had another brief spell of the irregular heartbeats but they found it was caused by a low magnesium level. Magnesium and Potassium regulate the heartbeat. Two of the medications I take combined to lower the levels. A change of medication seems to have take care of it.
We had a good Thanksgiving and Christmas. The boy from next door came over and helped me make cookies and I helped him make a bear to give to his grandma.
We have some great neighbors and we gave them cookies and stollen for Christmas. One of them brought us dinner on Christmas Eve. It was really good.
I think we did okay this year but there are some things that we might do better next year. Especially in the gardening area. I have planted some crepe myrtle trees, bulbs and rose bushes so I'm sure to have a few flowers.
Happy New Year!

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wannabe wrote on Sat Jan 01, 2011 1:13 am:

You have had an eventful year! I hope this year you can slow down and enjoy it more. wannabe


Sjoerd wrote on Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:45 am:

Thanks so much, Dooley--for the happy New year wishes....thyanks also for "the year that wuz" commentary that you wrote. That summed it up pretty well, I'd say. What about that little dawg of yours...the thief! What a curious trait--stealing things that go together. clever little thing!

Well, have a great new year, you two and keep posting.

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