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February is almost over and it was one day longer

Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 3:04 am

Well, the second month of the year is almost over. If not for the extra day tomorrow would be March. Happy Birthday to all those people born on Feb. 29th.It seemed to be a long month for being the shortest day of the year. We did a lot of things this month. One thing we did not do was go to the doctor. I don't have to go until the end of April.
We planted some things in the garden. I made three new raised beds. I planted more peas and radishes. Chance helped dig the radishes. I had to explain to her that she needed to wait for them to grow some more before she digs them. I straightened out the row and replanted them along with a new row. The daffodils bloomed. I planted pansies and allysum. They aren't doing as well as I would like but the weather has been bouncing from warm to cold to warm to cold. The flowers are probably just confused. My tomatoes and peppers are still in the small paks. I move them outside during the day and inside at night. Maybe next week I'll move them outside or the week after. The petunias that I planted at the end of the house like it. They are standing tall. I have a few more that I want to put in big pots but still need to finish cleaning out the pots. I started, but ran into those stinging ants. They make big pus filled sores on me so I had to spray the pots and wait for them to leave. Maybe tomorrow if it doesn't rain I can get that done.
dr planted 75 red onion plants in the new long bed.
There is still room for something more and I might plant some green beans in there, too. I've been using my winter carrots so I need to plant them and I need to get my herbs started. I planted my wildflower seeds on that hilly area with all the little stumps and roots. I'll tackle that area next year maybe.
About 10 days ago we moved a ton of rock from a pile in the neighbors yard to the creekbed road. Today, I took my shovel and shoveled that dirt pile that was in front of our fence into the road. It filled up a lot of low spots. I hope it gets packed down some before it decides to rain again.
We got our wood burning stove hooked up this month and it sure comes in handy on cool mornings. Today, we hauled some branches from across the road and this afternoon we cut them into a size that fits the stove. While supper was baking (quiche) we hauled some more over. We'll cut that up tomorrow. We told the neighbor boy we will share it so he can have a bonfire in their firepit on Friday night when he has a sleepover for his birthday. He'll be 13.
We've been shopping a few times and we've been rained on a few times and it's been hot one day and warm and cold some days but it's still much better than living in the northern climates and getting snow and cold all winter.
So, March is just around the corner. I'm hoping I can get the rest of my garden planted and some sewing done. There is always something needing done and we tackle most things ourselves and help out our neighbors when we can.

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glendann wrote on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:47 am:

I can't hardly wait to see all you two have accomplished.We leave here the 1th of March.ITS been snowing all afternoon.I;m so tired of that white crap.


glendann wrote on Wed Feb 29, 2012 8:48 am:

I ment the 10th of March.


Tooty2shoes wrote on Wed Feb 29, 2012 4:01 pm:

I am soooo jealous that you can plant things at this time of the year. We are having another snow and sleet storm as I write this. BoooHooo. Looking forward to seeing pick's of your new beds.

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