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Category: Daily Happenings | Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:10 am

We went to Phoenix today. Another 100 miles on the truck. We've been putting a lot of miles on it this week. We drove over 500 miles so far. The week started on Wednesday for this milage. Brian has been going up and down in altitude too much. It has affected his ears so I guess we will stay home now. It was warmer in Phoenix but I didn't think it was overly warm. I didn't take off my sweater. My sister's grandchildren were wearing shorts and sleeveless shirts and no shoes. My niece has a baby 3 months old. He is very small as he was several weeks premature. I got to hold him until he started crying because he needed fed. I gave him back to mama. He's a cutie though. My sister from California was there with her three boys. She is 17 years younger than I am so her oldest is in college and her youngest is only 13. Those boys are tall and skinny. Thin they said. They all play in marching bands. Clarinet and tuba and french horn. The oldest travels in summer with a drum corp. He's the one with the tuba. Her husband was in Iraq for a year. He may have to go back but she said not before November. She will have two in college then and one at home. They all have cell phones and are having some problems with them. She has a family plan and sometimes the signals get crossed. The one who is 17 has voice mail with his. Lately when he calls to check his mail, his 13 year old brother's phone rings and he can listen to all the voice mail for his 17 year old brother, including the ones from the girl friend. That does lead to problems because the 13 year old has not learned discretion. He tells what he hears. The oldest is 20 and was complaining about text messaging on his phone. She told him to cancel the service and get his own plan. I'm happy that they didn't have cell phones when my boys were that age. Even with a family plan their phone bills must be huge. They also have a home land line phone for their computer because they do not have cable where they live. We came home early so we could come up the mountain before it got dark. It's bad enough coming up the winding curves in daylight. Traffic was really bad today. I don't know where everyone was going. But, it's President's Day on Monday so everyone or some have a three day weekend. There is no snow on the ski hills in Arizona so they aren't going skiing. I did hear there might be some snow tonight in the high country. That's above 6,000 feet. Maybe we will get some rain, but probably not. Oh, well! I will have to water things tomorrow. Today, I just watered the things in pots. My spinach is still growing.
We bought some paint to repair the bridge. maybe I will get a picture of it. My daffodils have buds on them. They aren't very high yet though. Maybe they will still grow some before they bloom. Some tulips are about six inches high. some haven't come up yet. They must be confused by the weather, too. I received another seed catalog in the mail and a postcard from a local nursery. Someone must think spring is coming. My herb seeds still haven't come. Brian wanted to buy potting soil today but I told him not until the seeds come. I looked at vegetable and flower seeds in the store but I didn't buy any. Regardless of the warm days it isn't time to plant a garden. But, I could start things in pots if the seeds would arrive. No mail until Tuesday though. It's still too windy to do things outside anyway. Maybe I'll make a bear tomorrow. That will keep me out of trouble. Dooley

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